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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1097: School Doctor Xiang Yiyun

Chapter 1097: School Doctor Xiang Yiyun

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When Wang Ling and Xia Ming both fell to the ground, the teachers at the scene all rushed to the front to maintain order. Wang Ling created an illusion and made everyone think that he had been punched even though he wasn’t injured at all.

But Xia Ming was quite wretched. A male teacher holding a first aid kit quickly arrived at the scene. He wore a pair of jeans with holes in them, a striped shirt and a white robe.

This was Xiang Yiyun, No. 60 High’s school doctor, but Wang Ling’s impression of this school doctor was basically zero… He had never been to the infirmary from the moment he entered No. 60 High.

But Xiang Yiyun himself had an impression of Wang Ling. For one thing, Wang Ling was the mascot of No. 60 High, and for another… Xiang Yiyun remembered that this should be the student who unexpectedly survived after being ambushed by criminals at the school gate and falling into a space crack.

Xiang Yiyun remembered that he had even sent Wang Ling a flower wreath.

Who would have thought that the eldest daughter of Huaguo Water Curtain Group would actually like this type of boy?

Xiang Yiyun now wondered whether he should follow Wang Ling and get a pair of dead fish eyes…

“Teacher Xiang, what’s the situation?” When Xia Ming’s and Wang Ling’s teachers-in-charge arrived, Teacher Pan looked unusually troubled. While Wang Ling didn’t seem injured, she was worried that he might have been hurt by Xia Ming’s punch just now.

In fact, at the start of the fight between Xia Ming and Wang Ling, Teacher Pan had made a call to the Wang family’s small villa, and it was Mother Wang who answered the phone.

It was a very short conversation.

“Is that Student Wang Ling’s mother? It’s like this: a student from another class challenged him to a duel after school, and Student Wang Ling accepted because of pressure from the crowd… I don’t know…”

“Ah? Ling Ling is in a fight? Then, is the student he’s fighting injured…” On the other end of the phone, Mother Wang was clearly gloomy. She couldn’t picture Wang Ling fighting with anyone else at all. If Ling Ling wasn’t careful, it would become a scene from “The Weird Story of the Headless Horseman1″…

At that moment, Teacher Pan looked out the window, and just happened to see Xia Ming fly off after being led around by Wang Ling’s body movement.

“That Student Xia has been sent flying…” Teacher Pan answered truthfully.

Mother Wang was so frightened by the answer it was as if her spirit had left her body. She was already unsteady on her feet and felt as if the sky was collapsing.

After several minutes of silence, Mother Wang said in a trembling voice, “Then… Teacher Pan, please ask the boy’s parents how much they want in order to settle this privately… We’ll agree to anything…”


Teacher Pan was astonished.

It took Teacher Pan several minutes to explain clearly to Mother Wang that the situation wasn’t that serious. Then, when Teacher Pan looked out the window again, Wang Ling and Xia Ming had already fallen to the ground.

“Student Wang Ling’s mom, it looks like both of them have now collapsed. Would you like to come to school for a look?” Teacher Pan added.

“Is Student Xia Ming dead…”


“Oh, that’s good.”

Mother Wang, who had almost been scared to death just now, relaxed when she heard the outcome, and she said in a light tone, “It’s fine, as long as the other party is alright. Don’t worry too much about my Ling Ling.”

With that, Mother Wang hung up.

Teacher Pan was even more astonished.

There was actually this sort of parent in this world…

But looking at it, this was probably the legendary response of a biological mother, right?

At that moment, Teacher Pan suddenly felt that Wang Ling really was a pitiful child. He ate junk food like crispy noodle snacks every day and his parents were indifferent to him. As his teacher-in-charge, she really should show him more care and concern at ordinary times!

Wang Ling: “…”

After Xiang Yiyun’s preliminary examination, it was confirmed that Xia Ming and Wang Ling’s lives weren’t in danger.

It was just that Xia Ming’s condition was a little more tragic. Xiang Yiyun quickly scrawled down some words which only doctors would be able to read in a notebook. “Student Xia, my preliminary assessment is that you have a minor concussion and a minor skull fracture. Using a sight spell, I’ve determined that the fracture is a millimeter in length.”

“A millimeter shouldn’t be serious.” Xia Ming’s teacher-in-charge was relieved.

“I’m not done speaking, don’t rush.”


“In addition to these issues, Xia Ming’s sternum and fibula are fractured and he has three broken ribs. His right arm was dislocated, and I’ve already set it. For everything else, I recommend the external application of a special ointment for broken bones, which can also replenish life; he’ll recover in two days,” said Teacher Xiang.

“I didn’t expect it to be so serious… This Student Wang Ling was too fierce.” Xia Ming’s teacher-in-charge gnashed his teeth.

“No, it has nothing to do with Student Wang Ling.” Xiang Yiyun said, “I already extracted cells from the wound, and they only contained Xia Ming’s DNA. In other words, these external and internal injuries were caused by Student Xia Ming alone. He hit himself – this is my fair and impartial assessment. If you don’t believe me, you can keep the injuries as they are and send him to a Grade A class three hospital for another examination. However, Xia Ming will be the one to suffer from the delay. The longer you delay, the more likely there’ll be after effects.”

“…” All the teachers couldn’t help sinking into silence.

He had gotten himself admitted to the hospital because he beat himself up… Everything about it clearly didn’t sound logical!

“Then what about Student Wang Ling? Don’t tell me he isn’t injured at all?” Xia Ming’s teacher-in-charge wasn’t satisfied. He didn’t believe that Xia Ming could be covered in injuries from head to toe after the fight while there wasn’t a single scratch on Wang Ling.

Conversely, what Xia Ming’s teacher-in-charge said was a reminder for Wang Ling: He should design a slight injury for himself, otherwise this would be too fake.

After giving it overall consideration, Wang Ling stopped his own heartbeat.

So, when the school doctor Xiang Yiyun examined Wang Ling again, the look on his face eventually turned frightened. “This… Student Wang Ling was still breathing just now, but his heart has suddenly stopped!”

The hearts of all the teachers present tensed up at this outcome.

“What’s going on?”

“A long fight leads to the overexertion of physical strength. When he fell to the ground, his spirit power blocked his blood vessels…” Doctor Xiang came up with a reasonable explanation, and immediately began to do quick compressions on Wang Ling’s chest as he started doing CPR. “Someone help me! I’ll do the chest compressions and the other person can give him mouth-to-mouth!”

Wang Ling: “???”

At Doctor Xiang’s words, a male teacher stepped forward at once. “I’ll do it!”

“Do you know how to give him CPR?” one of the other male teachers retorted.

“No, but I can learn through experience.” The male teacher replied, “I just need to breathe air into him, right? Should I stick my tongue in?”

At the teacher’s words, Wang Ling was instantly frightened into jolting upright…


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The Chinese title for the anime series “Durarara.”

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