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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 572: Floating Waves Sound Belch, Ultimate Edition!

Chapter 572: Floating Waves Sound Belch, Ultimate Edition!

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A self-invented spell called “Floating Waves Sound Belch”; moreover, it was a grade four spell…

It looked like it wasn’t just the land shark’s physique that was special; its identity also wasn’t simple. Loopy Toad had in fact been vaguely aware of this point at the beginning of the battle. The land shark’s bloodline wasn’t simple, and it was probably a hybrid of some sort, but Loopy Toad didn’t know what other bloodlines it had.

It was unfortunate that Little Master Ling wasn’t here. Otherwise, he could use the “Great Blood Origin Spell” to find out; even if this land shark had eight bloodlines, he would be able to identify each and every one. Dopey Guo’s family parrot Dopey, for example, was a super hybrid parrot.

Dopey’s strength actually wasn’t ordinary, but because of its mixed blood, it couldn’t control its strength very well and often needed to soak in a medicine bath. Dopey Guo hence hadn’t brought Dopey the parrot to school for some time.

According to the section on spirit beasts in The Cultivation Encyclopedia , the land shark’s various attributes were in fact comparatively balanced, but this particular one gave Loopy Toad a completely different feeling. Its strength and endurance were especially remarkable. While this was partly because of its special physique, as its battle opponent, Dog Two could really feel how unusual this land shark was!

The fact that it was able to create its own spirit technique was already proof that this land shark had very high spiritual intelligence, far beyond its peers.

Loopy Toad frowned. Honestly speaking, it was wondering if this land shark was in the same situation it was in.

For example, if it was the remnant of some soul that had been merged with a body…

Because when Loopy Toad fought this land shark, the latter gave it a familiar feeling.

Of course, it didn’t sense the slightest bit of demon qi from this land shark.

It seemed that it would have to be careful in dealing with the other party!

Loopy Toad pondered this in its heart.

At that point, the arena was a mess. After the land shark’s self-invented grade four sonic spell swept through the arena, the bricks had almost been completely blown away. While the main target of the sound wave had been Loopy Toad, the spell had ranged out in all directions.

Everything had collapsed around the land shark; the ground was cracked like a cobweb running out in all directions with the land shark in its center, and it looked very sinister.

Aluminum Small Fish gasped heavily for breath and at the same time was feeling a little startled in its heart. It had initially been very confident that its strike just now would be enough to send this weak little green-furred dog flying. The power of its sound wave had been tested before, and if its opponent didn’t have any way of defending itself, this grade four sonic spell was powerful enough to directly lift a massive five hundred-kilogram object.

But, this green-furred dog was actually still holding on like a stubborn nail 1thanks to that emerald green bone staff stuck firmly in the ground.

It was clearly a small dog, but it actually had such tremendous power…

At this moment, Aluminum Small Fish thought in its heart that this green-furred dog’s origin wasn’t simple and it wasn’t as easy as it looked to handle it, to say the least. A purebred akita or any other hybrid spirit dog could never be this strong!

For a moment, both sides sunk into silence in the wake of this powerful sonic spell attack and the subsequent block against it.

At No. 60 High School, emotions were running high in Grade One, Class Three. A lot of people could tell that this land shark wasn’t easy to deal with!

“Can our Loopy Toad win?” Little Peanut was suddenly a little nervous.

Many people in class had thought that it would be an easy victory for their Dog Two, but they never thought that the land shark would be so difficult to handle.

It was hard to say what the outcome of the battle would be, because no one knew what kind of tricks this land shark, who had invented its own grade four sonic spell and was full of surprises, might have.

Super Chen frowned. He felt that this land shark’s background definitely wasn’t simple.

Throughout the whole thing, Wang Ling watched silently from beginning to end. When he saw the land shark’s self-invented sonic spell, his face remained unruffled.

Dopey Guo nudged Wang Ling with his elbow. “Wang Ling, do you think Dog Two can win?”

Wang Ling also didn’t say anything extra and just gave a simple “Mm” before he then actually took “Three Five” out of his desk and starting brushing up on the topics inside…

For Wang Ling, there had actually been nothing suspenseful about this competition since the beginning.

But at that moment, things changed again in the arena.

The goldenback gorilla who had been ignored all this time felt its hair stand on end when Aluminum Small Fish suddenly stared at it.

Jinbei wanted to cry in its heart but had no tears to shed. After a bitter fight with no outcome against that green-furred dog… was the land shark planning on getting rid of it first?

However, to everyone’s surprise, Aluminum Small Fish unexpectedly went over to Jinbei and tilted its head to look at it. “Your name is Jinbei, right?”

The goldenback gorilla didn’t dare move inside the Golden Bell Shield and only nodded silently.

Aluminum Small Fish wore a little smirk. Because a land shark’s mouth was quite big to begin with, when the corners of its mouth drew back, this smirk looked even more malevolent, which gave the goldenback gorilla goosebumps.

Jinbei looked at Aluminum Small Fish and let out a doubtful “ooh.” This was the language of spirit beasts, and it meant: What do you want to do?

Aluminum Small Fish said something surprising. “How about cooperating together? Let’s take down that green-furred dog first!”

The goldenback gorilla’s eyes lit up. It never expected this hot-tempered land shark to put forward this kind of plan, and it was in fact a win-win proposal for it! Initially it could only get third place, but if they could take down this green-furred dog, it would be very happy to get second place!

This was also an unexpected scene to everyone else. No one could have expected this hot-tempered land shark to actually take the initiative to seek to work together.


Xia Fei sweated as he was completely ignored! Were contract spirit beasts nowadays all fond of acting on their own as long as their masters weren’t around?!

Wei Zhi wasn’t nervous and just chuckled. “Brother Dog, it seems that this little fish really wants you dead!”

Loopy Toad wasn’t afraid at all, and instead was very excited. “No rush, let’s see what it’s going to do first.”

“What should I do?” The goldenback gorilla gestured at Aluminum Small Fish, still speaking the language of spirit beasts.

“Lend me your Golden Bell Shield,” Aluminum Small Fish said.

The goldenback gorilla obediently handed it over without any idea at all what Aluminum Small Fish wanted to do.

After taking the Golden Bell Shield magic treasure, Aluminum Small Fish in the next second started to suck in air again — clearly it was going to use Floating Waves Sound Belch again.

But why had Aluminum Small Fish borrowed the goldenback gorilla’s Golden Bell Shield?

Everyone watching was puzzled no matter how they thought about it.

However, in the next moment, Aluminum Small Fish’s iron tail swung down ruthlessly on the top of the Golden Bell Shield and directly sent the top flying!

Seeing its magic treasure damaged, Jinbei wanted to cry but had no tears to shed. “You…”

“Brother Dog, watch out!”

At this point, Wei Zhi suddenly guessed what Aluminum Small Fish was planning to do!

Loopy Toad: “???”

Right after Wei Zhi said this, sure enough, Aluminum Small Fish had the goldenback gorilla prop the Golden Bell Shield, with its top gone, on the shoulder to make a simple magic loudspeaker.

Wei Zhi: “This is Floating Waves Sound Belch’s ultimate form… Big Horn!”

Loopy Toad: “…”

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