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The Devilish Immortal (Web Novel)






Liang Bu Fan


Fantasy Shounen Xuanhuan

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Lyu Liang was an ordinary young man who was supposed to live a mortal life with his father in a small village. However, a wonderful opportunity led him into the Virtual Land where he learned about his unusual origin and started his dual cultivation journey—to be a Devilish Immortal. There were six races in this world: immortals, humans, devils, demons, ghosts, and spirits. Lyu Liang had access to any of those realms. Whether he would be a great Devilish Immortal was not up to his race, but his will. For him, it was not important to be the most powerful immortal and to be worshiped like God. He eventually chose to live a secluded life with his lover.

409 • 2019-07-28 19:30:01


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 366 Friendship2020-07-20
Chapter 365 Strong Companions2020-07-19
Chapter 364 Qiangu Broke the Holy Rattan2020-07-19
Chapter 363 A Total Reversal2020-07-19
Chapter 362 Lyu Liang’s Fullest Strength2020-07-19
Chapter 361 Spy and Conspiracy2020-07-19
Chapter 360 What Is Love2020-07-18
Chapter 359 Auction Situation (Part Two)2020-07-18
Chapter 358 Auction Situation (Part One)2020-07-16
Chapter 357 Attacked by an Assassin2020-07-16
Chapter 356 Making a Decision2020-07-15
Chapter 355 The Key Role Who Is the Most Irrelevant2020-07-15
Chapter 354 The Insistence of Wen Xiaojing2020-07-12
Chapter 353 Clicking2020-07-12
Chapter 352 Zhu Yu Appeared!2020-07-11
Chapter 351 Inheritor of Divine Prohibition2020-07-11
Chapter 350 Disabusing2020-07-11
Chapter 349 Sworn Brothers2020-07-10
Chapter 348 Battle of Divine Body2020-07-10
Chapter 347 Run away2020-07-08
Chapter 346 Trump Card2020-07-08
Chapter 345 Impasse2020-06-28
Chapter 344 A Splendid Killing Array2020-06-28
Chapter 343 A Good Cooperation2020-06-28
Chapter 342 A Stagnant Condition2020-06-28
Chapter 341 A Complicated Chess Game2020-06-28
Chapter 340 Senior Alien Minister2020-06-28
Chapter 339 A Great Disturbance2020-06-25
Chapter 338 Scapegoat2020-06-25
Chapter 337 Blazing Kill2020-06-25
Chapter 336 Sleepless City2020-06-25
Chapter 335 Thorn Flower2020-06-21
Chapter 334 Weird Man2020-06-19
Chapter 333 Wen Xiaojing2020-06-15
Chapter 332 Overwhelming Fighting Capacity2020-06-12
Chapter 331 Evaluation2020-06-09
Chapter 330 Inconstancy of Human Relationships2020-06-06
Chapter 329 A Solid Backup2020-06-03
Chapter 328 Misunderstanding2020-06-02
Chapter 327 Diamond Cut Diamond2020-05-29
Chapter 326 Scrambling for Territory2020-05-26
Chapter 325 Entering the Heaven Realm2020-05-23
Chapter 325 Entering the Heaven Realm2020-05-23
Chapter 324 Ready to Set off2020-05-20
Chapter 323 The Moon of Death2020-05-18
Chapter 322 A Strong Legion2020-05-14
Chapter 321 The Edge of Wit2020-05-10
Chapter 320 A Shocking Transformation2020-05-08
Volume Five The Swordsman in Heaven Realm-Chapter 319 The Original Aspiration in Troubled Times2020-05-04
Chapter 318 Steeling Himself in Mortal Life2020-05-02
Chapter 317 Previous Events (II)2020-04-29
Chapter 316 Previous Events (I)2020-04-26
Chapter 315 Killing Enemies in the Pure Land2020-04-22
Chapter 314 Blood of Law2020-04-19
Chapter 313 Part Forever2020-04-17
Chapter 312 Blade Shenhuang2020-04-15
Chapter 311 Lethe Water2020-04-10
Chapter 310 Infernal Affairs2020-04-07
Chapter 309 Battle in the Nether Big World2020-04-04
Chapter 308 Blasting Fuse2020-04-02
Chapter 307 Where The Heart Belonged2020-03-29
Chapter 306 Peaceful Land2020-03-26
Chapter 305 Killing in the Impasse2020-03-22
Chapter 304 Impasse2020-03-20
Chapter 303 Going through Life and Death Together2020-03-18
Chapter 302 Bullying2020-03-17
Chapter 301 Making Up with Passion2020-03-12
Chapter 300 A Big Shock Is Coming2020-03-08
Chapter 299 The Beginning of Chaos2020-03-05
Chapter 298 Qingyun In Danger2020-03-05
Chapter 297 Hair White As Snow With Moderate Breeze Blows2020-03-05
Chapter 296 A Desperate Battle2020-03-05
Chapter 295 A Dynamic Duo2020-03-05
Chapter 294 Space Cleaving Power2020-02-19
Chapter 293 You Die, or I Die2020-02-16
Chapter 292 Orphan of the Dark Night Family2020-02-13
Chapter 291 Suspicion of Spy2020-02-10
Chapter 290 War in the Minging Vein2020-02-06
Chapter 289 A Happy Surprise2020-02-05
Chapter 288 Disloyalty2020-02-01
Chapter 287 “Help” Trader2020-01-29
Chapter 286 The Death Sea2020-01-26
Chapter 285 Target of Killing2020-01-24
Chapter 284 Legend of the Dead Mining Area2020-01-24
Chapter 283 The Battle of Diablo: Ending2020-01-17
Chapter 282 The Battle of Diablo: Flames of Love2020-01-13
Chapter 281 The Battle of Diablo: Cold War2020-01-11
Chapter 280 The Battle of Diablo: Sun God2020-01-07
Chapter 279 The Battle of Diablo: Sudden Change2020-01-05
Chapter 278 The Battle of Diablo: Commotion2020-01-01
Chapter 277 The Battle of Diablo: Exquisite2019-12-29
Chapter 276 The Battle of Diablo: Dead2019-12-27
Chapter 275 The Battle of Diablo: Non-humans2019-12-27
Chapter 274 The Battle of Diablo: Destined Enemy2019-12-20
Chapter 273 The Battle of Diablo: Old Friend2019-12-17
Chapter 272 The Battle of Diablo: Daybreak2019-12-14
Chapter 271 The Battle of Diablo: Start2019-12-11
Chapter 270 Before the Battle2019-12-08
Chapter 269 Lu Tian Mineral Vein2019-12-05
Chapter 268 Imprisoned Bloodthirsty Shura2019-12-02