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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 568: Bone King’s Intimidation

Chapter 568: Bone King’s Intimidation

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This battle cry was almost a little comical, causing the flame tsunami dog named “Mad Breaker Three Swords” to look disgusted, but just as the roar faded away, its expression suddenly changed.

Somehow, this small green-furred dog which had looked weak at first sight, with a physique that was the direct opposite of its own, suddenly made it feel a hint of alarm!

This was… spiritual oppression?

Mad Breaker Three Swords struggled to keep its composure, but it found itself starting to shake uncontrollably and violently like a guichu video 1 at the green-furred dog’s battle cry.

The flame tsunami dog’s pet trainer realized something was wrong. “Three Swords! You need to calm down! Just think! If you win this match, your owner will buy you a Venerable Spirit Butterfly! It’ll be cooked in your favorite way, as cream puff tempura!”

Venerable Spirit Butterfly?

This was the most luscious spirit butterfly in Spirit Butterfly Village, and also the parent of all spirit butterflies, hence its extraordinary name! Furthermore, there was only one in every nest! A Venerable Spirit Butterfly was thus very expensive, and sold for roughly fifty thousand immortal gold bars! But its meat was tasty and Mad Breaker Three Swords had been drooling over it for a long time.

As long as the head was removed, there was two hundred times more protein in a Venerated Spirit Butterfly than in a regular spirit butterfly!

Three Swords! — You must get it, Three Swords!

So that master can buy a Venerated Spirit Butterfly and roll it into cream puffs and fry tempura, and then you can eat them one by one! You must hold on! Don’t admit defeat in front of this mongrel autumn green dog!

But… it was still shaking uncontrollably!

Three Swords began to realize that this battle cry wasn’t an ordinary one as it had directly stirred up its spirit and soul — this was fear from the depths of its heart! This wasn’t something as simple as spiritual oppression! How terrifying!

It was clearly a dog that was only the size of its palm, but after that battle cry, it felt like the green-furred dog’s eyes had grown infinitely larger, as if they were looking into the very depths of its soul and the blue dome of heaven was pressing down on it with profound force.

This dog… exactly what was it?

“So… so scary, woof …” Three Swords started to whine softly; its tears had already begun to flow and it suddenly burst out in uncontrollable crying. This was because it realized that it already had no chance of winning this match, but most important of all… It couldn’t eat its most beloved, long-awaited Venerable Spirit Butterfly!

The more Three Swords cried, the more sorrowful it became. Finally, it even flipped onto its back and cried loudly and bitterly with its paws over its eyes.

It was so scared… it cried?!

This scene was completely unexpected and everyone watching the big screen was stunned; even the commentator was astonished. What was going on?

How had such a large flame tsunami dog been frightened into crying by a mongrel akita?

The commentator’s face was stunned. “Player Three Swords, can you still fight? Please grab hold of your valiant and fearless will to fight! The match can’t just end like that! This is live!”

Three Swords covered its dog face with its paws. “I can’t, woof… I don’t want to,woof… I really can’t, woof… Hurry up and find someone to carry me away, or it’ll really be too late, woof… ”

The commentator was very angry. “Player Three Swords! Please show us the fighting spirit of a contract spirit beast!”

But hardly had the commentator spoken when a fountain shot into the sky as Three Swords cried…

Player Three Swords was so scared it had wet itself…

Its tears were like the banks of a river bursting. “I already said I can’t, woof… ”

Wei Zhi and Loopy Toad: “…”

Loopy Toad was full of despair. Had it lost control of its power just now? Shouldn’t be! But then why was the flame tsunami dog this scared…?

Loopy Toad withdrew its aura and walked slowly toward Three Swords. It was as if Three Swords was seeing a wild and fierce beast approaching it, and with two long streams of tears trailing behind it, it actually fled the arena. This was probably the legendary “running away in tears 2 “…


The commentator had a helpless look on his face. “Due to player Three Swords losing the ability to fight, player Dog Two is the winner of this match…”

After the match, Wei Zhi watched the replay in the players’ lounge and was puzzled no matter how he thought about it. “Brother Dog, what did you do just now?” He thought Brother Dog’s ” awuu ” had been very cute! But why had it scared the flame tsunami dog to that extent?

Loopy Toad: “I don’t know, I’m confused, too…”

Wei Zhi frowned. “Brother Dog, if you weren’t going all out but you could frighten the flame tsunami dog to that extent, I wonder if it might be due to the effect of an external factor? For example… a magic treasure?” There were actually no restrictions on magic treasures in a conventional stadium battle between spirit beasts. Spirit beasts could use their own magic treasures during a battle, but usually there was no need for them so there weren’t any opportunities to use them.

Loopy Toad was blank when Wei Zhi brought this up.

Was it because of the Bone King?

Although it had been refined into a magic treasure by Fatty Luo, the Bone King in the end was a bone from Dog Saint!

Loopy Toad took out the green Bone King with the Space Swallowing Spell. “I think it’s because of this! This magic treasure was created from the Bone King which you gave me!” Because they were very close and it was Wei Zhi who had originally given him this Bone King, Loopy Toad felt that there was no need to hide it.

“Brother Dog refined the Bone King into a magic treasure?” Wei Zhi was also shocked when he saw it.

To be honest, the vice president had a lot of precious treasure, but Wei Zhi had only been interested in this one at the time as he had felt that it wasn’t simple. He never expected to have actually picked up a gem.

Wei Zhi tsked. “This bone’s origin isn’t simple! Perhaps this is the bone of some top class spirit beast which Brother Dog has refined into a magic treasure. It’s because you have this on you that other spirit beasts will feel dread!”


Loopy Toad on the whole agreed with Wei Zhi’s conclusion. The fact that the flame tsunami dog had been frightened to that extent probably had to do with the Bone King. This was the bone of Dog Saint, the supreme leader of dogs. The slightest hint of its aura would intimidate any dog-type spirit beast.

However, Loopy Toad currently didn’t know whether the Bone King had the same intimidating effect on other spirit beasts since it might only be effective on dog-type spirit beasts.

Loopy Toad decided to experiment a little in the fight later.

“What magic treasure attribute does the Bone King have now?” Wei Zhi asked.

“It’s versatile,” Loopy Toad answered.

“That’s quite a special spatial attribute!” Wei Zhi sighed emotionally as many thoughts crowded his mind at the same time. “Later in battle, can you take out this Bone King? I want to do an experiment!”

Wei Zhi cast a glance at the final showdown in the battle of spirit beasts.

The opponents Loopy Toad would be facing next were Jinbei, the goldenback gorilla with rough skin and thick flesh, and Reliance High School’s land shark Aluminum Small Fish.

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