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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 574: The Basic Dog Skills Are Invincible

Chapter 574: The Basic Dog Skills Are Invincible

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The battle was still ongoing. Although the Bone King had been cracked by “Big Horn,” it wasn’t truly damaged; instead, this also had to do with its attribute of versatility. To be frank, it was just like plasticine, as the Bone King had the ability to mold itself into the shape of any weapon Loopy Toad wanted with a thought.

If you poked a hole in plasticine, you just needed to mold it back into shape.

Therefore, when Loopy Toad saw the fresh cracks in the Bone King slowly restore itself, it felt that this attribute was simply heaven-defying and equivalent to built-in self-regeneration! — Little Master Ling never has to worry that my magic weapon will be destroyed!

On the other side, after working together to deliver the enhanced “Big Horn” Floating Waves Sound Belch, the goldenback gorilla and the land shark Aluminum Small Fish appeared tired. The force of “Big Horn’s” attack was very strong and so was the backlash! The goldenback gorilla had almost been directly blown out of the arena by the force of the recoil just now, so in addition to casting the spell, Aluminum Small Fish also had had to spare some strength to press the goldenback gorilla down and keep the “cannon base” steady.

Yet even with such a violent expenditure of power, the dog hadn’t been blown out of the ring… Jinbei and Aluminum Small Fish were simultaneously stunned — was this dog a “stubborn nail”?

Aluminum Small Fish had initially calculated that this dog was difficult to deal with in close combat, which was why it had planned to use a long-range attack to try and take down its opponent. However, it never expected its attacks to fail one after another…

Jinbei put down its broken Golden Bell Shield. Its expression was a little unsightly. Its magic weapon was damaged! But even that hadn’t blown the dog out of the ring…

What on earth was this dog’s origin?

Aluminum Small Fish frowned as it racked its brain for countermeasures. It cast a very contemptuous glance at the pet trainer behind it, who was of no damn use at all. Clearly, the green-furred dog was far more doughty than the pet trainer could have imagined; it made no sense at all for a mongrel akita to have this type of strength.

“Now what?” The goldenback gorilla’s shoulder was aching from the blast just now. After putting down the Golden Bell Shield, there was a deep mark on its shoulder. It found that it already couldn’t lift its shoulder; that powerful recoil just now had actually dislocated it.

A particular saying put it well: you’re not afraid of your god-like opponent, but of…

Forget it! Aluminum Small Fish grit its teeth. It actually already felt ashamed enough at taking the initiative to team up! But the problem was that in the current 2v1 situation, they actually still had no way to deal with this green-furred dog, which made Aluminum Small Fish feel humiliated and ashamed.

Xia Fei couldn’t continue watching this scene anymore. Jinbei and Aluminum Small Fish had consumed too much spirit energy. They should have listened more to their pet trainers’ suggestions in the beginning and launched some preliminary attacks first! Xia Fei wanted to open his mouth, but when he saw Aluminum Small Fish grit its teeth, he dared not speak.

He could imagine that even if he gave a well-meaning warning now, the land shark would roll its eyes and say “don’t give me orders” or something like that.

“Brother Dog! Go! While they’re weak! Take them down! Use the power of the Bone King!”

Wei Zhi knew that both the goldenback gorilla and the land shark had consumed a large amount of spirit energy, so this was a good time to attack.

Compared with Jinbei and Aluminum Small Fish on the other side, Dog Two coordinated very well with Wei Zhi and their rapport was amazing. This was clearly only a replacement pet trainer for the battle, but he worked surprisingly well with the dog as if he was its real owner!

Loopy Toad was willing to cooperate with Wei Zhi because for one thing, it wanted to give Wei Zhi face, and for another, it was actually to conceal its own strength. If it won by following Wei Zhi’s directives, with Wei Zhi’s SSR-level qualification, most people would certainly give him the credit.

