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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 569: Good Luck, Little Xia!

Chapter 569: Good Luck, Little Xia!

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An hour later, the battle of soul pets final which everyone had been looking forward to was about to begin.

The final members selected for the championship were those that Wei Zhi and Loopy Toad had predicted at the beginning. Loopy Toad had initially thought that the remaining two spirit beasts that would finally appear in the championship round would be out of Jinbei, the goldenback gorilla, Aluminum Small Fish, the land shark, or the battle lion from God Vision High School.

What was surprising was that the battle lion from God Vision High School lost to Aluminum Small Fish, the brutal land shark from Reliance High School. More importantly, it was a crushing defeat! When Loopy Toad and Wei Zhi came out of the arena, they heard nearby pet trainers discussing it.

“That land shark is kind of scary!”

“I thought both parties would be evenly matched at first… I never expected this battle lion to fall so soon. The battle lion handpicked by the Xiao clan was actually one-sidedly beaten by a land shark!”

“But it seems that the land shark ate something before the match. Could it be a stimulant?”

“I don’t think it was a stimulant.” A pet trainer shook his head.

As they chatted about this, what Aluminum Small Fish, the land shark, had eaten before the match had been identified, and the result directly appeared on the big screen. What it had eaten just now was a pack of potato chips…

Loopy Toad was amazed. How formidable were gluttons nowadays?

“Potato… chips…”

All the pet trainers were dumbstruck and rendered speechless.

If it had been a stimulant, it would definitely have been strictly prohibited, but who knew a spirit beast could be so obsessed with snacks!

Back in the player’s lounge, Wei Zhi began his analysis. “It seems that this land shark has a unique physical trait; it’s probably a kind of fierce stimulatory response. Spirit beasts with this kind of trait are really rare!”

“What kind of physical trait is that?” Loopy Toad asked.

“You can think of it as a hyperstimulation in reaction to some common foods. Usually in this stimulated state, the spirit beast’s strength will increase sharply and it can display extreme power completely beyond its class. Furthermore, it doesn’t have any negative impact on the body; on the contrary, it promotes the resilience of the meridians in the body… Overall, it’s a pretty good physical trait.”

Wei Zhi added, “But spirit beasts with this type of physical trait are usually difficult to tame. Not only can they eat, they are especially expensive to raise, so ordinary people can’t afford to keep them.”

Loopy Toad sweated. “…” However much it ate, could it eat more than Little Silver?

But listening to Wei Zhi’s analysis now, Loopy Toad was increasingly looking forward to a showdown with this land shark. Loopy Toad’s strength was now second-class. If this land shark could break out second-class strength using this physical trait, Loopy Toad suddenly felt that this was a fight worth anticipating!

About five minutes later, Wei Zhi and Loopy Toad entered the arena again.

This time, Loopy Toad would be facing two enemies. Besides Jinbei, the goldenback gorilla, there was Aluminum Small Fish, the land shark, who was eating potato chips like crazy.

Wei Zhi greeted the goldenback gorilla’s pet trainer opposite him. “Good luck, Little Xia!”

Loopy Toad: “…” Of course! Little Xia had appeared… If Little Gang showed up, they could form a team of three and sweep up the medals 1 !

Xia Fei: “…” To be honest, Xia Fei had been in denial right up to this moment… He had no chance of winning at all with a fourth-class gorilla! This was like teaching a fish how to swim in front of his shishuzu !

So when Wei Zhi greeted him, Xia Fei’s heart couldn’t help trembling and his complexion paled slightly; he was both nervous and scared.

A lot of pet trainers were watching this scene on the big screen.

“Come to think of it, who on earth is this green-furred dog’s pet trainer? Why don’t I have any impression of him?”

“This man actually called Teacher Xia Little Xia, like they know each other? Look, Teacher Xia Fei’s face has changed… he’s probably angry…”

With the earth-shaking sound of an electronic gong, the showdown which everyone had been waiting for started.

Loopy Toad began to observe the land shark.

Because this land shark was female, it could be considered not very big, but it was still three meters long! It was covered from head to toe ih black scales, which the land shark had developed in order to protect its skin on land. In water, the scales would disappear. Apart from this, the land shark had two legs!

Loopy Toad thought that its appearance was a little like the mermaid painted by the police officer in the movie The Mermaid…

At that moment, the land shark Aluminum Small Fish stopped eating and casually threw the pack of potato chips to one side. Its legs then shook, and like a meteor from outer space, it dropped straight into the ground directly between Dog Two and the goldenback gorilla.

“Both of you, surrender and save yourselves the suffering.”

After that, Aluminum Small Fish looked at its pet trainer and said, “And you! Why are you spacing out! Hurry up and order takeout! This old woman wants to eat chips! This fight will be over very soon! Order first!”

Everyone was rooted to the spot in astonishment. “…”

It was in the end a spirit beast who had the fierce stimulatory response trait, and its pet trainer simply had no say…

Wei Zhi chuckled and took no notice at all of the land shark’s provocation. “Pretty cute, little shark! Though the land shark is called a land shark, you would have had more of an advantage in a water battle! How can a fish be called a fish out of the water?”

The land shark didn’t listen to its pet trainer at all. It was blank for a moment before it immediately felt violent rage. How dare Wei Zhi look down on it! It was strong enough even without drawing on the power of water! The land shark vigorously shook its short legs and instantly tumultuous energy rose up from under the ground to blow up the stage.

The goldenback gorilla’s pet trainer Xia Fei immediately said, “Jinbei! Get out of the way!”

Unfortunately, because of its huge size, plus this completely unexpected energy that had welled up from under the ground, the goldenback gorilla couldn’t dodge in time at all and this energy jabbed it in the anus, causing the gorilla to wail as it covered its butt with its hands.

But the land shark paid no attention at all to this fourth-class gorilla that couldn’t speak and was intent on watching Dog Two make a spectacle of itself. However, it completely didn’t expect Dog Two to be faster than it imagined. The instant the energy rose up, Dog Two stomped the ground with its dog paws, promptly cutting the energy off and completely canceling it out.

While the land shark was feeling astonished, the opponent struck back.

“Brother Dog, take it down with your magic treasure!”


Because Wei Zhi had said before that he wanted to experiment with the Bone King, Loopy Toad very cooperatively took it out. The instant this emerald green bone staff appeared, it drew cries of surprise from everyone around!

Although no one knew what the origin of this emerald green bone staff was, anyone with discerning eyes could tell that it wasn’t simple!

The moment Loopy Toad took out the Bone King, both the goldenback gorilla and that rash land shark subconsciously took several steps back!

Staring at the green bone staff, the land shark felt shaken for some reason.

What was going on?

It actually… felt a little scared just now?

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