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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 575: To Catch Wei Zhi’s Eye Definitely Isn’t Simple

Chapter 575: To Catch Wei Zhi’s Eye Definitely Isn’t Simple

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This was simply ridiculous!

Dog Two’s series of Dog Skills dazzled the eye and it won the competition against all expectations.

The commentator declared, “Aluminum Small Fish and Jinbei have lost the ability to fight… Player Dog Two wins…”

Everyone was dumbfounded. They had originally thought that the participants would be evenly matched in this round, and completely hadn’t expected it to be a crushing defeat!

At that moment, plenty of people fixed their eyes on Wei Zhi as they suddenly felt that this less well-known “SSR-level” pet trainer was quite something! He gave quite a few instructions during the fight and worked very well with the green-furred dog. Furthermore, he was pretty astute in analyzing and guessing what the enemy’s intentions were.

But why didn’t they have any impression of such an awesome person?

Even the commentator was puzzled…

Later, the commentator scrolled through information on national pet trainers as he looked for Wei Zhi’s face. There weren’t a lot of SSR-level pet trainers, so there had to be a record of him on the Pet Trainers Guild’s official website. Then the commentator saw a group photo with Wei Zhi and a yellow-skinned mouse in it. When he saw the yellow-skinned mouse, he patted his face as realization dawned on him! — It was him! The “runner-up for ten thousandyears 1 “!

But today, it seemed he had gotten first at long last.

The point was, this wasn’t a huge competition!

In the lobby of the spirit beast assessment center, a white-haired, grizzled old man in a suit stared at the TV broadcast.

“What do you think, Lord President?” a young man whispered.

“Not bad, it’s talent we can build on.

“It just so happens that we don’t have enough members in the spirit beast class,” said the old man.

“How about we send someone to talk to it directly?”

“That would be inappropriate now.” The old man shook his head. “There was a group pretending to be us before which said that our Society of Saints forcibly recruits students, and it created a huge mess. Better to wait and find out first who this player Dog Two’s real owner is; I intend to sign it on.”

“So soon?” The young man was taken aback.

While not a lot of spirit beasts had been recruited for the spirit class at the Society of Saints, they had been very carefully selected after multiple assessments.

That was because all contract spirit beasts who entered the class would undergo systematic training and in addition, could enjoy the resources directly provided by the state. They would be able to enjoy unprecedented treatment in the shortest amount of time, and it wouldn’t just accelerate their cultivation speed; most crucially, there was a merit-based system.

This merit system didn’t apply just to the spirit beast class but also to the whole of the Society of Saints. You could earn merit points by performing tasks assigned by the Society of Saints and exchange them for a corresponding cadre position! Hence, in theory, even a spirit beast could become something like the head of a district or even a mayor if they had enough merit points.

In the various classes at the Society of Saints, if your merit points enabled you to reach the level of a class monitor, you would be on par with a city mayor.

“There’s no hurry to sign it on yet. This time we need to do enough homework and show our sincerity. We can draw up the contract first,” the old man said unhurriedly in a telepathic voice. Whatever he was going to say next was confidential.

The young man nodded. “Very well, my Lord. I drew up the previous agreements for the members of the spirit beast class, I can get it done very quickly.”

The old man: “No, not an agreement for members.”

The young man: “???”

The old man: “I’m thinking of directly signing it on as a class monitor.”

The young man drew in a sharp breath. “Class… class monitor?”

The old man said telepathically, “Mm, so we must form good relations with this dog’s owner. The contract can be a barter agreement or in the form of shares. We have a lot of funds. This dog’s owner is most likely just a regular Foundation Establishment student at No. 60 High School and definitely won’t be able to resist this temptation. And it’s not just money; we can also directly offer this dog’s owner resources like transferring him to a key city high school or giving him a university recommendation.”

This young assistant was immediately shocked. “Do you think this is worth it, Lord President? The dog is certainly very strong, but we haven’t assessed it yet!”

“You don’t know anything.”

The old man shook his head and smiled. “Do you see the pet trainer directing the dog today? Do you know who he is?”

The young assistant looked at the screen and felt that the pet trainer was a little familiar, but had no impression of him.

The old man said, “This man has an unusual history. He became an SSR-level pet trainer at a young age. Many people perhaps have no idea who he is, but I have a very deep impression of him… Back then, when our Society of Saints was recruiting a core cadre, I once went to negotiate with this person personally. I offered him generous conditions that even a Soul Formation cultivator wouldn’t be able to refuse… but even then I couldn’t move him. But later, I realized that it was in fact a good thing that this person didn’t come to our Society of Saints.”

The young assistant: “What do you mean, Lord President?”

The old man: “Because this person is very astute in discerning spirit beasts. Any spirit beast which catches his eye definitely isn’t a simple one. Of the five spirit beasts we’ve recruited so far, three of them were actually signed after I stalked him.”

The young assistant: “…”

“As long as it’s a spirit beast that this Mr Wei Zhi has taken a fancy to, it won’t just have remarkable aptitude, strong talent and upright three views; its heart is certain to be full of righteousness, which is in line with our core cultivation values.”

The old man tsked. “The point is, don’t you think this dog is very pleasing to the eye?”

The young assistant was stupefied and fell silent. He didn’t speak for a long time. To be honest, he thought it was a little arbitrary to sign this dog on as a class monitor based on this alone…

“I know you’re not convinced right now. But there are times you have to believe in the bizarre…” The president said, “Previously, I had my eye on the spirit dog of a university student… It was an attractive and very strong spirit dog.”

The young assistant cocked an eyebrow; he had heard of it. “Is Lord President referring to that spirit dog which belongs to that postgraduate student Zhao Yuxin at Xiamen Cultivation University… it’s called Jiejieliang?”

“Right! That’s it!”

The old man nodded. “This is a really amazing dog which belongs to the ninja dog class of spirit beasts. It has a strong copy ability, and can imitate the fighting style of other spirit beasts, and was given the nickname Copy Dog.”

The young assistant nodded, but he was still a little puzzled. “Then why wasn’t it signed?”

The old man said, “I deliberately sent someone to look for that student, and then privately arranged for someone to have Mr Wei Zhi meet the dog face to face. In the end, I noticed that Mr Wei Zhi’s face was unexpectedly disdainful. Later, I sent someone to carefully investigate both the dog’s and its owner’s backgrounds…”

The young assistant: “And then?”

The old man: “I unexpectedly discovered that this university student had actually faked his academic thesis; not only that, his female dog didn’t have upright three views and had made numerous insulting remarks about ourcountry 2 . Afterwards, I didn’t sign it on, and I made a report in passing.”

The young assistant sighed. “This person should have already been expelled, right?”

The old man shook his head and said, “He was just given a warning and is still at the university.”

The young assistant: “…”

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