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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1132: Wang Ling’s School Record

Chapter 1132: Wang Ling’s School Record

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It seemed like a very simple examination, but it was in fact profoundly complicated. The old doctor held up a Dao disc with a mirror on it and murmured an incantation. The disc swiftly projected a beam of light which scanned the five people in front of it.

This was an anti-terrorism Dao disc. This light beam had harvesting and storage capabilities, and could instantly extract the sweat from a person’s body as well as any spirit energy molecules that were left on the skin, which would ultimately be run through a large database for identity verification.

Moreover, this beam emitted by the disc didn’t just have the ability to “collect,” but also actually had the ability to “reveal monsters”– the disc would clearly detect if someone was trying to use transfiguration or shapeshifting to slip through.

Bathed in the beam’s light, Super Chen, Hero Guo and the rest were all secretly apprehensive. Even an anti-terrorism disc was used… They felt that the competition this time was really strict! From beginning to end, it felt like there was a really tight lid on everything!

By the time Wang Ling and the others got dressed again, the results of the inspection were already out.

Identity has been verified! √

Confirmed that there is no transfiguration or shapeshifting! √

Confirmed that there are no stimulants in the body! √

Confirmed that there are no magic treasures hidden on the body! √

Confirmed that there are no cheats! √

After the group examination was over, the old doctor in charge of the session stamped and signed each person’s report, and then it was over.

The old doctor, who had the air of an immortal, distributed the reports with a flick of his sleeve into the right hands. He then pointed to the screen behind him. “Your first round of inspection is over. Go behind the screen for the second round.”

“There’s more?”

Super Chen was surprised.

“The first round was just to verify your identity. The second is to inspect your respective records.” The old doctor said, “If you have a criminal record, your movements will be significantly restricted during this competition, and you will receive extra supervision.”

Super Chen: “Criminal record?”

The others were also puzzled.

But the old doctor didn’t answer Super Chen’s question. There was no way he could explain it to every single person. More and more students had gathered at the Nine Dragon camp by now, and all the inspections had to be completed by five o’clock.

Puzzled, Wang Ling and the others behind him walked toward the second screen, only to see a familiar person as soon as they stepped behind it.

Odd Zhuo was the chief inspector for the second round.

He had already sensed his *shifu’*s aura in the first round. Now, Wang Ling saw Odd Zhuo, who naturally, beamed at him.

The master and disciple didn’t need to say any unnecessary words; at that very moment, they shared a tacit understanding.

“Senior Zhuo!” After Super Chen and the others saw Odd Zhuo, their initially tense nerves gradually relaxed. Odd Zhuo was the pride of No. 60 High. As long as he was around, any student from No. 60 High couldn’t help straightening their backs and sticking out their chests.

Furthermore, Hero Guo had also gotten hold of very reliable gossip that when No. 60 High was refurbished, the old stone sculpture at the school gate would be replaced with a life-sized statue of Odd Zhuo in order to encourage all the students of No. 60 High to learn from him!

Odd Zhuo smiled apologetically. “You should call me Commander Zhuo here.”

“Yes!” Super Chen the others nodded cheerfully. This sort of friendly behavior certainly wouldn’t look good in public.

But everyone was still quite confused about the inspection of their records.

They couldn’t help but think back to when several high schools had gone to Beast King’s Remains. There had been criminals who had tried to disrupt the activity back then, so no one could say for sure that there wouldn’t be anyone who would come to stir up trouble again this time.

This was just what Super Chen was thinking, and he hadn’t gotten to the point yet of validating it.

Of course, Odd Zhuo had heard some whispers. He wasn’t just the chief inspector for the second round of inspections this time; he was also responsible for security in one part of the competition.

Naturally, it wasn’t convenient for him to disclose the details, since he had signed a nondisclosure agreement.

Students generally wouldn’t have a criminal record, but the standards for the activity this time were very high. It naturally went without saying that everything would be rigorously inspected. This ‘criminal record’ wasn’t a record in the ordinary sense. Even if it wasn’t recorded down as a crime, all cases on school grounds counted, such as cheating in exams, school violence, organized bullying, forming factions, shaking down juniors for money, and so on.

Odd Zhuo was only responsible for the inspection; whether or not a student would be monitored during the competition if they had a criminal record largely depended on how serious the circumstance was.

This round had been added into the competition after discussion by a panel of experts, who felt that students who had committed offenses before would be more easily used by criminals, so the extra supervision was necessary.

But the students who could take part in the national body technique competition this time were the elites of various major schools, and were Senior One students as well. Theoretically speaking, there shouldn’t be any problems, but there were always exceptions in this world.

For example, word had recently spread about a high school student named Zha Tuotuo from the famous cultivation school Wind Devil High School who hit his girlfriend[1]. This was a rare case, but it was an utter shock for society.

This inspection round started with everyone taking out their IDs so that Odd Zhuo could check their records via the public security and school systems.

Gu Shunzhi, Zhen Yuan, Wang Zhen… All of them had just transferred to the school and had blank records. It was Odd Zhuo and Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal who had helped create identities for these three on Earth, but even then, they still had to go through the process.

When it was Super Chen’s and Hero Guo’s turns, Odd Zhuo finally no longer saw blank records, although what was noted down wasn’t much.

Odd Zhuo couldn’t help laughing when he saw the record on file. “Student Super Chen, you get up very early every morning.”

Super Chen laughed along insincerely. “Getting up early… is very normal! I take great pains not to be late for school!”

“Is it to not be late for school, or to copy homework?” Odd Zhuo asked.

Super Chen was surprised. “You can also suss that out…”

“If you don’t want anyone to know what you did, don’t do it,” Odd Zhuo said. He then turned to look at Hero Guo. “Also, Student Hero Guo, please don’t act so dangerously when you copy homework. It’s really very dangerous to copy homework with a pen stuck in your nose!”

Hero Guo: “…”

Their main offenses were waking up early to copy homework and some cheating at dictation; these were all small issues, which far from required extra supervision.

After checking the two boys’ files, Odd Zhuo typed in Wang Ling’s ID number.

He had specially left Wang Ling for last.

Who was Wang Ling?

He was Odd Zhuo’s shifu. How could there possibly be a problem?

In the end, when Odd Zhuo opened Wang Ling’s file, the dense words in it almost made him faint in front of everyone.

“Wow! So many notes?”

The surrounding examiners thought that they had caught something big, and gathered around curiously for a look.

The only thing written in Wang Ling’s file was:

This year, April 3rd, Student Wang Ling secretly ate crispy noodle snacks in class…

This year, April 4th, Student Wang Ling secretly ate crispy noodle snacks in class…

This year, April 5th, Student Wang Ling secretly ate crispy noodle snacks in class…

Today, Friday November 14th, Student Wang Ling secretly ate crispy noodle snacks while boarding the air immortal warship…

Everyone: “…”

[1] From a case where a man with the Weibo handle Tuotuo’s Wind Devil Sect was found to have violently abused his girlfriend.

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