Loopy Toad was participating in this battle of spirit beasts to test its level in actual combat, not to show off.

However, Loopy Toad did have to admit that Wei Zhi did have an extraordinary affinity for directing battles; this probably had to do with his charisma, which was very important for an SSR-level pet trainer. Loopy Toad knew that the yellow-skinned mouse which Wei Zhi had had before was the spirit beast that had been with him the longest and they had been almost inseparable.

In fact, that yellow-skinned mouse had had very serious mental trauma back then, and it was Wei Zhi who had opened its heart little by little… Also, it was from that point on that Wei Zhi started to cultivate a physique that wasn’t afraid of electric shocks.

Wei Zhi now called this “generating electricity with love”…

At Wei Zhi’s command, Loopy Toad moved instantly. The Bone King in its hand was already completely restored, and Loopy Toad used it to do a pole vault. Lifting its paws, it demonstrated the first and second forms of the Basic Dog Skills as dense spirit energy poured into its dog paws.

Thrusting the Bone King into the ground to do a pole vault might look meaningless, but it wasn’t. Using the strength in its forelegs from the pole vault in tandem with the powerful jumping explosive force in its hind legs, Dog Two jumped to an unprecedented height in the sky in an instant.

This series of movements were done in one go. Faint green spirit light encircled Loopy Toad’s dog paws and numerous shadow fists rained down from the sky with explosive sounds!

Dog Two’s power was so great that the acceleration of its descent from the sky gave it a whole new level of speed, like a whole sky of meteors falling to earth. This was far beyond anything that the land shark or the bulky goldenback gorilla could do.

The Basic Dog Skills actually weren’t flashy in themselves, but when it was combined with the enhanced height from using the Bone King in a pole vault, the falling shadow fists, as many as the eye could see, suddenly gave people the sense of a blockbuster movie.

The moment Loopy Toad landed, it felt not only a sense of relief but also of enlightenment.

Even if this was an ordinary spirit technique that wasn’t flashy, combining it slightly with extra movements could also work wonders.

“Stupid monkey! Let’s join hands and block it with all our strength!” Aluminum Small Fish clenched its teeth!

“Mm.” The goldenback gorilla made a sound of agreement and crossed its thick and solid arms in front of it as it dropped into a defensive pose, but it suddenly felt something pushing it — the land shark actually was pushing it to the front to act as a shield!

Jinbei: “???”

Aluminum Small Fish: “What are you looking at! Have you never seen a beautiful fish? You block, I’ll pass power to you from behind!”


Jinbei knew it had been tricked!

What damn “pass power”!

They weren’t playing bor-bor zan…

Loopy Toad didn’t hold anything back in its attack this time!

After training with Sheep and Jingke, the speed of Loopy Toad’s punches for the first and second forms of the Basic Dog Skills alone had reached at least two hundred punches per second!

The shadow fists were like green meteor streaks that hit the ground.

The goldenback gorilla was despondent when it saw this scene as it recalled a song that it liked very much:

You’re like fireworks…

So beautiful…

Softly streaking across the clear horizon…

In the moment that the goldenback gorilla and Aluminum Small Fish were sent flying by the fierce shadow fists, the goldenback gorilla was actually very calm in its heart.

You could only sense the difference in strength after direct contact with the attack.

When Aluminum Small Fish felt the impact of the attack, it was already swearing in its heart: Motherf**ker! This dog is actually so strong!

It realized that the green-furred dog hadn’t been serious at all when they had fought earlier! — This guy had just been playing around!An adaptation of the TV commercial tagline for the BBK electronic reading device “Then mother never has to worry about my studies.”The full saying is “not afraid of your god-like opponent, but of your pig-like teammate” and refers to how the latter can drag down a team.用爱发电 is a slogan used in anti-nuclear energy protests in Taiwan that became incorporated into DPP’s election promise to phase out the use of nuclear energy on the island.A game comprised of clapping and making hand movements.

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