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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 564: You Have Completely No Idea What Happened

Chapter 564: You Have Completely No Idea What Happened

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“Level thirteen spell?” The female assistant’s face turned pale with shock.

Over the last few decades, it could be said that she had seen and experienced many things, but she had never heard of a level thirteen spell. Until now, the highest supreme secret magic she had ever heard of was only level ten.

A level ten spell was already transcendent magic with power that completely wouldn’t lose out to a hundred spirit power nuclear bombs.

A level thirteen spell… A spell that was a whole three levels higher? How terrifying was that?

Cold sweat trickled down the female attendant’s cheeks; she didn’t dare follow this train of thought.

“Why do you think Huaxiu nation has tried everything they can to prevent other countries from invading?” Holding the cup of juice, President Edmark couldn’t help laughing. “Of course, it’s very important to protect the resources in the remains. But what’s even more important is that they too are after the level thirteen transcendent spell hidden in Devil King’s Remains. This is the intelligence we obtained last year from the spies which our Night Chief planted in Huaxiu’s military forces.”

The female assistant was once again stunned by these words. To be able to plant spies inside Huaxiu despite how formidable the country’s defense had been all these years, and to obtain information from the military as well… Given the level of secrecy involved, it went without saying how classified the information on the existence of this “level thirteen magic” in Devil King’s Remains was.

But how on earth had Huaxiu known about the magic to begin with?

Could it be that Huaxiu also had spies inside Night Chief…?

The female assistant cupped her chin and mulled the matter over.

“We once saw a level ten spell in a book, and already it had extraordinary power. Based on speculation by an expert in magic, the destructive power of a level eleven spell can bring disaster to the entire planet and a level twelve spell can destroy it, while a level thirteen spell… can completely wipe the planet from the universe.”

A thought seemed to hit President Edmark as he curled his lip and smiled oddly. “You should now know how important this level thirteen spell is to us, right? As long as we master it, we can rule the world. We’ve been plotting this for a long time and President Bai’s investigation should be coming to an end soon.”

The female assistant’s face turned pale with shock. She got down on one knee and lowered her head with a humble expression on her face. “President Edmark shared such an important secret with your slow-witted subordinate. This subordinate has nothing to return the favor with!”

“It’s not a big deal.”

He waved his hand and smiled, as if everything was under his control. “Do you know who I am? I am one of the six generals of Night Chief and also their leader. Although Bai Zhe and I are on equal footing, he doesn’t have my authority to speak. After we’ve smoothly carried out this master plan, I’ll think of a way to rope him in to work for me.”

Hearing this, the female assistant’s esteem of him grew even higher.

That was right, how great and how powerful was President Edmark?

When Night Chief had been first established, its earliest leaders were now the direct subordinates of the head of Night Chief, Night Ghost Spirit Emperor. Night Chief didn’t have a deputy leader, but Edmark’s status was already on an equivalent level. Except for Night Ghost Spirit Emperor, every other person in Night Chief had to show President Edmark respect, including the other five great generals.

And among the six great generals, President Bai’s position was actually the lowest…

“On the surface, we six generals work as one and are like brothers. But the fact is that someone has already been secretly colluding with the enemy. I’ve assigned seventy percent of our manpower to this plan, and I know all its details. We have the superior advantage, so we must make good use of it!” said President Edmark.

Placing the juice down, he stretched out one strong and wide hand to stroke the female assistant’s face as he looked at the other attendants. “All of you can leave.”

With a whoosh, the rest of the attendants dispersed so that only President Edmark and this first female assistant remained on such a big golden beach.

“President Edmark, we shouldn’t be doing this…” The female assistant blushed.

Edmark stood up at that moment, the muscles straining on his body as he transformed. Broad wings and a long, thick tail stretched out behind him as fur sprung up on his body.

President Edmark had been injected with the blood of an ancient griffin as part of Mixiu nation’s experiment in combining humans and demon beasts together; he was one of the few successes of the experiment.

“Ah! President Edmark is really too handsome!” The female assistant was deeply enchanted. In this state, President Edmark’s male pheromones were more intense, and the assistant couldn’t help going soft at the knees.

They were very close to each other and his pheromones were too stimulating! Just as she was about to fall down, Edmark held her up with one broad hand around her slender waist. “You are worthy as the person who has served me the longest. When I’m in this beast state, whether it’s man or woman, not a single person can stay standing in the face of my pheromones for more than three seconds.”

President Edmark stroked her face gently. “You’re so lovely. Can I touch you?”

“This subordinate belongs to you! I’m at your disposal.” The female assistant blushed and tilted her head as she tried to avoid looking him in the eye. Instead, she turned her gaze to the jade green ocean waves.

Just as President Edmark was about to bend down and kiss her, the female assistant suddenly saw a dot of light unexpectedly appear on the sea horizon in the distance!

She rubbed her eyes to make sure she hadn’t seen wrong. This dot of light was actually growing bigger and bigger!

She pointed at the sea horizon and cried out, “President Edmark, look! It seems like there’s a meteor on the horizon!”

A meteor?

This golden beach was known as the beach where the sun never set, because an artificial sun had been set up so that it would be bright all year around. It wasn’t a good place to see stars, so how could there possibly be a meteor?


President Edmark furrowed his brow; he felt a bit disgruntled at being interrupted, but he still followed the female assistant’s gaze to the sea horizon.

There was indeed a dot of light that was growing brighter and brighter.

But it didn’t seem to be a meteor.

President Edmark opened his Heavenly Eye and tried his best to catch the meteor’s trajectory, but it was really too fast.

Even his dynamic vision couldn’t capture this speed?

He was dumbfounded. He gathered all his spirit energy in his pupils, which due to the blood of the ancient griffin also had the eyesight of a bird, but even then he could only just get a rough image.

However, in the next moment, he realized that this meteor was actually flying toward him!


This meteor smashed through his chest, leaving a huge bloody hole and splattering the female assistant’s snow white face with fresh blood.

As the assistant screamed, President Edmark looked down at his chest in disbelief. A med… medicine ball?

These were his dying words…

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