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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1152: Group Favorite Ling Zhenren’s Reserve Team

Chapter 1152: Group Favorite Ling Zhenren’s Reserve Team

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When they approached Fire Peak, the terrain finally opened up, and Wang Ling saw a huge number displayed at the top of the dome of the main peak.

[Survivors remaining: 759]

This was the number of current survivors. In less than four hours, a bunch of people had already been eliminated.

Wang Ling surmised that there would be two waves of mass elimination. The first wave would be when everyone was seizing territory in the first two days. When the situation stabilized after a few days, most school teams would adopt a defensive strategy, and the second wave of mass elimination would happen on the seventh and eighth days of the competition.

In order to win, everyone would inevitably engage in close battle, and when that time came, the officials would definitely intervene to manipulate the situation. For example, they would deliberately direct powerful spirit beasts toward campsites to drive people out.

Apart from ensuring the students’ safety, the teachers in charge of security were actually also responsible for directing the way, which in the national competition meant making use of strong spirit beasts and driving them in particular directions; essentially, this wasn’t that different to the shrinking poisonous circle in the combined military training for six schools.

But to use the spirit beasts, you had to ensure that they were strong enough to act as deterrents.

On the entire journey, while Wang Ling did his best to contain the naturally aggressive aura which he gave off, the nearby spirit beasts in the jungle didn’t dare approach the group at all.

It wasn’t just spirit beasts; even snakes, rats and ants that sensed his aura hurriedly fled…

Furthermore, there were also Wang Zhen, Liu Qingyi, Gu Shunzhi, Zhenyuan and Fang Xing, these five. Including Wang Ling, this six-men team was just like walking demon-repellent incense that terrified bugs and vicious beasts alike.

Lotus Sun had been moving very cautiously at the very beginning, for fear that any loud movements would alarm nearby vicious beasts; there was no way she could have expected them to be scared off by Wang Ling.

The fact that they also didn’t run into any other opponents on the way simply made for an extraordinarily easy and comfortable journey, which made one wonder if they had joined a fake survival game.

“I think we might starve today; after walking for so long, we haven’t even seen a monkey.” Master of Dopey used his sword to push aside the shrubs in front of him. He had also been moving very cautiously at the very beginning, but his movements had become increasingly rough.

“Forget a monkey, there isn’t even a bird.” Li Youyue also felt surprised. Logically speaking, given the abundant resources around Fire Peak, it was strange that they hadn’t run into even one spirit beast. She had been planning to showcase her excellent culinary skills in the wild, but it seemed that she wouldn’t get that chance.

Their words in fact caught Wang Ling’s attention.

The fact that they hadn’t been hampered by any spirit beasts at all on their journey was indeed a little strange.

Wang Ling had originally intended to lay low, and since he had decided to put on an act, then he had to see it through to the end.

Magnifying his spiritual will, the information was instantly transmitted to Odd Zhuo, who was in the command center.

“Not good, *shifu’*s in trouble…” Odd Zhuo received the news and understood Wang Ling’s difficulty, but he couldn’t directly intervene in this matter. With Old Huang, President Qi as well as the numerous headmasters around, it would be too blatant if he directly took action.

Fortunately, Odd Zhuo had already made preparations beforehand. He took out his phone and “shook” the window for a new group chat called [Group Favorite Ling Zhenren’s Reserve Team].

Dog Two: “What’s going on?”

Little Silver: “What happened to Master?”

Odd Zhuo: “Shifu‘s aura is too strong and has scared off the nearby spirit beasts in the jungle. We need to come up with a solution.”

Dog Two: “Understood. That is to say, we need to look for a bunch to put on a show?”

Little Silver: “Leave it to me!”

Odd Zhuo nodded before sending a reminder: “When the two of you take action, make sure to cooperate with each other. It wasn’t easy to arrange for the both of you to enter the security team… It would be bad if this is found out.”

“Understood.” One Silver and one dog nodded.

Little Silver and Loopy Toad had gone to Nine Dragon Mountain with Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal; even Wang Ling hadn’t known about this. Odd Zhuo had long anticipated that something unexpected might happen, so he arranged identities for Little Silver and Loopy Toad on the security team beforehand.

Since Loopy Toad could already take human form, infiltrating the team was naturally a lot easier.

After receiving the message, one Silver and one dog immediately started to make preparations.

“Master is currently close to Fire Peak.” From a mountain peak, Little Silver used his spiritual senses to feel out the creatures in the area; sure enough, they were running wildly in all directions.

“As expected, it’s chaos.” Loopy Toad nodded and sighed inwardly. Spirit beasts had an innate ability to sense danger, which was a little similar to a human’s sixth sense, and sometimes even more accurate.

Thus, Wang Ling might not have released his aura, but as he walked through the jungle, the royal, overbearing qi which he gave off had the air of an ancient vicious beast.

But dealing with his matter wasn’t that tricky.

Little Silver and Loopy Toad showed up at the mouth of a hidden cave, and Little Silver bit his finger so that one drop of his holy beast blood fell to the ground.

“Will this be useful?” Loopy Toad expressed his doubts.

“My holy beast blood is a natural draw for other spirit beasts. Don’t you think so?” Little Silver raised his eyebrows.

“…” In fact, the mention of Little Silver’s holy beast blood made Loopy Toad feel a little sick.

In order to heal him and remold his demon physique as soon as possible, Little Master Ling had fed him basin after basin of holy beast blood… and it had already become a shadow over Loopy Toad’s heart.

Delicacies, no matter how delicious, would always make people sick after too much of it…

It was the same with holy beast blood.

However, for those spirit beasts which had never had it before, Little Silver’s blood would indeed be naturally attractive.

After a while, Little Silver could hear the sounds of spirit beasts stirring restlessly; in a short moment, it was as if the whole jungle had been revived. Startled, countless birds took flight, leading to an unusual bird tide phenomenon as they flew circles in the sky.

A mere drop of holy beast blood could actually create such tumult. Although he had already anticipated such a scene, Loopy Toad was still shaken; it was similar to the demon beast rampage back then.

“Can you sense it… They’re coming.”

“Capture the king first to capture his followers. Take down the spirit beast kings first, but be careful not to kill them.”

“We just need to scare them, right?”

“That’s right, and we need to catch them alive.”

“I get it already, we’re sending them to Master as extras, so we can’t hurt them.”

“By the way, a little reward for doing this would be nice.”

“Then, half a drop of holy beast blood for each beast king. It’s a good deal.”


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