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The Devilish Immortal (Web Novel)






Liang Bu Fan


Fantasy Shounen Xuanhuan

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Lyu Liang was an ordinary young man who was supposed to live a mortal life with his father in a small village. However, a wonderful opportunity led him into the Virtual Land where he learned about his unusual origin and started his dual cultivation journey—to be a Devilish Immortal. There were six races in this world: immortals, humans, devils, demons, ghosts, and spirits. Lyu Liang had access to any of those realms. Whether he would be a great Devilish Immortal was not up to his race, but his will. For him, it was not important to be the most powerful immortal and to be worshiped like God. He eventually chose to live a secluded life with his lover.

116 • 2019-07-28 19:30:01


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 250 The Orc2019-11-14
Chapter 249 Shockwaves2019-11-13
Chapter 248 The Inverted Scale2019-11-12
Chapter 247 Surprise Attack2019-11-11
Chapter 246 The Green Light in the Ancient Temple2019-11-10
Chapter 245 The Bloody Zone and the Crazy City2019-11-10
Chapter 244 One Hundred Years2019-11-08
Chapter 243 The Temporary End2019-11-07
Chapter 242 Refining the Sword with Weapons’ Soul2019-11-06
Chapter 241 Secrets of the Divine Clan2019-11-05
Chapter 240 An Mysterious War2019-11-04
Chapter 239 Unmasking2019-11-03
Chapter 238 The Big Chaos2019-11-02
Chapter 237 Again, Silence2019-11-01
Chapter 236 Absolute Fields2019-10-31
Chapter 235 Break the Sky (Part 2)2019-10-30
Chapter 234 Break the Sky (Part 1)2019-10-29
Chapter 233 Determination in Ten Generations (Part 2)2019-10-28
Chapter 232 Determination in Ten Generations (Part 1)2019-10-27
Chapter 231 Gravestone without Inscriptions2019-10-27
Chapter 230 Becoming Fugitives2019-10-26
Chapter 229 Resurrection of Dead Spirits2019-10-25
Chapter 228 Invincible Fist2019-10-24
Chapter 227 A Hero Saves a Beauty2019-10-23
Chapter 226 Powerful Divine Body2019-10-22
Chapter 225 A Successful Attack2019-10-21
Chapter 224 Thousands of Devils Roaring Night Formation2019-10-20
Chapter 223 Destiny2019-10-19
Chapter 222 Weapon Incantation and Spirit Swallowing Bugs2019-10-18
Chapter 221 Star Space2019-10-17
Chapter 220 A Bloody Battle2019-10-16
Chapter 219 Dead Soul and Enchanting Figure2019-10-15
Chapter 218 Evil Blood Palace2019-10-14
Chapter 217 Killings in the Million Buddhist Sect2019-10-13
Chapter 216 The Prelude of Chaos2019-10-12
Chapter 215 A Rare Opportunity2019-10-11
Chapter 214 The Final War2019-10-10
Chapter 213 A Great Stride2019-10-09
Chapter 212 Conspiracy Above Board2019-10-08
Chapter 211 Eager to End the Fight2019-10-07
Chapter 210 Reborn2019-10-06
Chapter 209 Power of Fantasy Moon2019-10-05
Chapter 208 Soul Devourment2019-10-04
Chapter 207 The Legend of the Divine Mark2019-10-03
Chapter 206 A Huge Gamble2019-10-02
Chapter 205 The Sin2019-10-01
Chapter 204 Disappearance in Old Place2019-09-30
Chapter 203 Immortal General Will Save2019-09-29
Chapter 202 Kill at Night2019-09-28
Chapter 201 Departure2019-09-27
Chapter 200 Smash of Soul2019-09-26
Chapter 199 Secret of the Holy Soul Order2019-09-25
Chapter 198 A Beauty and a Man of Sacrifice2019-09-24
Chapter 197 The Intention to Kill in Dark Night2019-09-23
Chapter 196 A Deadly Foe2019-09-22
Chapter 195 A Temporary Ally2019-09-21
Chapter 194 Undercurrent2019-09-20
Chapter 193 Final Hit2019-09-19
Chapter 192 Fight Devine Body2019-09-18
Chapter 191 Night Fight2019-09-17
Chapter 190 “Illusory Sea”2019-09-16
Chapter 189 Eve of wushu test2019-09-15
Chapter 188 King of Destroying Formations2019-09-14
Chapter 187 An Unexpected Challenge2019-09-13
Chapter 186 Someone With No Competitors2019-09-12
Chapter 185 Temptations of the Immortals’ Contest2019-09-12
Chapter 184 Huangfu Gang’s Ambition2019-09-12
Chapter 183 Enlightenment2019-09-12
Chapter 182 Lyu Liang’s Gains2019-09-12
Chapter 181 Civilization Mecha2019-09-06
Chapter 180 Like a Dream2019-09-05
Chapter 179 A Test for the Immortal Emperor2019-09-04
Chapter 178 Battle in Ancient Times2019-09-03
Chapter 177 Liu Jiawen’s Determination2019-09-03
Chapter 176 Spirit Servers of Remote Antiquity2019-09-01
Chapter 175 Five Acts of Heaven Soul2019-08-31
Chapter 174 Mausoleum of the Immortal Emperor2019-08-30
Chapter 173 A Weird Cave2019-08-29
Chapter 172 The Truth2019-08-28
Chapter 171 Inside Heavy Fog2019-08-27
Chapter 170 Mysterious Blood Shadow2019-08-26
Chapter 169 Treacherous Lake2019-08-25
Chapter 168 Great Hospitality2019-08-24
Chapter 167 Trap Setters2019-08-23
Chapter 166 Mysterious Civilization2019-08-22
Chapter 165 A Gathering of Geniuses2019-08-21
Chapter 164 A New Superstar2019-08-20
Chapter 163 Greater Strength2019-08-19
Chapter 162 Mother and Son2019-08-18
Chapter 161 Wild Beast in the Pool2019-08-17
Chapter 160 Brother and Sister of the Liu Family2019-08-16
Chapter 159 True and Fake Lyu Liang2019-08-15
Chapter 158 Tianxuan Holy Rattans2019-08-14
Chapter 157 Life-and-Death Promise2019-08-13
Chapter 156 Return to Peace2019-08-12
Chapter 155 Fighting Spirit2019-08-11
Chapter 154 Battle in the Relic2019-08-10
Chapter 153 Immortal Treasure2019-08-09
Chapter 152 Dark Dynasty2019-08-08
Chapter 151 Enemy and Friend2019-08-07