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The Deity of War (Web Novel)




Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery Romance Xianxia

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An underprivileged prodigy, a cruel, ruthless world, and an epic story of battle and conquest. A young man with an exceptional inheritance leaves the small, rural city from which he hails on a journey to find the girl of his dreams. He defeats countless prodigies, sweeps through all forces that dare to stand in his way, and progresses step by step toward the pinnacle of all the worlds!
“I’m not targeting any gods in particular. All I’m trying to say is that all gods are trash in my eyes!”

382 • 2019-10-06 12:53:16


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 148: Tell Her to Pleasure Me for a Night2020-06-11
Chapter 147: An Insecure Kid2020-05-17
Chapter 146: I’ve Been Waiting for You for a Long Time2020-05-06
Chapter 145: Danger From All Directions2020-05-02
Chapter 144: Heavenly Black Feather Falcon2020-04-27
Chapter 143: Former Young Master2020-04-27
Chapter 142: Both of Them Have to Die2020-04-20
Chapter 141: Have Some Candy Little Doggie2020-04-16
Chapter 140: Commencement of the Trial2020-04-06
Chapter 139: Holy Flame Monarch Constitution?2020-04-04
Chapter 138: There’s No Place for You Here2020-04-04
Chapter 137: The Dragon Metamorphosis Trial2020-03-29
Chapter 136: Finally Getting Carried2020-03-29
Chapter 135: Have You Sucked Someone Off Before?2020-03-29
Chapter 134: Carrying vs Getting Carried2020-03-18
Chapter 133: You Can Have Lin Yin2020-03-16
Chapter 132: A Bluff2020-03-12
Chapter 131: Building a Faction2020-03-12
Chapter 130: The Alliance Goddess2020-03-09
Chapter 129: I Want to Join a Faction2020-03-07
Chapter 128: He Must Be Here to Recruit Underlings2020-02-28
Chapter 127: Engulfment Monarch Constitution2020-02-28
Chapter 126: Death Injunction2020-02-28
Chapter 125: I’ll Thrust You to Death2020-02-28
Chapter 124: Fire Python Energy2020-02-28
Chapter 123: Completely Wiped Out2020-02-10
Chapter 122: Get Back Down2020-02-09
Chapter 121: Collapse2020-02-06
Chapter 120: Poison2020-02-05
Chapter 119: Ant’s Nest2020-02-02
Chapter 118: Counterattack in the Forest2020-02-01
Chapter 117: Assailants From the Jade Class2020-01-22
Chapter 116: Scorching Sun Fist2020-01-21
Chapter 115: Chu Kaolie2020-01-09
Chapter 114: Special Treatment2020-01-09
Chapter 113: The Unspoken Rules of the Green Class2020-01-05
Chapter 112: Li Yanlang’s Rules2020-01-03
Chapter 111: Rules of the Green Class2020-01-03
Chapter 110: A Perilous Place2019-12-30
Chapter 109: I’ll Kill You2019-12-28
Chapter 108: Grey Aptitude2019-12-26
Chapter 107: Bloodline Aptitude2019-12-24
Chapter 106: Han Xue2019-12-23
Chapter 105: Basal Properties2019-12-23
Chapter 104: Five Colors2019-12-21
Chapter 103: The Black Mystical Beast2019-12-16
Chapter 102: The Cloud Steps2019-12-15
Chapter 101: Young Master Qi Ying2019-12-13
Chapter 100: Departure2019-12-11
Chapter 99: Surname2019-12-10
Chapter 98: The Fall of the Duan Family2019-12-08
Chapter 97: I’m Not the Owner2019-12-07
Chapter 96: Seventy-Two Badges2019-12-05
Chapter 95: Smashed Head2019-12-03
Chapter 94: Where Are You at This Moment2019-12-01
Chapter 93: You Go2019-11-29
Chapter 92: Casting Votes2019-11-28
Chapter 91: A Man Should Have the Resolve to Kill2019-11-27
Chapter 90: A Man Should Have the Resolve to Kill2019-11-26
Chapter 89: A Slide2019-11-26
Chapter 88: Keep Dreaming2019-11-25
Chapter 87: A Walking Hunk of Delectable Meat2019-11-23
Chapter 86: Bullsh*t2019-11-22
Chapter 85: Plunder2019-11-20
Chapter 84: Being Hunted2019-11-19
Chapter 83: The Hunter Becomes the Prey2019-11-18
Chapter 82: Selfish Pursuit for One’s Future2019-11-18
Chapter 81: The Hunt Begins2019-11-16
Chapter 80: Getting Picked on2019-11-15
Chapter 79: Future Hopes of the Kingdom2019-11-14
Chapter 78: Move Quick Think Fast2019-11-13
Chapter 77: Golden Blood Armor2019-11-12
Chapter 76: Stolen Ability2019-11-10
Chapter 75: Evil Technique2019-11-10
Chapter 74: Dark Tier Treasured Tool?2019-11-08
Chapter 73: Blood Moon2019-11-07
Chapter 72: Assassination2019-10-30
Chapter 71: One Raises Their Cup and Asks the Heavens2019-10-29
Chapter 70: When Did the Bright Moon First Appear2019-10-28
Chapter 69: A Flying Ark2019-10-27
Chapter 68: A New Secret2019-10-26
Chapter 67: Staff vs Stick2019-10-21
Chapter 66: Qi Ying’s Charisma2019-10-19
Chapter 65: The Peerless Staff Strike2019-10-18
Chapter 64: The Longer You Live, the More You See2019-10-16
Chapter 63: Securing a Spot2019-10-13
Chapter 62: Please Enlighten Me2019-10-11
Chapter 61: Xuan Yu Yu Xuan2019-10-09
Chapter 60: We’re Just Going to Get Rich Without Offending Anyone2019-10-06
Chapter 59: One Does Not Know What Year It Is in the Heavens This Evening2019-10-06
Chapter 58: I’m Going to Kill Everyone from the Duan Family2019-10-06
Chapter 57: Anyone Who Touches Qi Ying Will Die2019-10-06
Chapter 56: Qi Ying Must Die2019-10-06
Chapter 55: Battle Spirit2019-10-06
Chapter 54: Confrontation2019-10-06
Chapter 53: Massive News2019-10-06
Chapter 52: The Price of Underestimation2019-10-06
Chapter 51: Executive Decision2019-10-06
Chapter 50: Number One Male Idol2019-10-06
Chapter 49: Qi Yan2019-10-06
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