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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 567: Brother Dog, You Roar Too!

Chapter 567: Brother Dog, You Roar Too!

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With Wei Zhi’s one gesture, the two S-level pet trainers promptly looked away and pretended to be completely oblivious. Although the eye contact had been fleeting, the reverence which the two S-level pet trainers had for Wei Zhi was very obvious to Loopy Toad.

It was very familiar with this look; it was the same expression people in the cultivation circle had once they knew “Ling Zhenren” and met him in person.

Loopy Toad and Wei Zhi walked through a very long passageway as they prepared to enter the arena. There was no one else around, so Loopy Toad couldn’t help asking, “Were those two just now your disciples?” It thought they looked a little old…

Wei Zhi looked very young for an SSR-level pet trainer. Although he was still doing his best to make money to feed his contract spirit beasts, it wasn’t difficult to see that he took good care of himself.

Wei Zhi shook his head. “No.”

Loopy Toad nodded to itself, thinking that this was indeed the case.

Wei Zhi added, “They’re my disciple’s disciples.”

Loopy Toad: “…”

When Loopy Toad and Wei Zhi entered the arena, they attracted a lot of attention. When they came out of the passageway, Loopy Toad was wearing its yellow skintight outfit.

After its skintight outfit had been ripped apart by the power of Sword Dao the last time, Mother Wang had rushed out several sets overnight. For Loopy Toad, this yellow skintight outfit was already no longer a training uniform, but also its battle outfit.

“That dog’s a little interesting.”

“This green-furred dog is even wearing a skintight outfit. It’s the first time I’ve seen an ordinary breed akita that’s evolved into a spirit beast. This has to be a mongrel mutation, right?”

The spirit beast assessment center’s big screen attracted the gazes of a lot of pet trainers who were engaged in discussion. That was because Loopy Toad was the smallest spirit beast in the the competition this time, even smaller than the crystal king scorpion “Ganirun” earlier.

The opponent Loopy Toad faced this time was Building Materials High School’s flame tsunami dog, full name: flame splitting tsunami 1 dog…

As soon as the pet trainers and spirit beasts from both sides entered the arena, everyone was stunned by the stark difference in the size of the spirit beasts.

Compared with the flame tsunami dog from Building Materials High School, Loopy Toad was really too small!

“They’re both third-class, but the difference in size is too big…” Many trainers couldn’t help looking at the profiles of the spirit beasts broadcasted on the big screen. The spirit beast assessment center had information records on all lawfully contracted spirit beasts, and all this data had been directly taken from their database.

Grade, species, body type and habits were all made public.

Flame Tsunami Dog: Flame Dog Family; Flame Tsunami Genus.

Name: Mad Breaker Three Swords

Level: Third-class

Weight: 200 kilograms

Length: 4 meters

Height: 2.3 meters

Characteristics: Violent and Berserk, Gallant and Fearless, Unrestrained 2

In his seat, the male commentator said, “As you can see, the color of Mad Breaker Three Swords’s fur is very beautiful, which shows that this flame tsunami dog has excellent breeding! According to its owner, this Mad Breaker Three Swords’s main diet is insects, and its main food are the spirit butterflies which Spirit Butterfly Village has in abundance!”

“No wonder it has such good breeding!” Many of the pet trainers were amazed. Spirit Butterfly Village’s spirit butterflies were top quality food insects and each one was pricey!

“A spirit butterfly can sell for five hundred immortal gold bars at most.”

“So expensive?”

Some pet trainers new to the industry didn’t quite understand the situation. “Are they filling?”

“For a flame tsunami dog of that size, eating two spirit butterflies would be enough. One spirit butterfly weighs fifty kilograms.”

“So heavy…”

“A Pushing Large Butterfly is already thirty-two kilograms!”


Later, Loopy Toad’s profile was also displayed.

