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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1168: Full Body Shadow Dao

Chapter 1168: Full Body Shadow Dao

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Actually, Odd Zhuo had always felt that Fatty Luo and Dharmaraja had acting talent. While the two of them were putting on a fake fight with moves that didn’t actually hit flesh, it still looked very realistic, with the sound of qi explosions that one would expect of a Foundation Establishment punch. The only thing that was out of place was the incongruous puppet behind Fatty Luo.

This was, in fact, a narrative foil.

It was like in a detective thriller, where the utterly brilliant Holmes was paired with a Watson who constantly asked questions. The reason why Fatty Luo had chosen this awful setting for Gao Tianming was largely for him to serve as a foil to Ling Zhenren’s personality!

This sort of contrast in particular really made Wang Ling look like a perfectly normal Foundation Establishment student!

Moreover, Fatty Luo was deliberately pulling his punches, which made it look as if Dharmaraja, who was acting as Wang Ling, was floating around lithely and moving so nimbly that everyone couldn’t help gasping in amazement.

For one moment, everyone was deeply drawn in by the Wang Ling played by Dharmaraja.

When the headmasters saw this, they couldn’t help praising him one after another.

“Somehow, I feel that this No. 60 High student has an exceptionally refined character, and looks very appealing!”

“Wonderful! Look, look at his nimble movements and how his tempo doesn’t change. Despite the aggressive and constant changes in how he moves, his breathing is still so steady – it’s no weaker than what cultivators with higher cultivation bases have.”

“That’s right, I agree! Also, did you notice, Student Wang Ling’s hair seems to be standing up in the fight with Gao Tianming.”

“Standing up? Isn’t it because of the wind?”

“Look carefully! Student Wang Ling is clearly using a thunderbolt buff spell to increase damage in this melee fight; the electric currents running through his body can stimulate his meridians, even as he’s fighting, and cause his strength to increase continuously! Who would have thought that such an ordinary student from No. 60 High would be able to be so clear-headed in a fight!”

“Student Wang Ling is certainly handsome. He looks like a Super Saiyan with his hair standing up.”

“It can’t be helped, given the contrast.”

As the headmasters discussed the matter, the person who was most hurt was, of course, Li Qingxi, the headmaster of No. 1 Devil-Subduing High.


Headmaster Li Qingxi didn’t expect Gao Tianming, who was usually the most steadfast person in their school, to suddenly let himself go in this competition… It was indeed very normal for boys at the height of puberty, and who didn’t have a girlfriend, to have this sort of thing.

But the problem was that you shouldn’t take it out during a competition!

Li Qingxi covered his face with his hands. As headmaster, he couldn’t bear to watch the duel in front of his eyes, and for a moment, he felt utterly trampled into the dirt.

Conversely, Headmaster Chen was enjoying himself. He had already foreseen that Gao Tianming of No. 1 Devil-Subduing High would be the most difficult person to deal with in this group of students. He had been worried that Gao Tianming would steal the show from No. 60 High’s students, but this fall from grace had suddenly happened, to the delight of everyone in the command center.

But what hurt most of all was that no one chose to throw jeers in Headmaster Li Qingxi’s direction.

At that moment, silence trumped any words that could be spoken.

Sometimes, silent ridicule hurt more than an outright remark.

On the other side, Wang Ling and Gao Tianming were still locked in the real confrontation.

Gao Tianming was clearly astonished by Wang Ling’s composed performance.

After he gained the power of Shadow Dao, the power of “shadow image” had combined with his puppets to basically give them in-built might! Under the Heavenly Dao restriction, Wang Zhen had the fighting strength of a level one Itinerant Immortal, yet Gao Tianming’s puppets were intimidating enough to make his hair stand on end. With this young man in front of Gao Tianming, however, his bangs merely fluttered slightly in the wind…

“So, you are the hidden core of No. 60 High’s strength!” Gao Tianming stared at Wang Ling, his eyes becoming especially serious. He even had reason to suspect that Wang Ling absolutely wasn’t anything as simple as a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

At that moment, Gao Tianming recalled what that white-haired man had said when the latter had given him the frozen dumpling.

White Hair told him that if Gao Tianming were to run into a guy with dead fish eyes, he should avoid fighting him as much as possible.

And now Dead Fish Eyes had appeared in front of Gao Tianming.

A person who suddenly obtained power after yearning for it for a long time would swell with arrogance, and Gao Tianming was a typical example.

Wang Ling had already perceived Gao Tianming’s intent while scaling Mist Peak.

The other side showed no signs of planning to retreat at all.

Gao Tianming was only sixteen, like Wang Ling. After combining with the power of Shadow Dao, however, his cultivation went far beyond sixteen years, and currently approached 3000 years’ worth. He was stronger than a late Itinerant Immortal, and was a hairbreadth away from becoming a True Immortal… It had to be pointed out that the average strength of the headmasters in the command center was just slightly above the Soul Formation stage.

Only a very few headmasters were at the Itinerant Immortal stage.

This was the scary thing about Wang Nuan’s Shadow Dao.

It could cause a Foundation Establishment cultivator to instantly level up to such a terrifying extent.

Wang Ling had once thought that this might be a joke which his unborn sister was playing on him; this leap in cultivation base was just too exaggerated.

But Wang Ling was very happy to take action this time.

In his opinion, Gao Tianming was indeed a subject worthy of careful study.

As someone with the power of Shadow Dao, Gao Tianming had merged completely with it, and it was fully under his control. Those who had eaten the frozen dumplings before had suppressed part of their strength. For example, Zheng Tianqiang, who had wanted to see justice done for his son, had eaten the frozen dumplings and inadvertently boosted his strength. In the end, he had gotten the verdict for the magic weapon plagiarism case reversed.

However, he hadn’t dared to fully release all the power he had obtained, because he feared that the power of Shadow Dao would be too strong, and would ultimately destroy his soul and consign him to eternal damnation.

But compared with the others that Wang Ling had encountered, Gao Tianming’s fusion with the power of Shadow Dao was much more successful.

Wang Ling thought this could be due to some “psychological defect” that Gao Tianming might possess.

Therefore, Wang Ling was deeply curious about Gao Tianming.

It wasn’t easy to run into a “full body Shadow Dao.”

He even wanted to do in-depth research, and analyze the structure of Gao Tianming’s Shadow Dao space.

At that moment, however, the twelve kite puppets floating in the air suddenly moved! The moment they received a command, they started spinning at high speed like a pointer, and their mouths opened to spit out light that formed a curtain!

This was a Scene Construction Spell that had combined with the power of Shadow Dao. It was similar to an advanced illusion spell, and to anyone watching, the scene was frozen on the stand-off between Gao Tianming and Wang Ling.

The truth, however, was that a confined space which outsiders couldn’t detect had been formed!

That was to say, the entire space was utterly sealed from the inside! Furthermore, given the presence of the power of Shadow Dao, Heavenly Dao spells for detecting illusion weren’t able to spy on the real situation inside!

“You’ve fallen into my hands, Classmate Wang Ling.” Gao Tianming stared at Wang Ling with a confident smile on his lips.

He thought that Wang Ling was now in his grasp, and Gao Tianming could now do whatever he wanted.

But little did he realize… the one who could do whatever he wanted, might not be him…

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