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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 580: The Aftereffects of “Basic Dog Skills”

Chapter 580: The Aftereffects of “Basic Dog Skills”

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Wei Zhi was startled. “I remember it’s a landmark?” He vaguely remembered seeing it in a book, since the interaction between the demon world and the human cultivation world had always been a popular issue after the Gate Between Worlds appeared.

Over the years, the Pet Trainers Guild had put a lot of effort into studying the differences between demon beasts, spirit beasts and devil beasts. In the past, the focus had always been on the differences between spirit beasts and devil beasts. However, both spirit beasts and devil beasts were earth species which used natural spirit qi as a source of power. While they differed in habits and attributes, in essence there weren’t any big differences between them.

On the other hand, there had been a great deal to learn in the past few years when it came to comparing demon beasts and spirit beasts. It wasn’t just Wei Zhi; the vice president, the president as well as other SSR-level pet trainers were doing every possible type of research into it.

Back when the Gate had appeared in the human world, there were cultivators that had captured a number of demon beasts as study specimens. In the past few years, the nation had actually invested a great deal in research to fund the Pet Trainers Guild so that they could compile teaching materials on demon beasts.

Solely in terms of species, there were more demon beast species than spirit beast and devil beast species put together; this was a terrifying amount, plus they had numerous tribes.

Based on the information which human cultivators had on the demon world, there were over a hundred demon territories and each territory was ruled by a demon god. Each demon territory was in turn divided again into dozens of clans and each clan leader was a demon king. Divided even further, there would be enough diverse species to draw a family tree that would stupefy people.

But even given how diverse these species were, the Pet Trainers Guild had still found a very important landmark in the past few years, and that was the Holy Pillar of the demon world.

This was information they’d obtained from combining the maps drawn by dealers of rare maps who had risked their lives to explore the demon world. Each dealer had explored a different place but there were overlaps. After putting all of them together, the Pet Trainers Guild had discovered the existence of this “Holy Pillar of the demon world.”

“Brother Dog knows this Holy Pillar?” Wei Zhi was greatly surprised; he felt that Dog Two’s breadth of knowledge was wider than he had imagined! Also, the critical point was that the matter of this Holy Pillar hadn’t been made public yet. None of the popular science books on the Gate Between Worlds in bookstore chains like “Library of Heaven’s Path” or whatnot currently contained any information on the Holy Pillar.

“Mm, I’ve heard of it.”

Loopy Toad nodded as it feigned composure. Of course it knew the Holy Pillar very well, since it used to be a demon from that neck of the woods. Actually, any demon at the level of a demon king or above knew about the Holy Pillar.

“As expected, Brother Dog has seen much and knows a lot!” Wei Zhi had always known that Loopy Toad’s origin wasn’t simple. For it to be able to talk without reaching the requisite level already defied common sense, so Wei Zhi didn’t think too much about Loopy Toad knowing about the existence of the “Holy Pillar.”

He had felt since the beginning that his “Brother Dog” was a dog who had seen much of the world, and was a clean and refined dog that had rid itself of vulgar tastes!

“We only deduced the existence of this Holy Pillar not so long ago. Our analytical findings indicated that this is an important landmark in the demon world and it has a lot to do with Demon Saint. The closer a demon territory is to the Holy Pillar, the more powerful it is,” said Wei Zhi.

“Mm, that’s pretty much it.” Loopy Toad nodded its head; this research had in fact covered all the basic points.

The Holy Pillar was in the center of the demon world and surrounded by a hundred territories.

As for why a demon territory was stronger the closer it was to the Holy Pillar, the reason was actually very simple: it was because those demon territories were more or less influenced by Demon Saint’s aura; under the demon energy emitted by Demon Saint, they became even stronger.

In any case, this wasn’t a secret in the demon world.

“How far along are you in your research?” Loopy Toad couldn’t help asking.

“We’re currently studying the connection between the Holy Pillar and Demon Saint.”

Wei Zhi answered, “Our preliminary guess is that the Holy Pillar is closely related to inheriting the position of Demon Saint. Although it seems that it’s hereditary and it’s already publicly known that the current Demon Saint is a merman called Second Generation Merman, we still believe that the title of Demon Saint is inherited in some other way.”

“… Another way?” Loopy Toad was startled.

This point which Wei Zhi had brought up was something that even Loopy Toad, who was a demon world native, didn’t know about.

In the demon world, Demon Saint’s existence was a mystery to begin with. There were over a hundred demon gods in the demon world, but only the few at the very top had ever truly seen Demon Saint. Even then, not a single one of them could accurately describe its appearance.

What a lot of demons, including Loopy Toad, knew was that Demon Saint had always existed, but they didn’t know how this “Demon Saint” title was inherited. The demons below the demon gods, including the demon kings, had only heard of Demon Saint, and only knew that it was Demon Saint who appointed the demon gods from among lots of demon kings. However, no one knew what the specific criteria were to become a demon god.

Most demons had no idea what Demon Saint looked like, where he was, whether he would send small red packets to the demon gods chat group during the festival seasons, or whether he would give pensions to demon gods who retired after six hundred and fifty years…

Sitting in front of Wei Zhi as it ate the steak, Loopy Toad chewed on the beef with shining eyes; it was unexpectedly delicious!!!

Loopy Toad exclaimed in admiration, “You’re a real wife!”

Wei Zhi replied calmly, “I’m a beast wife.”

Loopy Toad: “…”

“You used a little too much strength today. Eat more, this beef can greatly replenish your energy.”

Wei Zhi stuck a fork in a piece of steak and put it in his mouth. “By the way, I haven’t asked yet, where did Brother Dog learn this boxing technique from?”

“A friend gave it to me, he wasn’t using it,” said Loopy Toad.

“Mm, it’s very formidable. If you can cultivate it to the ultimate level, it’ll be worth it! But when I saw you use this boxing technique today, it felt like it was missing something and you looked a little stiff. Perhaps your friend didn’t give you the entire set?” asked Wei Zhi.

Loopy Toad replied, “It’s a complete set… but my friend might have enhanced it.”

“I see.”

Wei Zhi put down the fork as he suddenly looked serious. “Actually, sometimes an improved art doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. It’ll still be better to cultivate the original version of the art, otherwise if spirit energy runs through the wrong meridian, it’s very easy for aftereffects to occur.”

Loopy Toad was alarmed. “Is it really that bad?”

“It can happen…”

Wei Zhi laughed. “But for now, it looks like this art quite suits you.”

Loopy Toad: “Mm, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable.”

Wei Zhi: “But we can’t exclude the possibility that the aftereffects have yet to emerge.”

Loopy Toad: “…”

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