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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 570: Jinbei Ignored

Chapter 570: Jinbei Ignored

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This retreat was an instinctive response to a strong threat!

It was a completely involuntary reaction!

As expected…

After doing this test, Loopy Toad could basically confirm it.

The Bone King’s power of intimidation didn’t affect just dog-type spirit beasts, it could probably suppress all spirit beasts to some degree! The effect was just more obvious with dog-type spirit beasts!

After coming to this conclusion, both Wei Zhi and Loopy Toad felt very confident.

Wei Zhi: “Brother Dog! Go! It’s a rare opportunity!”

The ‘rare opportunity’ Wei Zhi was talking about referred to the chance for Loopy Toad to familiarize itself with the use of its magic treasure. If you wanted to increase your rapport with your magic treasure, actual combat was usually a more effective way! There was a saying that practice brought forth true knowledge, and this was true of cultivation.

Loopy Toad was very cautious as it faced this land shark because they were definitely evenly matched. When its potential was triggered through its unique physical trait, the land shark’s aura was completely unlike its recorded third-class status and was closer to second class or even peak second class… This was a completely different feeling from when Loopy Toad faced Sheep and Jingke — Loopy Toad actually felt a trace of battle excitement!

“Awuu!” Dog Two howled and jumped up high and then brought the Bone King down!

Aluminum Small Fish was astonished by this swift reaction and this emerald green bone staff magic treasure of unknown origin. It was fortunate that it was able to respond exceptionally quickly in its excited state and it immediately used its iron tail as a block as it waited for an opportunity to strike back.

However, the Bone King was a third-class holy weapon, after all. While Loopy Toad might not be able to exhibit the full power of a third-class holy weapon at its current level, it could still use sixty percent, which was already extraordinarily strong. The moment the Bone King collided with the land shark’s iron tail, Aluminum Small Fish felt a huge crushing force and an ongoing burning sensation of pain!

What on earth was the origin of this emerald bone staff?

Aluminum Small Fish couldn’t imagine at all how a dog that was only at third class on paper could have such a terrifying magic treasure, and Dog Two was unexpectedly able to control it with a steady hand.

The truth was that in a normal situation, a second-class spirit beast would never be able to control a third-class holy weapon. When spirit energy was injected into a third-class holy weapon, the holy weapon would inevitably generate feedback which the body of a second-class spirit beast wouldn’t be able to withstand.

But the point was that Loopy Dao had the power of a Heavenly Dao inside it!

This power was from Evil Sword God’s “ten-meter sword circle” power of Sword Dao.

Although Dog Two hadn’t completely mastered it, it was precisely this power that helped it to suppress the force of the feedback from the third-class holy weapon as well as to handle it!

It was also because of this restrictive effect that the Bone King had been able to harmonize with the power of Sword Dao inside Loopy Toad when it had turned into a pair of boxing gloves back then, the amassed power of Sword Dao causing spikes to sprout on the boxing gloves.

But Loopy Toad had no intention of using the power of Sword Dao in this battle, otherwise it would be a little unfair…

What it wanted to do now was simply test the Bone King’s performance in its regular state as well as how much power the set of Basic Dog Skills could exhibit on a level playing field.

The land shark Aluminum Small Fish started to get serious. While it evaded Loopy Toad’s attack, it couldn’t help glancing at the pet trainer behind it. “Why are you spacing out? Analyze the situation!”

The pet trainer was also stunned. “…” Aluminum Small Fish hadn’t listened to him at all previously, but had now flipped faces quicker than flipping through a book!

Many people were also watching this scene as the battle was broadcast live to every major high school.

It was meant to be time for the political science lesson at No. 60 High School, but since the start of the battle of spirit beasts, all the teachers had stopped teaching as per the school’s arrangement in order to play the broadcast of the battle.

Seeing that the rebellious land shark had actually started to ask for help from its pet trainer, Little Peanut couldn’t help tsking. “I didn’t expect Loopy Toad to be so awesome! It can push Reliance High School’s Aluminum Small Fish to that extent! But Loopy Toad’s cultivation speed is also a little too fast! It hasn’t been long but it’s already so strong!”

Most of the students in Grade One, Class Three didn’t doubt Loopy Toad’s strength; they were just stunned by Dog Two’s cultivation speed. Before Dog Two officially became a dog, it had originally been a demon king.

It had barely landed on earth when Senior Odd Zhuo had killed it, but as one of the demon kings of the demon race, it had also led a clan, and was a seasoned veteran!

Dopey Guo chuckled. “Looks like my family’s dog food is pretty good! Also, Loopy Toad is on good terms with this little uncle of mine; he’s an SSR-level pet trainer and might have been privately giving Loopy Toad pointers on cultivation.”

Hearing this, a lot of people in class nodded; this was actually quite a reasonable explanation. At the same time, Wang Ling was secretly relieved, otherwise he really wouldn’t be able to explain how Loopy Toad had become so strong in such a short time after he had taken it in.

“But what is that magic treasure Loopy Toad’s holding? Is it also from your little uncle?” Lotus Sun asked.

“That’s right.” Dopey Guo nodded. “My little uncle did tell me before that he gave Dog Two a bone as a present, but I never thought this thing would be a magic treasure.”

Lotus Sun: “Do you know the grade?”

Dopey Guo shook his head. “I don’t, I’ll ask him later.”

Super Chen smiled. “This bone staff’s light effects are pretty out of this world – it’s like the Dragon Sabre light effects in the webgame… Maybe it’s a holy weapon!”

Wang Ling: “…”

Dopey Guo spread his hands. “Don’t fool around, my little uncle has to support so many spirit beasts that he’s short of money himself. The most he can do is send me ideas for spirit weapons; there’s no way he can afford a holy weapon.”

“I was just kidding…”

Super Chen propped his head up with one hand. “Your little uncle is an SSR-level pet trainer, but why do so few people know of him?”

Dopey Guo: “He’s usually a more low-key person, but the main reason is that he always gets second place in any competition he participates in – who remembers the second-place winner? Also, he doesn’t have that yellow-skinned mouse with him, so of course no one knows who he is.”

Speaking of this “yellow-skinned mouse,” everyone including the political science teacher on the dais suddenly all had enlightened expressions. Oh… him!

Wang Ling was taken aback. “…”

It turned out that it was the yellow-skinned mouse that everyone remembered…

Elsewhere, the battle was still ongoing in the arena.

Dog Two and the land shark were fighting violently, trading blows and going so far as to completely ignore the goldenback gorilla…

The commentator was speechless for a time at this scene.

Xia Fei couldn’t continue watching anymore. “Jinbei! Fight!”

Jinbei sat down on the ground and looked back at Xia Fei.

Jinbei could only use sign language since it couldn’t speak. Then it looked at Dog Two and the land shark Aluminum Small Fish who were fighting in front of it. Finally, it lifted its plump buttocks and patted them.

Xia Fei: “???”

The commentary immediately understood. “Player Jinbei’s meaning is that this is a fight between immortals, how can it get involved!”

Xia Fei’s lips twitched. “You have to fight! Even if you lose, you have to fight!”

Jinbei looked at Xia Fei and beat its breast.

The commentator: “Player Jinbei said that if you continue pushing it, it’ll beat your chest with its little fists.”

Everyone: “…”Possibly a reference to “The Legend of Mir.”The colloquial phrase used in Chinese literally translates to “fight, my butt!”

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