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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 576: Father Wang’s Romance

Chapter 576: Father Wang’s Romance

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While the president of the Society of Saints was scoffing at this incident, the young assistant checked the news on his phone in passing. While this matter had actually already been exposed online, it seemed that it had been suppressed. Although every major media outlet had reprinted the news in turn, this owner with the fake academic thesis whose spirit dog had dissed the country on an online platform wasn’t expelled and instead was only let off with a warning.

What was interesting was that the young assistant found another piece of news about thirty-six high school students who hadn’t gone to bed on time and were summarily persuaded by the school to leave 1 … in the end, after the parents pleaded for leniency, they were also let off with a warning. While these incidents differed in severity, the same level of punishment was meted out.

The young assistant felt that put together, there were a lot of links between the two incidents.

It was useless to blame the spirit dog at this time. There was a previous saying that a spirit sword was like its master, meaning that once the rapport between a spirit sword and its master reached a certain level, a sword spirit would be produced, and its character would usually resemble its master’s.

This in fact wasn’t limited to spirit swords; it also applied to weapon spirits of magic treasures and to spirit beasts. Dog-type spirit beasts were loyal to their owners; in most cases, an owner’s three views and the environment they grew up in would subtly influence their contract spirit beast.

But even with this matter exposed online, the culprit had only been left off with a warning.

The young assistant sighed and spoke telepathically to the old man. “That dog’s owner isn’t that simple.”

“There’s definitely a connection. When I passed on the information, someone immediately contacted me to warn me not to get involved, and this person is at a higher level than me.” The old man smiled.

The young assistant nodded his head. “It’s only because you, Lord President, haven’t made known your identity as the newly-appointed president, otherwise getting rid of this type of degenerate wouldn’t be difficult at all.”

“That’s right.” The old man nodded. “But we have to wait for the head of state to make a public announcement. Also, the Society of Saints needs to convene with the six main members of the spirit beast class while the announcement has yet to be released. Together, we’ll assert that the Society of Saints currently doesn’t have a president and instead is directly under Huaxiu jurisdiction and Secretary Dakang will take the lead. When the time comes, we won’t need to especially make a report in order to purge society of this type of scum – a single word to suppress them will be enough.”

The president of the Society of Saints was a position that was on par with the Ten Generals.

“This person has already insulted his nation. Even if he has a backer, he can’t run wild for much longer. Even if I don’t handle it personally, there’ll definitely be someone who won’t be able to resist dealing with him.” After receiving a warning from his “superior” previously, the old man had secretly created a side account to leave a comment on writer Wang Situ’s Weibo page.

Everyone in the cultivation circle knew that this writer’s fan group was immensely powerful; the battle for monthly votes a few days before had shaken practically half of Huaxiu’s cultivation circle.

The old man smiled slightly and gazed at the young assistant in front of him. “For now, I need you, Little Han, to keep an eye on things. My gut tells me that this green-furred dog is very special. When I tailed Mr Wei Zhi in the past, I’d never seen him look so delighted with a spirit beast before.”

This young man named Han Jin nodded. “Of course, President Fu. Since you’ve decided, I’ll do do my best to arrange it.”

“Mm,” said President Fu of the Society of Saints. “Once you find out where this person lives, you must personally drop by with gifts; explain the reason for your visit and be as demure and gentle as much as possible. You don’t have to rush it if you can’t reach an agreement all at once. Also, after you’ve put a list of gifts together, let me have a look at it; we must be sure to show our sincerity and respect.”

“Very well, president.” Han Jin asked, “How about I prepare a huge snacks gift pack? Foundation Establishment students nowadays seem to like eating snacks like latiao , crispy noodle snacks and whatnot.”

“Aren’t the elixirs we provide more superior? Something like snacks… are really too ‘low.’ If we directly give him a super spirit elixir, wouldn’t that be more tempting?” the old man chuckled.

This super spirit elixir was the resource which the government personally allocated to the top scorer for each subject after Foundation Establishment students entered a Golden Core university!

There was no way an ordinary person would be able to resist such temptation…

Dog Two had seized an overwhelming victory in the battle of spirit beasts, and No. 60 High School had performed very well in the other events in the district sports meet this time. They had even smashed the records for some of the events that had previously been held by the key high schools, Reliance High School and Prime Elevation High School.

Wang Ling was preparing to leave after school when he noticed a group of people crowding around Dopey Guo to look at the competition results for the sports meet. No. 60 High School’s strength put it in second place overall, which already completely met the standard for a key city high school!

“We’re really lucky this time. It was like everyone had been injected with chicken blood and outdid themselves.” Super Chen was also astonished by the competition results.

“Like I said, Wang Ling is our mascot!” Super Chen clicked his tongue.

Wang Ling had been about to leave when Super Chen said something which baffled him. “???”

Super Chen: “Did all of you notice, the records were broken for all the events which Wang Ling took part in! As if he was pulling the strings behind the scenes… the facts show that he really is our mascot!”

Wang Ling: “…”

Because of the battle of spirit beasts which the students had watched in the afternoon, lessons after that were canceled, so the students were dismissed especially early today. When Wang Ling arrived home, Dog Two texted him to say that Wei Zhi had invited it to stay for dinner. Mother Wang had also taken the old man out, reportedly not to get groceries but to inquire with a travel agency about travel itineraries and tickets – apparently the old man suddenly wanted to go on a holiday.

However, Wang Ling thought this was a little strange, because old man and the head of Kitchen Knife Sect, who was Regular Class Two’s Jiang Bai’s dad, had yet to finish their cooking showdown. The old man had been preparing for it for a long time, so there was no way he would give up on this notion to go on holiday.

In addition, Father Wang wasn’t typing today nor was he puffing on a cigar dispiritedly on the sofa. Instead, he was in the basement searching for something. The last time he had rummaged around in the basement, he had found that pile of love letters which Grandfather Wang had written to his first love, Teacher Pan.

Wang Ling recalled today’s date.

It was July 20th, the thirteenth Thursday of the semester.

Was today’s date important?

“Ling Ling, you’re home? Come here for a bit…”

Father Wang yelled suddenly from the basement.

Wang Ling teleported to Father Wang’s side and saw him take an old trunk out of storage. He then took out a case the size of a shoebox from the trunk, and then yet again took out a small black box from the case. Finally, he took out a slip of paper from the small black box.

He looked at Wang Ling. “I had your grandpa take your mom out just now.”

Wang Ling: “Mm…” He had already guessed.

Father Wang: “Today isn’t our wedding anniversary, but the day I met your mother for the first time. This is a song I wrote, it’s called ‘The Starry Sky’s Language of Love.’ It’s just missing the melody… Lingzi, can you help me?”

Wang Ling: “…”

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