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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1144: The Mahjong Squad In Action Once Again!

Chapter 1144: The Mahjong Squad In Action Once Again!

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From the beginning, President Qi had set this trap to catch Nightmare. But the Dark Network’s number one killer clearly wasn’t the only expert that had been dispatched by the mastermind behind the scenes.

President Qi had no idea who the other killers were, but Nightmare, who was the most difficult to catch, had been apprehended. As long as they were vigilant, the rest shouldn’t be too difficult to deal with.

After tearing Nightmare’s spirit to shreds, President Qi immediately bound Nightmare’s immortal and mortal souls to a magic plate. This was a magic treasure he had prepared beforehand to imprison the soul.

Nightmare was too dangerous and had to be killed. Once his soul was imprisoned, he was pretty much harmless.

In the command center, Old Huang gazed at the magic plate in President Qi’s hand and said approvingly, “Well done. You were very efficient, and didn’t disgrace me.”

“Finally, this student does not disappoint his teacher.” President Qi nodded slightly, but the expressions of both master and disciple didn’t relax.

This was only the beginning. They had gone to a lot of trouble to capture Nightmare, and the remaining evildoers who were still hiding in the shadows would certainly be very careful with the next step they took.

“When you took action earlier, I received word that reinforcements from Little Bai are about to arrive, and that they have more experience with capturing people from the Dark Network,” Old Huang said.

“Oh, it’s them,” President Qi said, unsurprised. Last time, it had also been criminals from the Dark Network who had stirred up trouble during a student event, and the mahjong trio had played a major role in that operation by helping General Bai deal with a number of tough Dark Network criminals one after another, all of whom were Red 3A-Class wanted criminals.

It was just that the opponent this time might be tougher.

The criminals they had dealt with previously were, at the very least, living people.

But this time, they might very likely be dealing with Dark Network experts who had already died.

General Bai was in charge of the Old Devil, Evil Sword God and the Master of Immortal Mansion. The trio’s codename was: Mahjong.

Sitting in the same van as before, General Bai held a simple meeting with them in the back.

They were going in this time without any idea of who their opponents were. While Nightmare was now completely under President Qi’s control, Nightmare didn’t necessarily know all of the people whom the mastermind had resurrected. Apart from that top ranked figure Xie Sanxiao, who founded the Dark Network and was nicknamed Dark Ancestor, they knew nothing about their remaining opponents.

“Interesting; who would have thought that even Xie Sanxiao would appear this time. My venerable self has always wanted the opportunity to fight him.” After listening to General Bai relate the entire matter, the Old Devil was suddenly a little excited. “Xie Sanxiao’s little finger looks very much like my wife’s… If my venerable self can take down Xie Sanxiao this time, general, would it be possible to give my venerable self the little finger on his right hand?”

General Bai’s lips twitched slightly. “We’ll talk about it when we have him.”

The Old Devil might have turned over a new leaf, but he was still a freak…

But if it was the Old Devil, he might really be able to do it, since Xie Sanxiao was also a freak.

General Bai remembered his conversation with the head of state before this operation, and something the latter said had left a very deep impression on him: “You can only beat magic with magic; similarly, you have to use a freak to fight a freak.”

General Bai now felt that these words were just too wise!

If freaks could be graded –

The freak index for the mahjong trio sitting in the back of the van would have already shot past the national freak average; it could be said that they were the epitome of freaks.

A man who thought about this wife all the time, to the point of madness.

A man who thought about his eye shadow all the time, and couldn’t even do radio gymnastics if he didn’t put eye shadow on.

And the last man who was a spirit sword fanatic, and wouldn’t budge when he saw a nice sword; his condition was a lot worse compared with those college students who were already down and out but still wanted to take out loans to buy basketball shoes…

For General Bai himself, guiding the three men onto the right path was a painstaking process.

He just hoped that he himself wouldn’t be assimilated after being exposed to them for so long…

Putting these thoughts aside, General Bai’s gaze swept over the three men, and he said, “We don’t know who we’re up against for now, but we can analyze the situation and prepare accordingly.”

Saying that, he flipped open his wristwatch, and the profile images of numerous deceased members of the Dark Network were immediately projected in the air. “If they have been resurrected, they definitely wouldn’t be small fry. Look at these photos. Is there anyone whom you feel is powerful enough to be brought back to life by the mastermind to be our opponent this time?”

The three men scanned the projected profile images and saw many familiar faces.

“Zaomen is dead? When did that happen?”

The Old Devil pointed to an image of a middle-aged man with a crew cut and a very conspicuous X-shaped burn scar on his forehead.

General Bai tapped on the photo, and the man’s profile was soon projected separately to one side.

Zaomen Rokuro, who was originally from Sun Island and was a Red 4S-Class wanted criminal of the Dark Network, had been found dead 20 years ago.

Cause of death: Killed by peacekeeping troops dispatched by Mixiu nation during the “Hunter Operation” launched by the International Alliance of Cultivators.

“What you’re seeing right now is top secret, so there are some things you might not be aware of.” General Bai said, “It sounds like you’re very familiar with Zaomen Rokuro?”

“About fifty years ago, I went to Zaomen Rokuro about my wife. I knew he was proficient in the Supernatural Seven Kills Technique, and that he was a very strong psychic, so I wanted to ask him if he could help me find my wife’s spirit,” Old Devil said, folding his arms. “But then he told me that my wife had already entered the cycle of reincarnation.”

“Is that why you launched your attack campaign after that?”

“That’s right,” Old Devil said noncommittally. “I knew that Zaomen Rokuro was very strong, but I’ve never actually fought him. The rumor is that his Supernatural Seven Kills Technique is a supreme combination of Sun Island ninjutsu and cultivation. He claimed that anyone who faced him would be killed by one of the seven forms.”

“Supernatural Seven Kills Technique?” General Bai silently made a note of it. This information wasn’t part of the official data. However, General Bai felt that the Mixiu military cultivators weren’t necessarily ignorant of this, but had left it out on purpose.

The intelligence database was under the jurisdiction of the International Alliance of Cultivators, and countries all joined hands to collect information on wanted international criminals and make it publicly available to every nation. However, there were still some western countries who were reluctant to share, and kept some of this intelligence to themselves.

At that moment, there was one thing which piqued General Bai’s interest.

General Bai: “May I ask a question?”

The Old Devil: “Go ahead, general.”

General Bai: “I want to know how your wife died.”

The Old Devil’s expression darkened. “General, if you think this is related to this mission, my venerable self can tell you, but it’s a long story…”

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