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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 577: The Starry Sky’s Language of Love

Chapter 577: The Starry Sky’s Language of Love

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Father Wang had written these lyrics after meeting Mother Wang for the first time. Wang Ling actually didn’t know much about their relationship history, but this husband and wife had always had a good relationship. It was in fact very common for a couple to experience some bumps in the road, but Wang Ling felt that the number of times Father Wang and Mother Wang fought could be counted on one hand.

He had wondered earlier if it was their wedding anniversary today, but the date wasn’t right. It was only listening to Father Wang now that Wang Ling was enlightened.

Father Wang even remembered the first day they met.

It looked like it had been love at first sight!

“The Starry Sky’s Language of Love” lyrics:

Travelling alone in this world

Doesn’t it seem a little lonely

Gazing at the Big Dipper at night in a cool breeze

How I wish for the best, which is you with me

The night sky holds our memories

I remember decoding the language of the stars with you

We enjoyed discovering their mysteries

Their riddles

Putting aside everything until they became hazy

When I was young, I looked at the many meteors on the horizon

I always wondered who would be with me

I traverse the forest and mountains to the rocky cliffs with you

The stars in the sky shone down on our hometown in the blowing wind

We only understood after many years had passed why the starry sky was like colored glaze

It’s because we are together

I want to compose love with the language of the stars with you

Holding our breaths and roaming the galaxy

Looking at what Father Wang had written, Wang Ling was amazed by the style. After all, Father Wang was a writer who had specialized professional skills, while writing songs required artistic talent. However, with his Heavenly Ear Ability, Wang Ling could link to other world lines. Last time, he had helped Tang Youning, whom he had met at Midnight Dining Hall, retrieve a song called “Old Boys.” However, working in the arts still required luck and talent in many situations. Tang Youning had relied on the song’s popularity for a time but then people had grown tired of it.

Wang Ling had heard the boss of Midnight Dining Hall, Boss Tan, say before that since hitting the big time, Tang Youning had never come back to Midnight Dining Hall.

So sometimes people really shouldn’t forget their origins.

When Tang Youning couldn’t afford meals, Boss Tan had helped him a lot by giving him meals and even providing a space for him to perform. But when all was said and done, human nature was still too hard to figure out. There were a lot of good people in the world, but there would always be a few who would be ungrateful.

Looking at Father Wang’s lyrics, Wang Ling fell into deep thought.

It would of course be very easy for him to grab a song from another world, but the issue was that these were lyrics which Father Wang had written himself, so it was an original song. Wang Ling would need to search other worlds for a suitable melody, which was much more complicated than when he had directly plagiarized a song for Tang Youning.

“If you can finish the melody for me today, that’ll be good.” Father Wang twisted his hands together with a pleading expression. “I want to find an opportunity later to hum it to your mother. A simple and catchy tune is fine… there’s no need to rush the arrangement, as long as you finish it before our wedding anniversary!”

Wang Ling furrowed his brow; he was in fact willing to help, but he still hadn’t finished his homework…

Father Wang knew Wang Ling’s personality too well; apart from crispy noodle snacks, the number one thing for this guy was his homework. He would without a doubt help Father Wang, but it was a matter of priority, and Father Wang was hoping that Wang Ling would be able to come up with a tune as soon as possible; the quicker the better.

After some thought, he finally decided to pay the price.

Wang Ling turned his nose up at normal crispy noodle snacks because he had all kinds of annual cards and gold cards to go sample the latest crispy noodle snack flavors every week. What was more, that crispy noodle snacks flagship store on Spirit Stream Road would send him a large gift pack every festival season. Father Wang had thus spent a huge sum of money early on to custom make several special crispy noodle snacks to suit Wang Ling’s taste.

Father Wang whispered what the flavors were to Wang Ling, who immediately opened his eyes wide! These were flavors he absolutely couldn’t resist!

After confirming what the flavors were, Father Wang raised three fingers. “Three packets!”

Wang Ling frowned. Although three packets was a tempting amount, it wasn’t enough for him to enjoy them.

Father Wang took a deep breath. “Five packets?”

Wang Ling stared straight at Father Wang but still didn’t agree…

Father Wang grit his teeth. “Eight packets.” That was already all he had on hand!


Wang Ling nodded his head.

Father Wang breathed a deep sigh of relief. Each specialized crispy noodle snack was equivalent to three days’ worth of earnings! It looked like he would need to custom make more after this…

If he still needed Wang Ling’s help in the future, he would have to prepare at least ten packets…

Composing the melody for Father Wang actually wasn’t that complicated; the main thing was that it was troublesome. Looking for the right melody from various world lines for the lyrics took up more time than doing homework.

Father Wang’s lyrics had the fresh and clean feel of a bubblegum pop song, but which one? It had to be one that was light and easy with an especially catchy beat. The main thing about this kind of song was that it spread very easily and anyone could hum it, but it was just no good to perform it in a singing competition as it wouldn’t reflect the singer’s abilities at all.

But many of the commercially hot songs now were bubblegum pop, like “PureGirl 1 ” and “Yes, I Do 2 .”

He pricked up his ears and searched countless world lines by using the Heavenly Ear Ability like an electronic signal receiver.

Finally, he managed to find a song by a singer called Old Is An Old Person with a melody that fit Father Wang’s “The Starry Sky’s Language of Love” just nicely!

No. 60 High School had music lessons, and Wang Ling himself could play the guitar. He thus promptly wrote the musical score as he set the lyrics to this melody before sending it to Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had sung a major reinvention of the song “Take You On A Journey” before and Wang Ling had thought back then that he had a talent for singing.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal was blank when he saw the musical score and the lyrics which Wang Ling had sent him, and he promptly sent a message back. “Brother Ling, who wrote these lyrics?”

Wang Ling typed a reply. “Your Senior Wang.”

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal replied in almost the same instant. “Holy shit! Simply a work of genius! Senior Wang’s song, this melody! It can shock the heavens and make ghosts and gods cry! When I listened to it, my scalp turned numb, my thighs trembled restlessly and goosebumps erupted all over my body. I also want to fall in love now!”

Wang Ling: “…” Can you be any more obvious in your boot-licking…

But it had to be said that this melody was indeed pretty good; it was catchy at least and very lighthearted.

“When do you need this song?” asked Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal.

Wang Ling’s answer was short and simple. “Right now.”

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal: “Okay! I’ll sing it right now!”

Roughly five minutes later, Wang Ling sent the music file to Father Wang.

Father Wang was blank when he heard Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal’s voice and he promptly turned to Wang Ling. “Is this Little Lei singing?”

Wang Ling nodded his head.

Father Wang was stunned. “Holy shit! He sings so well! This voice! This skill! It can shock the heavens and make ghosts and gods cry! Listening to it is making my scalp turn numb…”

Wang Ling: “…”

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