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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 573: Bone King’s Unconventional Transformation

Chapter 573: Bone King’s Unconventional Transformation

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This enhanced sonic spell caused Loopy Toad to frown a little. Loopy Toad was actually already fully aware of how powerful this spell was. When the goldenback gorilla had lifted the Golden Bell Shield with its broken top, Loopy Toad had already understood the land shark’s true intention.

It knew that Aluminum Small Fish wanted to send it flying with the ultimate version of this sonic spell, and Loopy Toad guessed that this “Big Horn” was ten times more powerful than the regular version of Floating Waves Sound Belch earlier.

The sonic spell that the land shark had used before was just a wide-ranging group attack. However, by using the goldenback gorilla’s “Golden Bell Shield” as a megaphone, the waves of spirit power which would be sent out in all directions could be gathered together for a brief moment, increasing its original strength several times over or even by more than ten times to form a single powerful strike.

A spirit beast like the land shark was originally a proud species and extremely competitive, but this land shark felt entirely different to Dog Two. Furthermore, Loopy Toad was completely focused on this Big Horn attack and didn’t take it lightly.

It was a rare combat opportunity and Loopy Toad was enjoying it.

On one side, Wei Zhi also took out his own magic treasure for protection. It was a folding fan which was a very powerful defense magic treasure. Wei Zhi just lightly waved the fan once and it turned into a strong barrier in front of him.

This was what he used to withstand attacks in a battle of spirit beasts.

Aluminum Small Fish’s sonic attack had yet to be launched for real, but based on his experience earlier, Wei Zhi still felt a build-up of pressure.

This was too excessive!

Wei Zhi never expected a land shark to be able to exhibit such oppressive force.

Thanks to its special physique, just eating snacks could stimulate Aluminum Small Fish to exhibit strength that was completely inconsistent with its class!

In the next moment, due to the power of the ultimate version of Floating Waves Sound Belch, “Big Horn,” the originally invisible sound waves unexpectedly turned into visible ripples that everyone could clearly and distinctly see!

It was actually that powerful!

Many people were shocked in their hearts. The ability to transform invisible sound waves into tangible power was enough to prove the spellcaster’s formidable strength! This sort of power wasn’t something that could be ordinarily generated at all!

With the unusual power of “Big Horn,” the land shark was at maximum strength. The Golden Bell Shield had transformed this initially wide-ranging sonic attack into a single destructive strike! The brunt of the waves was concentrated on Loopy Toad. The goldenback gorilla Jinbei, who was standing next to the land shark, would only be affected minutely in the aftermath.

Everyone watching this battle was stunned by this force. Big Horn’s power was like a cannon about to shoot out a nuclear warhead, as if it was going to annihilate everything in front of it like a hyper beam!

The entire arena was close to being sent flying by Aluminum Small Fish’s sound waves. Rubble started rising up, just like countless stars floating in space. This “Big Horn’s” offensive strike could be completely described as devastating, as if everything would be annihilated and turned into flying ash in the blink of an eye while a violent wind whistled endlessly with the incredible strength of ten million horses, putting Loopy Toad through a tremendous test.

Aluminum Small Fish seemed very confident in this attack, which was a major finishing move that it rarely used.

But the green-furred dog’s valiance surprised it yet again.

After a powerful sonic attack, it actually hadn’t moved a whit!

Aluminum Small Fish grit its teeth: was the dog looking down on it? Or was it because its attack wasn’t the least bit of use?

The land shark Aluminum Small Fish couldn’t believe the scene in front of its eyes.

Exactly what kind of character was this green-furred dog?

While Aluminum Small Fish was feeling it was utterly unimaginable, it noticed that the green-furred dog’s emerald green dog beating staff had actually changed slightly! — This proved that its attack just now had indeed had an effect. Unfortunately, however, the land shark realized that this emerald green bone staff of unknown origin had become even more solid in the face of its ultimate version of the sonic spell.

This was then followed by an even more astonishing scene: Loopy Toad unexpectedly broke the entire Bone King into two parts along a crack that had been caused by the bombardment of sound waves.

Doing this didn’t change the Bone King’s power too much, but Wei Zhi was delighted.

Wei Zhi: “Brother Dog!”

Loopy Toad: “Hm?”

Wei Zhi: “Just nice, since your bone staff has split into two parts, hurry up and think how to transform them!”

Loopy Toad thought carefully. It actually had no idea whether the Bone King would be more powerful after being split in half.

But curiosity drove Dog Two to make its final decision.

It listened to Wei Zhi’s urging and began to imagine what it wanted this split Bone King to turn into…

Several dozen seconds later, Wei Zhi suddenly lit up. “Brother Dog!”

Loopy Toad: “???”

Wei Zhi: “Hurry up and use nunchucks, huh huh ha hey 1 !”

Loopy Toad: “…”

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Night Chief was still conducting its investigation.

As President of Night Chief, Night Ghost Spirit Emperor felt unprecedentedly humiliated! He was leader of this grand top foreign power, but his arm had actually been taken off by some inexplicable “magic treasure”! Not only that, even his capable subordinate Edmark had been “assassinated”! — This was undoubtedly a naked provocation!

His broken arm still hadn’t recovered as the “major damage” effect was much more powerful than he had imagined; not only was it suppressing his ability to regenerate, it was also causing Night Ghost Spirit Emperor pain he had never felt before in his broken arm. The wound caused by this “unknown object” smashing into his arm felt like ants were gnawing away constantly on the injury.

“Any results?!” Night Ghost Spirit Emperor asked the subordinate next to him.

“Reporting, Lord Spirit Emperor! We’re still investigating…” the subordinate replied.


Night Ghost Spirit Emperor was extremely furious. “What have you found out so far?”

His subordinate replied with some trepidation, “Extrapolating from the trail of the magic treasure, we’ve tentatively locked onto Songhai city for the time being… Basically, we’re certain that this wasn’t done by a Venerated Immortal; this was likely a deliberate and carefully thought out move.”

“Keep investigating!” Night Ghost Spirit Emperor said. “We’ve never experienced such shame and humiliation since my Night Chief was founded! When we find the target, I’m going to get my full revenge!”

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