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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 563: Wang Ling’s Medicine Ball

Chapter 563: Wang Ling’s Medicine Ball

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Seventy-three meters.

The whole audience was dumbstruck!

The old referee was flabbergasted at Shi Shuai’s result… Seventy-three meters was yet another new record! The all-time record for the one hundred-kilogram medicine ball throw was just seventy-one meters!

Shi Shuai never thought he could throw the ball that far!

The instant he had let it fly, he had felt that an upper limit of forty meters would already be pretty good!

What was going on?

He stared at his hands in disbelief. Could it be… had the relay race yesterday inadvertently opened him up to enlightenment?!


The referees were stunned, but the medicine ball’s trajectory had been normal.

The sand path had an anti-cheating mechanism that would activate if magic was being used to cheat. The instant the medicine ball was thrown, the mechanism had already started to monitor its speed and drop point. If Shi Shuai had cheated, the referees would have noticed.

The truth was, this anti-cheating mechanism was useless on Wang Ling.

The reason was very simple… This anti-cheat mechanism only monitored the use of magic.

What Wang Ling used was Heavenly Dao!

The old referee took a breath, yet to come to his senses. He had come to No. 60 High School three times, and they had broken records on each day. On the first day, it was the ten thousand-meter relay while controlling a sword. On the second day, Jiang Bai, who represented the school in archery, had set a new record for making zero errors, and now on the third day, the medicine ball record was also theirs? No. 60 High School was pretty amazing this year!

“Take down the result, seventy-three meters!” the old referee announced.

He sighed in his heart: the younger generation would eventually surpass them!

Lotus Sun: “I never thought Classmate Shi Shuai would be this good.” A group of students from Grade One, Class Three had turned out to cheer for Wang Ling; the familiar faces of Little Peanut, Super Chen, Dopey Guo, Lotus Sun, Feather Lin and the rest were part of an impressive lineup.

Dopey Guo: “He could’ve just been a lucky bastard, like Super Chen the day before yesterday.”

Super Chen: “???”

In truth, Super Chen really couldn’t deny Dopey Guo’s words. His peak condition and accidental luck could be the only reasons for his performance in the ten thousand-meter relay the day before yesterday; there was no way he could have done it otherwise.

“Is this already a record-breaking score?”

Little Peanut said, “Also, I know that this sand path has an anti-cheating mechanism; it’ll detect if you use magic when you throw the medicine ball!”

Super Chen chuckled. “Hey, maybe the magic is so advanced that the mechanism can’t detect it at all!” Super Chen said this in a low voice and purely as a joke, but the corner of Wang Ling’s lips twitched when he heard it.

“Student Wang Ling, it’s your turn!”

Shi Shuai was in a great mood after his outstanding performance. When he handed the ball to Wang Ling directly, he apologized in passing. “I’m really sorry about the day before yesterday!” When he said this, he even stretched out his arms to give Wang Ling a cordial hug!

But just as he reached out, Fang Xing slapped his hands away. “Not a bad apology! Children can indeed be taught! But Classmate Wang Ling doesn’t like this.” Fang Xing was still puzzled; an apology was well and good, why did he still raise his hands…

Shi Shuai could only withdraw his hands awkwardly, and he scratched his head as he looked at Wang Ling. “Let me know what you want to eat next time, I’ll treat you!”

“Mm.” Without saying anything else, Wang Ling gave Shi Shuai a nod and the matter was considered closed.

Teacher Ye laughed secretly on the side. It was always good to settle any conflicts internally. They were schoolmates; there was no need to be so stiff with each other. He had initially planned to have a heart-to-heart chat with Wang Ling and Shi Shuai after the sports meet to resolve the conflict, but looking at them now, Teacher Ye felt that he had completely been thinking too much!

Not only did this batch of students have good physiques, they could also reflect on themselves and their self-growth! Teacher Ye felt that this was probably the easiest batch of students he had ever taken care of.

But it was the school’s style to describe them as the worst batch for now, so Teacher Ye couldn’t spill the beans and could only laugh to himself.

Accepting the medicine ball from Shi Shuai, Wang Ling heaved a dark sigh.

He had previously tested his performance with the medicine ball and he couldn’t maintain steady control of his strength. Even with the talisman seal on, it was still hard to control his strength when he threw the ball; Wang Ling felt that it was a lot harder than controlling the sword during the relay!

The ball in his hands, Wang Ling stood on the throw line as he was greeted with deafening cheers.

“Classmate Wang Ling, good luck!” Lotus Sun and Feather Lin led the cheers.

Given Lotus Sun’s support, a lot of boys from the other classes followed suit and started shouting.

“Good luck, Wang Ling!”

“Good luck, Classmate Wang Ling! Smash Shi Shuai’s seventy-three meters, I believe you can do it!”


Drawing in a breath, Wang Ling got ready to throw the ball.

The moment he threw it, he suddenly realized that he had used too much strength!

In the end, his result was sixty-five meters!

He breathed a sigh of relief. “…”

Luckily… the ball came back…

“Well done, Student Wang Ling!” Teacher Ye was over the moon.

This was already a pretty good performance!

In the crowd of spectators, Dopey Guo asked in a low voice, “Strange… did you see the parabola of the medicine ball just now?”

Super Chen shrugged. “I wasn’t paying much attention. By the time I came back to my senses, Wang Ling’s ball had already dropped to the ground.”

Dopey Guo: “Maybe there was something wrong with my eyes?”

After verifying the result, the old referee pushed up his glasses. “Mm, no problem, take the result down! Sixty-five meters!”

When Wang Ling had thrown the medicine ball, Fang Xing had been drinking water.

He had almost sprayed it out when he saw Wang Ling’s throw!

How the hell could there be no problem…

The fact that other people couldn’t see it was normal, but Fang Xing had seen it very clearly!

If he hadn’t seen wrong…

Wang Ling’s medicine ball just now had gone one lap around the globe!

A few minutes before Wang Ling had thrown the ball…

The sun shone down on the golden sand of a beach in Mixiu nation.

A blue-eyed blonde foreigner with huge pectoral muscles was lying on a deck chair on the beach. He only wore a pair of beach shorts and was flanked on both sides by two rows of beautiful assistants.

“Still no news?” Head pillowed on one arm, the man spoke with a foreign accent and sipped at his juice.

This juice was made from imported Kasyapa spirit fruit; it was sold by the drop, and one drop cost one thousand immortal gold.

“President Edmark, President Bai is still making discreet enquiries, but it should be soon.” A female assistant put down her phone and bent down to whisper in his ear.

“This Devil King’s Remains will belong to our Night Chief no matter what. Anyone who gets in my Night Chief’s way will be disposed of.” This barrel-chested foreigner curled his lip and smiled slightly. “We’ve been planning this since last year and planted a lot of spies in Huaxiu nation in order to take Devil King’s Remains for ourselves. As long as we control it, we can possess the whole world.”

“Mr Edmark… this subordinate is slow…”

Brow furrowed, the female assistant completely didn’t understand what he meant by possessing the whole world.

This Mr Edmark smiled as he spoke telepathically to just this female assistant. “You’ve been by my side for so many years through thick and thin, so there’s no harm in telling you. This is already no longer a secret among Night Chief’s upper management. Do you know why we are vying for this Devil King’s Remains?”

She also used telepathy to reply, “For the extinct materials inside?”

“No no no.”

Mr Edmark shook his head. “This is all for the level thirteen magic hidden inside Devil King’s Remains.”

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