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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 561: The Correct Way to Delay Updates?

Chapter 561: The Correct Way to Delay Updates?

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Watching the fight, Wang Ling was also struck dumb by this scene.

The power of Sword Dao unexpectedly combined perfectly with Loopy Toad’s spirit technique through this magic weapon, and they complemented each other in battle. Was this also the power of the Bone King’s “change at will” attribute?

Chin in hand, Wang Ling couldn’t come up with any other logical explanation.

Supposing that this really was the case, then this Bone King and Loopy Toad were well-suited to each other, as if this magic treasure had been made for Loopy Toad.

With the “Dragon Fist” BGM playing, Loopy Toad brimmed with vigor. Along with the emerald green boxing gloves that the Bone King had transformed into combined with the spikes created through the power of Sword Dao earlier, Dog Two’s vigor had doubled in a short instant.

Jingke raised an eyebrow slightly; an invisible sword gravitational circle with a range of ten meters had already formed around Loopy Toad. This was the Sword Dao gravitational force which only the “ten-meter sword circle” possessed. It was currently a prototype created by combining Loopy Toad’s and the Bone King’s strength together. However, compared with the complete form which Evil Sword God had discharged back then, it was still fairly lacking.

The “ten-meter sword circle” which Evil Sword God had used back was like a small satellite that could directly turn into a ten-meter field and bust out a tremendous gravitational pull that could suck everything in from all around before tearing them apart.

The more familiar one became with this power of Sword Dao attribute, the stronger the gravitational force.

At that time, Evil Sword God’s “ten-meter sword circle” could already produce the “holy depletion light,” and anyone drawn into the field would become greatly weakened.

But in order to reach that level, Loopy Toad would need to master at least ninety-five percent of the power of Sword Dao.

Be that as it may, Loopy Toad was now able to discharge this gravitational wave, and already one could feel a force dragging them in.

“Not, bad.” Jingke gave his apathetic praise.

He could already see Dog Two waving its spiky boxing gloves around crazily as it clashed with less than one tenth of Jingke’s sword intent.

“But, it’s no use…”

Jingke raised his hand and was just about to increase the power of his sword intent, but it was right at that moment that he saw the yellow skintight outfit which Dog Two was wearing actually tear apart from the power of the ten-meter Sword Dao!

And then, the scene which met Jingke’s eyes…

A completely naked green-furred dog crazily waved a pair of emerald green spiky boxing gloves around in midair, while that which could not be described waggled with the movement of Loopy Toad’s body, like a green foxtail swaying fiercely in a gale.

Jingke: “…”

“Ling said, don’t look, at indecent things!”

Jingke promptly covered his eyes.

“Now’s my chance!”

Loopy Toad knew that this was the opportunity it had been waiting for!

It hammered the sword intent fiercely, and directly breached the three-meter boundary Jingke had drawn! At the same time, it jumped up high, putting away its spiky boxing gloves and leaving paw prints on Jingke’s white robe! This entire series of actions was performed naturally and smoothly.

Dog Two: “I win!”

Wang Ling and Jingke: “…”

The sun set at that moment, and Dog Two welcomed dusk with an unprecedented look of confidence on its face.

Click !

It turned off the tape recorder behind it and couldn’t help letting out an emotional sigh. “As expected! With my BGM, no one can beat me!”

Wang Ling and Jingke: “…”

When the old man and Sheep came back from buying groceries, they unexpectedly found Jingke sitting upright in the living room and massaging his eyes seriously.

“Lord Jingke?”

Sheep drew closer curiously, but Jingke didn’t pay any attention to her.

The old man couldn’t help turning to Loopy Toad, who was lying on its stomach on the floor, and asking, “What is Little Kezi doing?”

Dog Two: “Hm, he’s doing eye exercises.”

The old man and Sheep: “…”

That night, Father Wang and Lie Mengmeng didn’t come downstairs for dinner. In the study, Lie Mengmeng was doing all he could to press Father Wang to write his manuscript. The double monthly votes battle might have ended with Father Wang crushing the competition, like a king who had never been in doubt, by several million votes, but he was behind by quite a number of chapters.

Among these millions of monthly votes were big players that backed him as well as many fans that supported and helped him… But with hundreds of thousands of characters yet to write, he really felt like dropping dead right now.

His black-rimmed glasses drooped listlessly as he pounded numbly on the keyboard.

He didn’t know how many characters he had typed before he weakly opened his mouth. “How… how many more characters do I have to go?”

Lie Mengmeng counted how many characters he had left to type. “Not many, only a hundred and ten thousand left. You can take a break after you finish this today.”

Father Wang: “…”

Lie Mengmeng: “Don’t you have that stimulant cigar? Hurry up and take a few puffs!”

Father Wang looked like he wanted to die. “Can… can I delay the updates?”

Lie Mengmeng folded his arms and smiled as he looked at Father Wang. “How are you going to do that?”

Father Wang: “For example, if I post on Weibo saying that Red Hair Medical Liquor is a fake tonic, do you think the next province over will arrest me 1 ?”

Lie Mengmeng: “…”

Father Wang’s gloomy eyes suddenly lit up. “Actually, I’ve already thought up an all-inclusive plan for dragging out chapter updates. I’ll post something about the fake tonic. Then you can use your Weibo to help share my comment and say that you are my editor and that I’ve been arrested over the border so I can’t update my novel. It usually takes over seven days before you’re let out of detention! This way, I can delay my updates by a week!”

Lie Mengmeng: “Then after seven days…”

Father Wang: “You can say that although I was released on bail, Red Hair Medicinal Liquor still wouldn’t let me off the hook, and started sending people out to kill me. They would chase me all the way to the ends of the earth, so in the end I had no choice but to flee the city I was living in. I was a drifter until I reached the holy land that is the South Pole, and in the end I created a rocket to fly me into outer space toward Mars to start a new life!”


Lie Mengmeng was silent for a bit. “Actually, you can test it out on Weibo… just post ‘If I said that Red Hair Medical Liquor is a fake tonic, what should I do if they are prepared to send people from the next province over to arrest me?’”

“Can I?!” Father Wang was pleasantly surprised.

“Sure.” Lie Mengmeng nodded.

Father Wang swiftly typed it up for Weibo, and didn’t even add a dog head 2 !

Roughly three minutes later, Father Wang refreshed the page; unexpectedly, there were already more than two thousand likes and hundreds of comments and shares.

The first comment: from @Hell Guest Zhou Ze: Which organization has the guts?! I’ll send my hell envoy to pay them a visit!

The second comment: from @Sky-Exploding Sect Official Weibo: Shock! Wang Situ has been arrested?! Our Sky-Exploding Sect is the first to object! Know our cultivation high-explosive grenades?! Our Sky-Exploding Sect disciples will blow open the gates and rescue you! [fist salute] [fist salute]

The third comment: from @Disabled Elderly Village Official Weibo: @Village leader Qin Mu 3 , this writer says he’s been arrested and can’t update. What to do? [doge]

The fourth comment: from @Legend of Paladin_The Healer Official Weibo: Teacher Wang Situ is definitely using this as an excuse to secretly go check out lolitas with me! Let’s go to Tuerqi for lolitas! They’re all legal over there!

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