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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 579: Demon Saint’s Secret

Chapter 579: Demon Saint’s Secret

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Coming to Wei Zhi’s place, Loopy Toad was already completely familiar with it. Wei Zhi this “invisible” wealthy tyrant had connected four units together and set up various types of ecological environments, which led to a very complicated layout of this place. If Wei Zhi hadn’t led the way at the very beginning, Loopy Toad truly would have gotten lost.

But this time, it was thoroughly familiar with the place.

When Loopy Toad entered, it saw the Pushing Large Butterfly fly over to land on Wei Zhi’s shoulder, making it suddenly drop down a little.

It had been a while since they’d last met, and this Pushing Large Butterfly was heavier again! It was obvious that Wei Zhi was raising it well!

The Pushing Large Butterfly was an economical type of spirit beast which was more average in its attributes. Its greatest traits were that it was loyal and practical. Its sleeping powder and anaesthetic powder were extremely useful especially in outdoor training, so it was very suitable for pet trainers to take outside.

Of course, the highest class that a Pushing Large Butterfly could reach wasn’t very high, third class at most, but it was a different story if it could become a Butterfly Emperor.

It was obvious that this Pushing Large Butterfly of Wei Zhi’s had Butterfly Emperor blood, otherwise he wouldn’t have taken a fancy to it so easily. This was a common spirit beast which pet trainers liked to use at the early or middle stage. But for an SSR-level pet trainer like Wei Zhi to keep what could be called a “newbie” entry-level spirit beast made Loopy Toad think that this Pushing Large Butterfly definitely wasn’t simple.

And it was as Loopy Toad expected.

With the Pushing Large Butterfly perched on his shoulder, Wei Zhi went over to the tyrant spirit flower that the butterfly had been on earlier and looked at its petals. Wei Zhi specially grew this flower indoors and the nectar it produced every day was the Pushing Large Butterfly’s food.

Loopy Toad drew closer for a look and realized that there was actually something like a silky web that resembled cotton candy on the petals — this was the Pushing Large Butterfly’s nest!

“As expected, it has Butterfly Emperor blood!” Loopy Toad tsked. Among all Pushing Large Butterflies, only a Butterfly Emperor would do this.

“Naturally, this is my contract spirit beast, after all.”

Looking at this new nest on the flower petals, Wei Zhi was a little happy. “Among adult Pushing Large Butterflies, only those with Butterfly Emperor blood are able to create nests. When the nest is ninety percent complete, it’ll attract a lot of young Pushing Large Butterflies. If it can attract one which also has Butterfly Emperor blood to complete the last ten percent of the nest perfectly, these two Pushing Large Butterflies will mate.”

After saying this, Wei Zhi heaved a sigh and lightly touched the brightly colored wings of the Pushing Large Butterfly on his shoulder. “But only a very small number of Pushing Large Butterflies have Butterfly Emperor blood. And Butterfly Emperor-level Pushing Large Butterflies are state protected spirit beasts and are now already very rarely seen.”

“State protected spirit beasts… Then the one on you…”

“S-level pet trainers and above are allowed to raise state protected second-class and third-class spirit beasts, and there’s no limit for SSR-level pet trainers,” Wei Zhi answered swiftly.

Loopy Toad nodded. “So that’s it.”

“Back than, in order to find this Pushing Large Butterfly with Butterfly Emperor blood, I ran all over the place.” Wei Zhi seemed to be recalling many things.

“How did you find it?” Staring at this Pushing Large Butterfly, Loopy Toad was a bit curious.

It had met this Pushing Large Butterfly several times and it could see that the butterfly and Wei Zhi were very close, but it didn’t know the story behind it.

Wei Zhi: “Actually, it wasn’t that hard to form a contract with it; back then it had still been quite young. It was when I discovered it that was a little tricky – it’s the third crown prince in its family but it didn’t want to succeed the throne so it came with me.”

Loopy Toad: “…”

There was this kind of operation?!

In the evening, Wei Zhi cooked especially for Loopy Toad. He cut up his Shenfubeef 1 and fried a huge steak for Loopy Toad. This beef was very expensive and ordinary pet trainers definitely wouldn’t have any in their homes. When Wei Zhi cut this beef up and fried it, Loopy Toad suddenly felt a little awkward.

Loopy Toad: “This beef… is pretty pricey…”

Wei Zhi: “It’s fine; anyway, I swindled it out of the vice president. He lost another bet with me yesterday and I won their Fenrir’s luxurious dinner. It just so happens I can’t finish it all on my own, so let’s just fry it and eat it together, and give you some supplementary nutrition in passing.”

Loopy Toad: “…”

Wei Zhi: “The vice president especially likes to bet with me, and he’s done it several dozen times already. But he loses some item to me every single time, including the Bone King.”


All of sudden, Loopy Toad felt that this Vice President of the Pet Trainers Association, Crying Old Immortal, was a little tragic!

So as reality proved, gambling really wasn’t good! Forget the idea that small bets were relaxing and large bets were harmful – whatever the case, gambling was gambling. If you won, you wanted to keep winning; if you lost, you wanted to get your money back. This thing was forever a bottomless pit.

No one had this habit in the Wang family. Father Wang and Mother Wang never made bets with other people and didn’t even buy shares or lottery tickets; Father Wang wasn’t interested in making money through speculation. And Loopy Toad remembered that Father Wang and Little Master Ling had come to a special agreement when the latter had still been young in which he wasn’t allowed to use his ability or anything like it to reap ill-gotten gains.

The true ability was to make money in pragmatic and realistic ways.

Frying the steak, Wei Zhi couldn’t help laughing. “I guess that Fenrir at the vice president’s place will howl tonight. It also has royal blood, but our family’s Pushing Large Butterfly causes me no trouble and is economical to keep.”

Loopy Toad was startled when it heard this.

Theoretically speaking, it also had royal blood… er, to be exact, it was a spirit beast with a royal soul!

In the past, when it recalled its previous identity as a demon king, it would inevitably feel depressed and sad, but now Loopy Toad felt more relieved than anything else.

Because tomorrow, it would personally bring everything to an end with its own paws…

While it probably could never again become the king it once was, Loopy Toad actually quite enjoyed its life now. Wang Ling might look like a solitary person, but Loopy Toad had realized that when it was with Wang Ling, it never felt lonely at all. What was more, it had even met many new friends through him.

Wei Zhi cast a look at Loopy Toad. He didn’t know what this “Brother Dog” was thinking about. He had never met Wang Ling, but in truth, he had been curious about Wang Ling all this time; who could raise such a magical dog? What on earth was that person like?

“So that Fenrir has royal blood? Is it a natural inheritance?” Speaking of royal blood, Loopy Toad actually had quite a lot of questions. It was very curious to know what the similarities and differences were between eastern spirit beasts, demon beasts and western devil beasts.

“It’s mostly inherited naturally, since the Fenrir at the vice president’s place is a purebred. Of course, there are some exceptions,” said Wei Zhi. “Take the legendary Demon Saint in the demon world, for example; it’s most likely the supreme leader of the demon world and is a level above demon gods, but no one knows how this status is inherited.”

“Do you know the Holy Pillar in the demon world?”

At that moment, Loopy Toad raised a key question.

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