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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 565: The New Generation Of Scapegoats

Chapter 565: The New Generation Of Scapegoats

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President Edmark was dead?

What on earth was that spiritual pressure that had fallen just now?

Covered in blood, the female assistant trembled on the golden beach, isolated and without help.

She hadn’t seen clearly what had happened; the instant this unknown object penetrated President Edmark’s chest, she had only sensed a terrifying oppressive force, like the sky falling down, which had suffocated her!

Although it had only been for an instant, the female assistant had felt the threat of death.

Who on earth had done this?!

Someone had actually been able to assassinate President Edmark without him sensing it at all!

And what was the “unknown object” that had penetrated his body?

Gritting her teeth and trembling as she got to her feet, she carefully examined the gaping and bloody wound in President Edmark’s chest.

With the ancient griffin’s blood, President Edmark’s body had been endowed with the powerful ability to heal itself. In a regular situation, he wouldn’t die on the spot even if he was beheaded!

But the wound on his chest was now bleeding nonstop; it was clear that the wound was completely unable to heal itself; very likely the unknown object had carried the “major damage” effect on it. Furthermore, it had gone right through his heart!

It could be said that this was a meticulously planned kill that hadn’t met the slightest bit of resistance!

“I have to report this to Spirit Emperor as soon as possible.” Her hands shaking violently, the female assistant called Night Chief’s internal emergency hotline.

President Edmark had less than three minutes before he was completely beyond help.

If they were quick enough, there was still a chance that they could collect President Edmark’s remnant soul from this golden beach.

But it was very strange!

Unexpectedly, no one was answering Night Ghost Spirit Emperor’s emergency hotline!

This had never happened before!

At the same time, a secret laboratory on the border of Mixiu nation was in turmoil.

“Spirit Emperor was attacked!”

“Alert! Alert! Highest Alert!” some Night Chief disciples cried out in fright.

A man with waist-long black hair and a face as white as a vampire’s was down on one knee in pain as he gasped harshly for breath.

This man with the twisted face was none other than the Night Ghost Spirit Emperor whom President Edmark had mentioned previously.

It had all happened too suddenly!

Just now, an unknown object had shattered the lab’s eighty-one True Immortal barriers, blown apart the impregnable ramparts outside the lab, and taken off one of the Night Ghost Spirit Emperor’s arms…

“Damn it… Who was it?! How dare they brazenly try to assassinate this lord!” Night Ghost Spirit Emperor flew into a rage. His entire right shoulder and arm had been completely ripped off and the injury wasn’t healing itself.

It was obvious that the unknown object that had reduced him to this state just now carried the major damage effect.

To actually be able to injure him to this extent… This person had terrifying strength!

Whether that attack earlier had been a magic treasure or a spell, the person was definitely more than a True Immortal, to be able to give him such a severe injury.

A deep furrow in his brow, Night Ghost Spirit Emperor could only think of one possibility…

First, this person was definitely a Venerated Immortal.

Second, this person was very likely the legendary Immortal Zhenyuan.

Right now, all nations abided by the International True Immortal Convention, and the various heads of states would do mutual random checks each year to rule out the possibility of the existence of a Venerated Immortal. Thus, the chances were high that the person who had mounted this sneak attack was “Immortal Zhenyuan”!

But the problem was, how had Night Chief come to the attention of such a big name?

Night Ghost Spirit Emperor’s imagination ran wild.

This matter had to be thoroughly investigated at once! He had to know the truth!

“Lord Spirit Emperor! You have a call!” a disciple suddenly said at that moment.

“I’ve no time to answer it!” Gritting his teeth, Night Ghost Spirit Emperor released a breath of cold air to freeze the arm that was lying on the ground. “That strange magic treasure just now had the major damage effect on it so my injury isn’t healing. Fetch me some anti-major damage drug ingredients at once!”

“Lord! It’s an emergency internal call from President Edmark’s first assistant Judy!” the disciple said again.

“Didn’t you hear me? I said I don’t have the time! Any more rubbish out of you and I’ll crush your head!”

Because of his broken arm, Night Ghost Spirit Emperor was in a very bad mood. “Edmark this guy is becoming more and more outrageous! Tell him to call me personally!”

The disciple: “…”

On No. 60 High School’s sports field.

“Sixty-five meters is already pretty good, right?” Dopey Guo couldn’t help praising. “I never expected Wang Ling to be so amazing. You look so thin, but you’re really something.”

“I’ve never thought Wang Ling was weak.” Super Chen tsked. “To be honest, I thought Wang Ling was hiding his strength. It’s a pity that his performance is always the same – his test grades are always right down the middle and Teacher Pan can’t say anything about them.” Super Chen couldn’t help spreading his hands when he said this. It was because Wang Ling’s performance was so stable that Super Chen had gotten the mistaken impression that Wang Ling was average.

No matter how well a big shot hid their strength, their true nature would be revealed after taking so many tests! Furthermore, the teachers at No. 60 High School were never routine when they gave out the tests. To take the trouble of determining how to get an average score on the test topics prior to taking the test… who would be so free to do this type of headache-inducing thing?!

Thus, Super Chen’s initial idea that Wang Ling was a hidden boss was dispelled just like that.

The third person to undertake the medicine ball test was Fang Xing. When Wang Ling passed him the ball, Fang Xing thought that it felt sticky and its color seemed a little different…

But the medicine ball they were using for the competition was red to begin with. There was also some sand from the sand path stuck to it, so it was hard to discern the difference without a careful look.

Emm… Wait!

This wasn’t blood, was it?!

Fang Xing broke out in a sweat. Wang Ling’s medicine ball just now had gone one lap around the globe…

Who knew whether it had accidentally hit something!

Fang Xing smelled the blood on the ball but didn’t think that it smelled human.

He sighed and decided to recite a section of the “Incantation of Rebirth” in front of the medicine ball later; no matter what, accidentally injuring a small animal wasn’t good!

When Fang Xing threw the ball, the younger referee suddenly said, “Captain, does the color of this medicine ball seem a little different to you? It seems a lot brighter?”

“You’re probably mistaken.”

The old referee said, “Have you heard the nursery rhyme ‘I Picked Up a Penny On the Road’?”

The young referee was startled. “I have…”

The old referee: “This nursery rhyme extols the virtue of not pocketing money that you stumble across. When you listen to this as a child, you’ll hand over whatever money you find to the police uncle every time – don’t you think the red scarf you wear is a lot brighter after that 1 ?”

The young referee: “…”

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