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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 988: The Shadow Men’s Secret

Chapter 988: The Shadow Men’s Secret

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Fate Dao…

Wang Ling had never heard of this, but among the Heavenly Dao, there was indeed one that had to do with fate, which Wang Ling had cast before, a very long time ago. In Chapter 23 of the novel, he once used the “Great Fate Spell” to predict Dopey Guo’s future. In six hundred years, Dopey Guo would open the largest seafood market chain since the founding of Huaxiu, Haidilao Hot Pot.

But looking at the strength of the master behind this group of shadow men, this “Fate Dao” was different from the “Great Fate Spell.” Bluntly speaking, the Great Fate Spell was just one of the Heavenly Dao spells, while “Fate Dao” was a separate type of Dao altogether.

This was the difference between the two.

As a standalone Dao, the profundities of Fate Dao were clearly inherently different to that of the Great Fate Spell.

“So, is it also because of Fate Dao that these people can be resurrected?” Wang Ming made a guess. He wasn’t surprised by the existence of Fate Dao; what he was really curious about was whether Fate Dao, as a special type of Dao, had the ability to select its master.

Extrapolating from this point, Wang Ling might not be the only “chosen one” in the universe. But the question was, what was up with that teenager in Wang Ming’s dream who looked exactly like Wang Ling?

Wang Ming was a little dazed.

Was it possible that the universe didn’t elect chosen ones at random? Were the only ones chosen those with dead fish eyes…

Wang Ming’s mind went blank at this conclusion. He didn’t have dead fish eyes, but a pair of attractive double eyelids that were natural and gave one an indolent feeling. So, could the real reason he couldn’t cultivate be that the gods were jealous of his double eyelids?

After coming up with this conjecture, Wang Ming felt slightly despondent…

“Has Brother Wang Ming thought of something?”

“No… no…” Wang Ming came back to his senses. In reality, he had just been wondering whether to get plastic surgery after he returned to Earth to change his double eyelids to dead fish eyes…

“Looking at this Fate Dao mark now, it indeed seems to be the case,” the divine throne replied without the slightest bit of hesitation. A face slowly emerged on Star Lord’s leg cast.

This face was identical to the one that had appeared on the divine throne before; golden petals had even floated down from the heavens back then, which made for an incomparably holy-looking scene…

But after the divine throne turned into a leg, this sort of appearance gave off an indescribably creepy feeling.

The divine throne looked at the head of the shadow men in front of it. “You can’t fool me, let alone Crispy Noodles Dao Monarch. Speak, where are you from…”

“Since you know everything, why do you need to ask me?” The head sneered. He was utterly unafraid of death and wouldn’t reveal any secrets. Most importantly, he had the Fate Dao mark; if these people forcibly invaded his mind to steal his memories, the Fate Dao mark would instantly act to kill him.

When that time came, he would be set free.

He would no longer suffer the agony of torture.

But it seemed that the shadow man had misunderstood something. Although he wouldn’t speak, this didn’t mean that he could use this to threaten the divine throne.

After all, the divine throne was the messenger that had been sent by the divine realm to assist in Star Lord’s growth. It had originally been the exclusive stool which Thousand-Winged God put his feet up on… how noble was its status!

“For thousands of years, I listened to Lord God’s exalted words as he rested his feet on me. Apart from Ling Zhenren and His Excellency Jingbai, who else can be arrogant and tyrannical before my venerable self?” As the divine throne spoke lighty, its extremely ingratiating words greatly shocked Wang Ling and the others.

Actually, it wasn’t the fawning that was the problem, but the fact that the divine throne could actually make it sound so righteous… Wang Ling had barely heard anything like it before.

As for the divine throne calling itself “my venerable self,” Wang Ling actually didn’t see anything wrong with it.

It was essentially a chair seat 1 , after all!

What should it call itself, if not that?

“You’re not getting anything from me.” The head of the shadow men grit his teeth.

“If my venerable self were to speak the truth, you would no longer be so relaxed.”

The divine throne laughed coldly. “You can act so wantonly here because you aren’t afraid of death. Judging from the mark on your buttocks, your master probably created another world, and you are the specters that travel between the two worlds. Am I right?”

The head of the shadow men’s face instantly turned unsightly.

“What do you mean by ‘specters that travel between the two worlds’?” Wang Ming asked.

“It’s simple,” the divine throne replied. “These people aren’t meant to appear in this world to begin with… They’re already dead.”


“That’s right.” The divine throne nodded. “But because of the Fate Dao mark, they were brought back to life in another world. My guess is that this other world is a mirror image of the real one. All the people who died in the real world were resurrected in that world through some kind of Fate Dao spell.”

“How do you know that?!” The head was pale with fright. He never expected the other side to actually hit the mark and cover practically everything.

“It seems that my guess is absolutely correct.” The divine throne nodded again.

Everyone: “…”

The head refused to believe it. “You actually tricked me?!”

“My venerable self is a throne of the gods, why can’t I trick you?” The divine throne smiled. “I know something of Fate Dao, but in the end, this is only what I heard from God’s exalted speech, which isn’t much. However, Fate Dao is a Dao which warps fate. Thus, my venerable self guessed that Fate Dao techniques should be related to resurrection. Since this group of people aren’t afraid to die, they must think that even if they die here, they’ll be able to come back to life in the other world.”

“A perfectly reasonable guess.” Wang Ming and Guo Ping also nodded.

Just then, Zhai Yin thought of something. “Then, does the murder of the scientists in the research institute have something to do with Fate Dao? After they were killed, their bodies were taken away. What is the purpose of these shadow men in taking away the bodies?”

“Things seem quite clear now.”

Wang Ming slowly closed his eyes and came up with a conjecture. “Scientific researchers across the country have all been murdered. This was definitely a premeditated plan. On the surface, it looks like they killed the researchers, when in fact they intended to use Fate Dao techniques to take the researchers to another world and ultimately make use of them. As for why these people are so unrestrained…”

Wang Ming paused, then said, “I’m afraid it has a lot to do with the fact that they can be resurrected. Is there a way to solve this?”

“There is.”

The divine throne continued, “We just need to throw their Fate Dao into disarray.”

“How?” Wang Ling asked telepathically.

The divine throne gave an astonishing reply: “Swap out their asses.”

Everyone: “…”

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