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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1137: Mutual Probing

Chapter 1137: Mutual Probing

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Wang Ling had long anticipated that the people from Titan High and Demon-Subduing High would attack them midway; this was in fact the tactical plan which the headmasters of the two schools had separately come up with to deal with No. 60 High.

Theoretically, a cultivation school with a mediocre overall ranking like No. 60 High wouldn’t be a target of hot favorites like Demon-Subduing High and Titan High. When it came to picking a strategy, however, students from both schools ultimately listened to their headmasters’ advice.

As an old acquaintance No. 60 High’s Headmaster Chen Tianxiang, No. 1 Demon-Subduing High’s Headmaster Li Qingxi had formulated a focused and detailed strategy, which included ways to suppress No. 60 High School in the first elimination round.

While No. 60 High was currently being disrupted by Demon-Subduing High and Titan High, it was clear that the two schools had yet to truly join forces.

This was evident in the spells cast; almost all the students from both schools were acting on their own, and there wasn’t any sense of cooperation at all.

Spirit power bombs and fireballs were thrown non-stop at No. 60 High’s water column, and Mysterious Sea created a water shield to block or change the trajectory of the spells.

The truth was that Lotus Sun had already long been on guard against a combined attack from both schools. However, she realized that it would be hard for her to maintain their current situation by relying on just Mysterious Sea’s strength alone.

“This bunch is really…”

As the team leader, Lotus Sun was naturally anxious; two hot favorite schools attacking them together was really bullying them!

Wang Ling was going to take some action.

It was actually a simple situation; he simply needed to cast a rebound field, and it would be fine.

But Fang Xing didn’t give Wang Ling any chance to act at all.

Fang Xing twisted his neck a little, and some sparkling and translucent snake scales that were almost invisible to the naked eye instantly fell off his body; this was the magical treasure which he had inherited from True Immortal She Pi. The scales moved unusually fast and charged to the front to block the combined attack of the two schools, practically sending all the balls of magic flying.

This time, it was Titan High’s Zhu Hanyun and Demon-Subduing High’s Gao Tianming to be astonished.

No. 60 High was indeed tougher than they had imagined.

The most important point was that they couldn’t figure out how the spells had been sent flying.

Mysterious Sea’s power alone wasn’t enough to resist the combined attack of the two schools!

At that moment, the headmasters of the various schools and the people primarily in charge of this event had gathered in an egg-shaped building not far from Nine Dragon Pagoda.

This was a temporary operations command center.

The chief commander this time was one of the Ten Generals, President Qi.

And the deputy commander was his shifu and Chief Protector of the heavenly vein under Nine Dragon Mountain, Huang Feng.

Although Old Huang wasn’t one of the Ten Generals, everyone knew very well who he was

How could the shifu of one of the Ten Generals be an ordinary person?

What was more, Old Huang had been dispatched to watch over this event this time, which seemed to prove the rumor that had been going around lately — someone was going to try and disrupt this national competition, and attack the heavenly vein’s main valve.

While the truth had yet to be confirmed —

Old Huang’s appearance was already a clear answer.

As soon as Fang Xing acted, most of the headmasters could see the snake scales.

Since most of the headmasters present were top-notch Itinerant Immortal experts, it was impossible for them not to be able to see it.

“Who is this boy?” Huang Feng was quite curious as he gazed at the screen.

“Teacher, this is the child whom She Pi left behind back then,” President Qi drew close and whispered.

“So it’s him.” Old Huang was instantly enlightened.

He had naturally heard of Fang Xing’s story.

Back then, True Immortal She Pi had given birth to a child in prison before he was executed, and that child was Fang Xing.

It had caused quite an uproar back then, and a number of people thought that Fang Xing should be disposed of alongside She Pi. Ultimately, however, he was left alive.

In the blink of an eye, he had already gotten so big, which made Huang Feng feel a little sorrowful.

A lot of people in fact didn’t know the truth behind True Immortal She Pi’s matter. Now that his biological son Fang Xing had appeared here, President Qi wasn’t surprised if this drew opposition.

As expected, after President Qi told Huang Feng who Fang Xing was, a number of headmasters in the back voiced their objections.

“True Immortal She Pi’s child? Why is he allowed to participate? How could this have been approved?”

“True Immortal She Pi was the Old Devil’s disciple! The big villain back then!”


President Qi cleared his throat.

After a moment, Old Huang said unhurriedly, “Don’t bring up this matter again. Since Student Fang has been allowed to participate, this is enough to prove that he has already passed every round of investigation. Furthermore, my understanding is that Student Fang has been under Huaxiu Alliance’s strict surveillance since young. If you are questioning this now, does that mean that you want to slap the face of the Huaxiu Alliance?”

The command center instantly fell dead silent.

When Old Huang said this, the headmasters in the back knew that they had spoken out of turn. One by one, they shut up obediently, and didn’t utter another word.

On the other side, the students of Demon-Subduing High and Titan High finally gave up on their fierce attack when they saw that No. 60 High was about to reach the top, but they made baffled noises.

“Strange — why do I feel like there was an extra force resisting us?” Gao Tianming murmured. He gazed downward, and couldn’t put his finger on the odd feeling he had.

“It turns out this team from No. 60 High has other talents besides Lotus Sun; the rest of them are also tricky to deal with.” At that moment, a young man from Demon-Subduing High stepped forward and said, “Right now, we still don’t know who’s stronger.”

He coolly analyzed the situation. “There are four transfer students in No. 60 High’s team this time. There’s no background information on them, and they might be hidden experts. As for the other members, the brawny fellow is a sports student, whose family runs a body technique dojo. He’s taken part in major competitions before, but it seems that he’s never won; people call him Forever No. 2.

“There’s a fatty called Hero Guo, whose family runs a pet shop. I heard he has a parrot that’s very hard to deal with, but I haven’t seen it so far. I’m guessing, however, that it can be summoned with a psychic technique.”

“How about the others?”

“I don’t know much about Xia Ming. There was a rumor about him and Lotus Sun not long ago. The one with the ponytail is Li Youyue; her family runs a restaurant, and she’s the class monitor of Elite Class Two in No. 60 High. Fang Xing is also in Class Two, and he transferred to No. 60 High in Senior Grade One. His family runs a noodle shop.”

After No.1 Demon-Subduing High School went through all the information, everyone felt that there were all sorts of strange people on No. 60 High’s team, but none of them seemed to be experts in particular.

If they had any real doubts, it would be about those four transfer students.

After this analysis, Gao Tianming took a deep breath, and finally turned his gaze toward Wang Ling. “Then that one with the dead fish eyes…”

“Oh, I’ve seen this person before; I remember him,” answered the young man. “He’s been in all the competitions that No. 60 High took part in. I heard that he’s their mascot; he shouldn’t be a big problem.”

“I see.” Gao Tianming nodded his head, and gradually calmed down.

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