Name: Dog Two

Species: Akita

Level: Third-class

Weight: 20 kilograms

Length: 1.1 meters

Height: 0.68 meters

Characteristics: Buddha-like 3…

Everyone: “…”

The fight had yet to start for real, but many people were already looking down on that green-furred dog. For spirit beasts of the same type, it was the size difference that decided the outcome most of the time. And the main point was, they had never seen the pet trainer of this green-furred dog before! It seemed he wasn’t famous…

When they heard people ask around about Wei Zhi’s identity, Xia Fei and Yue Yang sweated and started whispering to each other.

“Why… is shishuzu 4here?”

“Who knows, he’s probably running out of money again…”

“But he’s so amazing; why doesn’t he have more of a reputation?”

“You probably don’t know, but when he used to fight before, he always had a yellow-skinned mouse 5 with him. Without the mouse around, his existence plummeted…”


“Actually, it’s because shishuzu himself keeps a low profile; a big part of the reason why he doesn’t have enough money is because he doesn’t want to get involved in the business of spreading fake ads. A few years ago, that Red Hair Medicinal Liquor company approached him to be their ambassador. He found out that this medicinal liquor contained the bone of the spirit leopard, which is a second-class spirit beast under state protection. He was so enraged back then and was crushed for a period of time after that because of it.”


At that moment, someone suddenly remembered that these two were still there, and one by one people turned to look at them. “What do you think, Teacher Xia Fei and Teacher Yue Yang? Which side do you think will win?”

In the end, neither of them said anything, and just shrugged their shoulders before they left.

For them, there was already nothing worth watching in this match. They didn’t actually know what that green-furred dog’s strength was like, but since it could catch Wei Zhi’s attention, it definitely wasn’t weak. Besides, they had also heard previously that Wei Zhi was helping a friend compete; the problem was that they hadn’t realized at all that Wei Zhi would be competing in the same event with them.

A match with an SSR-level pet trainer, plus it was their shishuzu competing… What was there to see?!

With a whistle, the duel officially began.

Standing behind Loopy Toad, Wei Zhi carefully observed the flame tsunami dog’s movements as he tried to find its weakness, and he calmly analyzed the situation. “Brother Dog, be careful. This flame tsunami dog is capable of a flamethrower spell, but the cooldown after the spell is quite long; I suggest a swift attack at close range in a blitzkrieg strategy.”

This was probably Loopy Toad’s first fight with its own kind. It watched the flame tsunami dog’s every move. In the end, this flame tsunami dog gave a low snort of disdain.

This was beast language that only Loopy Toad could understand, but its attitude was so obvious that even many of the cultivators watching also understood: Loopy Toad… was being looked down on by this flame tsunami dog!

” Woof! Woof! Woof! ” The flame tsunami dog let out a battle cry and Loopy Toad felt a strong wind lash out at it. This was the sonic wave slice from the battle cry; it was so fast that even many of the cultivators at the scene didn’t react in time.

Loopy Toad didn’t know if it was because it had been training with Sheep and Jingke recently, but it felt that not only was the flame tsunami dog’s roar weak and lacked power, the speed of this sonic wave slice was also very slow – Loopy Toad felt that the time it took for the sonic wave slice to float over to it was long enough for it to take a piss!

It was clear that this was a slightly contemptuous and provocative feeler that this flame tsunami dog had sent out.

But when it saw Loopy Toad actually evade this sonic wave slice deftly, its expression also changed slightly.

Wei Zhi was a little unhappy. “Brother Dog! We can’t let it look down on us! You roar too! Send a roar back!”

“Got it!”

Loopy Toad nodded to itself since it had already intended to do so.

At that moment, all eyes were glued to this green-furred dog.

They saw it get into position and it suddenly looked up at the sky and roared, “┗ | ` O ‘| ┛ Awuu 6~~ ”

Wait a minute! … Awuu ?!

Everyone: “…”

Wei Zhi was very satisfied. This was just like Brother Dog! Its cry was very distinctive!

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