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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1142: Nightmare Has Come

Chapter 1142: Nightmare Has Come

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The questioning continued.

The next person who stepped forward was from Balance Flame Middle School.

“My name is Zhong Yunyi and I’m from Balance Flame Middle School… When I went out to go to the bathroom, I found this guy lying here, and it seemed that he had been hit by the Star Fire Spell. I had no idea who wanted to frame us, but after I went back and discussed it with my senior brother, we still decided to strike him.”

Staring at Zhong Yunyi, Gu Shunzhi said, “Go on.”

Classmate Zhong Yunyi confessed the truth. “While the Star Fire Spell can burn up the wood shavings, it can’t cause fatal injuries. So, we quickly calculated the principle behind North Punch High School’s Wick-Piercing Fist, and we punched Zhu Hanyun in the stomach.”

Everyone was horrified. “…”

Nan Yixiu, who had been the first to confess, never expected each of the other guys after him to be more vicious than the next… To dare go that far…

The Wick-Piercing Fist was one of the basic martial arts of North Punch High School. A spirit root was like a cultivator’s “candle wick,” and the Wick-Piercing Fist was a fighting technique that could pierce and damage the spirit root. If a little too much power was used, it could be utterly fatal!

In a split second, Zhong Yunyi seemed even more suspicious.

But Zhong Yunyi had another explanation for the bleeding. “We did the calculations. Furthermore, all of us at Balance Flame Middle School just worked it out earlier for the sake of shifting the blame, so there’s no way it can be exactly the same given the short amount of time we had. We only copied sixty to seventy percent of it, so the punch isn’t that strong. We only planned to leave traces of the Wick-Piercing Fist and not kill Zhu Hanyun. There’s also no way that the punch could cause his spirit root to bleed…”

While Zhong Yunyi’s statement still couldn’t completely dispel suspicions, Gu Shunzhi didn’t think he was lying.

The group from Balance Flame Middle School were typical curve wreckers. They were the sort who would calculate the trajectory before throwing a fireball… If this group of people made a move, it would definitely only be after they’d done the precise calculations.

In other words, if Zhong Yunyi wasn’t lying, then the bleeding spirit root had to be caused by someone trying to take advantage of the situation by attacking Zhong Yunyi on top of that punch.

After this final check, Gu Shunzhi finally fixed his gaze on someone that practically no one would have thought of.

“Young lady, you were the one who did it, weren’t you?” Gu Shunzhi said at that moment, as he stared at the little junior sister who had been crying bitterly as she held Zhu Hanyun’s body.

This was the junior sister whom Zhu Hanyun had thrown in the first round before. Everyone could tell at one glance that she and Zhu Hanyun had a very good relationship.

Thus, as soon as Gu Shunzhi came to this conclusion, a student from Titan High immediately stepped forward to defend her. “What rubbish are you saying? Junior Sister Ah Chun and senior brother have a great relationship!”

Gu Shunzhi learned that the junior sister who was crying bitterly was called Yan Xiaochun, “chun” meaning “pure.” Indeed, she looked exactly as her name suggested, and had a completely harmless appearance. She clearly weighed over one thousand jin, but looked like a thin, fragile and pitiful kid.

But as the keeper of order, Gu Shunzhi had seen too many of these sorts of disguises… Nowadays, even the little girl who gave you orange juice might be a hypocrite, to say nothing of this “little junior sister.”

And so, Gu Shunzhi smiled slightly and began to explain his conclusion. “There are several reasons for my suspicions.

“First, it was this Junior Sister Yan Xiaochun who was the first person at the crime scene. Zhong Yunyi of Balance Flame Middle School didn’t cause any bleeding after using the imitation Wick-Piercing Fist. Thus, if Junior Sister Yan Xiaochun was the first person to find Zhu Hanyun, it would have been a good opportunity to deal another blow and shake the spirit root severely enough to cause internal bleeding.

“It’s just that maybe even Junior Sister Yan Xiaochun herself didn’t expect this senior brother to be fake. The real Zhu Hanyun had been replaced early on, and the person lying here now is a prop created with the Construction Spell. Moreover, the senior who cast the Construction Spell is clearly a veteran who is so skilled that the fake can almost pass for the real thing.

“I also asked the classmates from South Sea Sky High earlier to carefully sort out again the order in which everyone cast spells. I am now one hundred percent sure that Yan Xiaochun was the last person to cast a spell. The Wick-Piercing Fist is a martial art fist technique, but there will still be spirit energy left on the fist since the intent was to shake the spiritual root.”

Gu Shunzhi said, “Junior Sister Yan, it’s fine if you don’t want to admit it, since based on the characteristics of the Wick-Piercing Fist, the spirit energy would have run through the dantian and hurt the spirit root when you used this move on your senior brother. In that case, the spirit energy molecules in your senior brother’s body would have also stuck to you; this is the direct proof. As for Classmate Zhong of Balance Flame Middle School, he deliberately struck a glancing blow so that he wouldn’t be tainted with Classmate Zhu’s spirit energy.”

Of course, all this was just speculation on Gu Shunzhi’s part, but when he saw Junior Sister Yan Xiaochun’s face turn ugly, he knew he was mostly right.

But so far, there was still one thing he hadn’t yet figured out; he still didn’t know what her motive was.

The last person one would have expected to attack had done so…

There could only be one explanation for this.

And that was that this Junior Sister Yan Xiaochun was a fake. It was possible that she was being controlled, or… she wasn’t Yan Xiaochun herself!

Gu Shunzhi was in fact capable of verifying this.

But there were too many people here, and he was well aware that the teachers and headmasters outside were observing the situation here. If he made a move, he would definitely reveal his true strength.

Therefore, he could only continue to incite the crowd with words. “I know that all of you think that Junior Sister Yan Xiaochun could never kill her senior brother, but have you considered that this Junior Sister Yan Xiaochun might have already been replaced?”

Everyone here was smart. When Gu Shunzhi said this, the Titan High students who had just defended Junior Sister Yan Xiaochun earlier didn’t say anything.

Because the possibility that she had been replaced wasn’t unreasonable!

Yan Xiaochun was the first person whom Zhu Hanyun had launched, and the first to reach the top!

It was quite a number of minutes before the second person was launched!

Who knew what happened in that span of time?

For a long moment, there was silence.

Junior Sister Yan Xiaochun’s head hung very low, but she had stopped crying altogether.

Now that she had been exposed like that, there was naturally no need for her to hide.

Everyone’s eyes shook at the frightful scene that happened next.

Before everyone’s eyes, Junior Sister Yan Xiaochun’s scalp actually split open! A frightening ghostly hand covered densely in evil runes stretched out of her body, and there was the sound of a cold laugh. “I really underestimated you brats…”

A powerful aura…

Gu Shunzhi narrowed his eyes.

He had been right; this wasn’t the real Yan Xiaochun.

Two ghostly claws were followed by an immaterial body which rushed out of Yan Xiaochun’s body. All the lights in the entire corridor went out in an instant!

Nightmare had come!

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