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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 566: My And Brother Dog’s True Love!

Chapter 566: My And Brother Dog’s True Love!

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Elsewhere, Wei Zhi and Loopy Toad arrived at the entrance to the spirit beast assessment center one after another. The “battle of soul pets” was about to start. A general letter of authorization from No. 60 High School in hand, Wei Zhi went to the front desk with Loopy Toad to register.

When the sister at the front desk saw the photocopy of Wei Zhi’s pet trainer qualification certificate that was attached to the letter, her mouth opened to the size of an egg: SSR… This was a big shot pet trainer!

The sister shuddered and stamped the letter. She had been shaken by the arrival of an S-level pet trainer previously, but now there was an SSR-level. It was obvious that both trainers had been hired by the schools. Were pet trainers so short of money these days… The sister was a little baffled.

“Hello, Mr Wei Zhi and Mr Dog Two, this is your letter of authorization. Your match will be held at Stadium 3 in fifteen minutes.” The sister wore a professional smile.

“Thanks!” Wei Zhi accepted the information and pulled at his cap and turned the brim around out of habit.

Just as he was about to leave, the little sister suddenly opened her mouth. “That, wait…”

Wei Zhi turned around with a puzzled face. “Was there something else?”

The sister smiled embarrassedly. “Mr Wei Zhi, I’m very curious, what is the standard fee for pet trainers at your level when they substitute for an owner to lead a spirit beast into battle?”

“Oh, I’m not getting paid for this.”

Wei Zhi shook his head and looked at Loopy Toad at his feet, his eyes full of stars. “What Brother Dog and I have is true love!”

The sister: “…”

Loopy Toad: “…”

The battle of soul pets was modeled as a real stadium battle. The spirit beasts from all the various schools would be whittled down at the group stage until three were left to take part in the finals, and the last championship round would take place among these three spirit beasts.

At the same time, the stadium battles would be broadcast live to every major high school; Loopy Toad guessed that there would definitely be a lot of people watching the final championship round.

Prior to the competition, Loopy Toad had already projected who the other two spirit beasts might be in the championship round.

“Aluminum Small Fish,” Reliance High School’s land shark; “Jinbei,” No. 59 High School’s goldenback gorilla, and that “battle lion” which God Vision High School and the Xiao clan had chosen would be the biggest enemies.

When they arrived at the entrance to Stadium 3, the S-level pet trainer that had been invited by No. 59 High School entered the arena with the goldenback gorilla.

Their opponent was a giant crystal king scorpion roughly the size of a monkey from Prime Elevation High School, and the pet trainer whom Prime Elevation High School had dispatched was also an S-level.

The goldenback gorilla was a fourth-class spirit beast, but the crystal king scorpion was third-class. However, as long as pet trainers were participating in this battle between spirit beasts, the outcome couldn’t be decided based on the class of spirit beasts.

A pet trainer was actually an unknown quantity in a spirit beast battle.

The role of an excellent pet trainer was not only to take charge in battle, but also to help a spirit beast achieve victory. Directing the battle was just secondary; what was more important was to help the spirit beast detect the opponent’s weakness during battle and quickly respond by formulating a purposeful battle plan.

The fact that Wei Zhi was able to get an “SSR” qualification as a pet trainer was ample proof that he had a very quick mind and sharp insight.

As Loopy Toad was thinking this, the entrance ceremony in Stadium 3 had already begun.

In his seat, the male commentator started to introduce the athletes. “What you’re seeing below is player Jinbei from No. 59 High School and playerGanirun 1 , from Prime Elevation High School!

“It’s worth mentioning that Prime Elevation High School’s player Ganirun stepped onto this stage after defeating three strong players also at third class, Spidon, Cobrander and Sharkler 2 ! Let us now look forward to Ganirun’s excellent performance!”

Loopy Toad: “…”

In front of Stadium 3, Wei Zhi looked at the image on the huge broadcast screen. “Brother Dog, who do you think will win?”

