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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 560: Loopy Toad’s Battle Music

Chapter 560: Loopy Toad’s Battle Music

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Were they really going to fight?

Facing the white-robed sword spirit in front of it, Loopy Toad’s heart couldn’t help feeling heavy.

It had to be said, however, that this was indeed a rare opportunity for hand-to-hand combat. In terms of actual combat experience, Loopy Toad thought that the combined strength of all the enlightened gremlins in the Wang family’s small villa probably wasn’t half as powerful as the white-robed sword spirit in front of it — this was an existence that could effortlessly demonstrate the most supreme profound truth of Sword Dao, the “World-Annihilating Sword”…

But Dog Two had to admit that this kind of practice opportunity wasn’t something an average person could come by.

After the Immortal Mansion incident, Loopy Toad had its own theory about Jingke’s origin. While it hadn’t been at the scene personally, from Little Silver’s verbal account, it had been a pretty stunning sight.

Over a thousand spirit swords had been hidden inside the Master of Immortal Mansion’s intrinsic spirit field, but after Jingke had appeared, these spirit swords had immediately changed sides without hesitation at just one meaningful glance from Jingke!

This was the type of charisma that only the real king of sword spirits had…

What did that mean?

It meant that the white-robed sword spirit in front of Loopy Toad already stood at the peak of Sword Dao — it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it could even be the embodiment of Sword Dao itself.

While Loopy Toad was lost in thought, Jingke tilted his head and looked at it. “Are, you, ready?”

Staring at that face, the corner of Loopy Toad’s eye twitched violently.

This expression… was too similar!

If it didn’t know that Jingke was just a sword spirit, it really would’ve thought that this was Little Master Ling’s biological son; except for the hair color, the poker face and the expression were extremely similar! There were ten billion dead fish eyes in the world, but not all of them would be like Little Master Ling’s which were cold yet gentle.

Loopy Toad had seen plenty of dead fish eyes, but it felt that only Wang Ling’s dead fish eyes were special.

It was said that a sword spirit resembled its master; even their eyes were so similar, and Loopy Toad felt that no truer words had been spoken.

As it faced Jingke, Loopy Toad took a deep breath. The “Basic Dog Skills” focused on speed and accuracy, and it was very important to stay calm while you were boxing.

Yesterday, Loopy Toad had been able to throw two hundred punches per second at its peak. However, it had only been able to graze Sheep’s skirt. It was very obvious that the white-robed sword spirit in front of it would be more difficult to deal with than Sheep.

“Here I come!” In its yellow skintight exercise uniform, Loopy Toad jumped backward so that it was several dozen meters away from Jingke.

Jingke could sense the spirit energy gathering under Loopy Toad’s paws.

A moment later, Loopy Toad suddenly sprang forward, its dog paws creating four round indents in the ground. It looked very formidable as it lunged directly at Jingke.

Loopy Toad had already performed the first and second forms of the Basic Dog Skills while it was in the air! With the two forms combined, its dog fists turned into hundreds of afterimages in the air in a dazzling sight.

Jingke’s face, however, was unruffled. “Too, slow.”

He raised his hand, and brown sword intent emerged. In order to not hurt Loopy Toad, this sword intent didn’t have any destructive power, but had an effect similar to the Brilliant Victory sword’s supreme defense.

Thud thud thud thud !

Loopy Toad felt every single one of its punches hit the back of the sword.

It changed its angle of attack, but the sword intent followed it closely and blocked all of its attacks.

After exhibiting two forms of the Dog Skills, it couldn’t even get close to Jingke, let alone graze his body!

“Your punches, are too slow. This sword intent, has only, less than one tenth of my strength.”

Jingke stretched out a finger and drew a line three meters in front of him. He then looked at Loopy Toad and said, “If you, can cross this line, it’ll be considered, your win.”

Loopy Toad was stunned. “…” How badly was it being looked down on…

It had to do its best no matter what!

As Little Master Ling’s first contract spirit beast, Loopy Toad’s expression turned serious!

“Bone King!”

It used the Space Swallowing Spell to pull the green Bone King out from its mouth. Then it started to concentrate. “Boxing gloves… boxing gloves… boxing gloves…”

Wang Ling watched this scene from his bedroom. He was the one who had asked Fatty Luo to refine the Bone King, and in such a short time, Fatty Luo had been able to refine Dog Saint’s bone into a third-class magic weapon, which was proof that Fatty Luo was indeed the real deal when it came to smithing. Besides, the magic treasure’s attribute was also a little special: it was actually a transformation-type magic treasure connected to the space around it, and this “change at will” attribute was not a common one.

In the garden, Loopy Toad watched Jingke closely.

It intended to use the strength of the Bone King to increase its attack speed, but this was its first time using the Bone King’s shape-changing attribute. It was just like Fatty Luo had said, “change at will” was a very rare and very powerful attribute, but it really wasn’t easy to use.

It actually took a whole thirty seconds for the Bone King to completely turn into a pair of gloves.

“This won’t do, I still need a lot more practice!” Loopy Toad sighed in its heart. A battle moved very quickly, and unless it was fully prepared in advance, thirty seconds was really a little too long!

After the transformation, the Bone King had turned into a pair of emerald green boxing gloves which Loopy Toad wore on its dog paws. Not only did they not feel the least bit heavy, they instead made Loopy Toad’s paws feel a lot lighter!

Loopy Toad was happy with this discovery.

“There’s one step left.” Loopy Toad looked at Jingke and took a deep breath.

Jingke: “???”

Then, Loopy Toad opened its mouth again and actually took out a tape recorder which it had bought with the money it had swindled out of Little Silver.

Loopy Toad then pressed the play button and a familiar melody came out of the recorder…

Wang Ling was blank. This song was very familiar! It was a rousing classic!

Dog Two’s body started to sway to the beat. Wang Ling was stunned — this guy could actually do the shuffle!

This was a pure melody which stirred the blood; Wang Ling only remembered that it was a very old classic and just couldn’t figure out its title. After the music played for more than a minute, he saw that Dog Two had already stopped dancing and had gotten into an attack position after accumulating power.

Then, just as the song reached the one minute and twenty seconds mark, Dog Two officially moved! It was still the first and second forms of the Basic Dog Skills, but at a significantly faster attack speed! Jingke parried with an equal amount of sword intent, and now clearly had to use slightly more effort.

“Ah, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit!” Dog Two’s fists were like a flying dragon as it threw more than six hundred punches in two seconds.

But it wasn’t over. At the song’s climax, Dog Two suddenly started to sing loudly: “My right paw opens the heavens and I turn into a dog! Move the mountains and rivers again and level chasms. One day the rising sun of the East will shake space and time. Return to the primeval times to conquer and control1 !”

Wang Ling and Jingke: “…”

Following this passionate music, it felt to Jingke as if Loopy Toad was now a different dog. If he continued using the same amount of sword intent as before, it might be difficult to hold off this attack.

Jingke lowered his eyes as he wondered if he should increase his strength.

However, it was at that moment that the emerald green boxing gloves which the Bone King had transformed into on Loopy Toad’s paws changed again, and densely packed spikes actually sprung out of this pair of boxing gloves like mushrooms after the rain.

Power, of Sword Dao?

Jingke’s expression changed slightly.

He hadn’t sensed wrong; though it was faint, the spikes indeed contained a kind of power of Sword Dao, derived from Evil Sword God’s power of Sword Dao which Loopy Toad had inherited, the “ten-meter sword circle”…

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