Loopy Toad said without hesitation, “The goldenback gorilla has a better chance of winning.”

Wei Zhi laughed. “Great minds think alike, Brother Dog! You and I were made for each other!”

Loopy Toad: “…”

Loopy Toad had investigated all the spirit beasts in this competition beforehand. The goldenback gorilla might not have as high a class as the crystal king scorpion, but the two spirit beasts were almost innately quite ill-matched.

Furthermore, it had been expressly stipulated that the spirit beasts were forbidden from using killing moves in these stadium battles, restricting them in many aspects. The use of the neural toxin which the crystal king scorpion was most proud of was thus heavily restricted. In this contest, the crystal king scorpion was only allowed to use a paralytic toxin.

Usually, however, this paralytic toxin wouldn’t work on such a huge goldenback gorilla in the short term. Coupled with the goldenback gorilla’s characterically thick skin, whether the crystal king scorpion’s stinger could pierce it was another problem.

The battle began.

The goldenback gorilla began to beat its breast; this was a kind of battle cry-type sonic spell which could act to mentally discourage the other party.

The crystal king scorpion circled around the goldenback gorilla as it looked for a position from which it could inject this paralytic toxin. The pet trainers on both sides fought a battle of wits and courage. The crystal king scorpion’s pet trainer was constantly looking for good attack opportunities, but the goldenback gorilla’s pet trainer was more vigilant and would instantly alert the gorilla of the crystal king scorpion’s slightest movements.

It had already been three minutes since the battle started…

But both sides hadn’t physically clashed yet.

“We don’t need to watch anymore, the goldenback gorilla has won the battle.”

Wei Zhi looked at the time and immediately shook his head. “It’s not possible to engage in a prolonged battle with spirit beast types like the goldenback gorilla, which is prone to enter rampage mode. A prolonged battle can easily trigger this rampage mode. This goldenback gorilla’s opening battle cry was for the sake of increasing its rage meter. Once it enters rampage mode, it won’t make a difference even if the crystal king scorpion stings it…”

Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of pet training knew that spirit beasts in rampage mode were basically immune to paralytic toxins. If hallucinogenic toxins hadn’t been banned in the stadium battles, the crystal king scorpion might have had a better chance of winning.

Many pet trainers nearby cast glances at Wei Zhi as he analyzed the situation; there was some surprise and agreement, and also some doubt.

“The fight will be done in a minute.” Wei Zhi didn’t bother to watch the screen anymore. Instead, he crouched down and stroked Loopy Toad’s dog fur. Miraculously, Loopy Toad realized that it unexpectedly didn’t hate it at all; on the contrary, it felt quite comfortable.

Previously, except for when Little Master Ling brushed its fur with his fingers, anyone else who touched it made Loopy Toad uncomfortable.

But it wasn’t the same with Wei Zhi.

“Grooming spirit beasts before a battle can help relax their minds.” Wei Zhi groomed Loopy Toad for about a minute and then stood up.

Because on the big screen, the commentator had already officially declared the battle over.

Given that the crystal king scorpion’s paralytic toxin didn’t work, it was directly knocked out by the goldenback gorilla’s iron hammer fists, which were the size of small mountains.

The two pet trainers shook hands and left the arena. As per convention following a stadium battle, the goldenback gorilla and the crystal king scorpion were sent off to get their injuries checked.

The battle was over in a minute, just as Wei Zhi had predicted.

Those pet trainers who had questioned him before all gave him amazed looks. “Who on earth is this person?”

“The two S-level pet trainers have come out! Teacher Xia Fei and Teacher Yue Yang! They are well-known pet trainers from the Pet Trainers Guild!”

The two pet trainers smiled as they left the stadium. Many young pet trainers surrounded them asking for their autographs.

But when the two of them saw Wei Zhi, they were instantly taken aback. ” Shi–”

Wei Zhi smiled and narrowed his eyes as he gestured at them to hush.

Loopy Toad saw this. “…” As expected, this guy was a big shot!

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