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The Devilish Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 245 The Bloody Zone and the Crazy City

Chapter 245 The Bloody Zone and the Crazy City

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What happened to the Liu Family in the Remote Antiquity was unbelievable, for both Liu Tiangong, the Ancestor, and Liu Yuanlong, the patriarch, were missing.

According to the last person who had seen them, they had been to the border of the forbidden area of the Remote Antiquity before disappearing.

Coincidentally, the head of the Liu Family’s third generation and the “Flying Dragon” of the Eight Immortal Generals, Liu Jiatan, had been ordered to carry out a very difficult and dangerous mission in a certain realm by the Divine Ancestor, so he had to be isolated from the outside world before completing the task.

After losing the patriarch, the Liu Family began to disunite. There was even a rumor that both the Ancestor and the patriarch had died in the forbidden area of the Remote Antiquity, for several cracks had appeared on their life cards and the life cards of two central characters of the Liu Family on the same day. Though their life cards were not completely broken, this proved that their lives were in dire danger.

What was worse, the Kong Family had taken the initiative to make it hard for their old enemy and were now asking the Liu Family for some mysterious treasures according to the so-called old records.

Brother and Sister Liu had been living in the shelter of the Liu Family and lacked experience facing such emergencies. Therefore, they had been kept in an inferior position in the dispute with the Kong Family.

At this crucial moment, the Han Family and the Fang Family, who had a good relationship with the Liu Family, came out to support their old friends. However, the Kong Family also got help from the mysterious Liu Family and the strong Gongsun Family.

The situation in the Remote Antiquity got worse after these sudden changes.

Now, Brother and Sister Liu were struggling to maintain the harmony of the Liu Family and deal with their property in the Realm of Goddess Nyu Wa. Instead of asking their uncles for help, Brother and Sister Liu had to treat all these elders cautiously, because the rumor about the Ancestor and the patriarch’s death had been passed on by one of them.

Despite this ongoing crisis, Liu Jiawen had decided to send the little Blood Dragon, who had been following her, to find Lyu Liang. As for the dragon’s mother, she had entered the forbidden area of Remote Antiquity after returning to the Realm of Goddess Nyu Wa. After all, staying outside any longer would cause her trouble considering her cultivation and identification.

When they parted, the mother dragon exhorted her son to repay Lyu Liang’s favor by following and helping him for 10,000 years. After all, all wild beasts were born with a lifespan of 100,000 years…

What the little Blood Dragon had said shattered Lyu Liang’s cheerful spirit and made him begin to consider the matter seriously. However, Lyu Liang was unable to enter the realm of Goddess Nyu Wa, as it was said that the only access point was in the Heaven Realm.

Knowing that Lyu Liang would be worried about it, the little Blood Dragon had brought him a video recording of Liu Jiawen.

The little girl, whose fists were clenched tightly, was still grinning and shouting at them, showing her canine teeth. “You idiot! Just go to the Nether Big World and take care of yourself. Remember to hide or retreat if your enemies are too powerful. I’ll come to help you after dealing with all these jumped-up little turds. I just learned a unique skill that can even rival a Supreme Master.”

Lyu Liang sighed, not coping well deep down. Fortunately, according to the little Blood Dragon, Brother and Sister Liu were in no danger and had the complete support of the Han Family and the Fang Family.

Although he was eager to help his friends, Lyu Liang was unable to enter the Realm of Goddess Nyu Wa for the time being. Therefore, he decided to achieve his immediate goals while keeping eyes on what was happening in Remote Antiquity.

After this discussion, Yang Ying said in a soft voice, “Now that the journey to the Nether Big World is settled, we should get more relevant information. As you know, the only law in the Nether Big World is the law of the jungle, so I’m going to prepare you for the probability of facing a life-and-death situation. I hope the following description will present you with the image of a real Nether Big World. You can also call it ‘the Bloody Zone and the Crazy City’…”

“The Bloody Zone and the Crazy City” was a reflection of the land form and strength of the Nether Big World.

Just like the civilization remains Lyu Liang had visited before, the Nether Big World was also divided into several regions, which were named Outer Ring, Inner Ring, and Core.

The Outer-Ring District was also known as “Bloody Zone” and consisted of four parts.

The first part in the north was Dead Mining Area, the only place one could mine supernal materials and agrarian treasures in the Nether Big World. All the laborers in the north part were eliminated low-level cultivators working desperately in the designated areas owned and monitored by those great forces. Since a part of the members of Yang Ying and Wen Ying’s family were living there, Lyu Liang made the north part one of his destination.

The word “Dead” referred to how hazardous the area was. Except for supernatural materials and agrarian treasures, there were countless restriction formations and array units in some ancient mines, so even powerful figures at the Tao Master level had to be careful not to be killed.

The second part, which was in the south, was Divine Ruin, a wasteland where only some species were rumored to be living. The Divine Ruin was now under the united guardianship of two forces that prevented outsiders or other forces from entering it. In addition, it was said that the two forces had gained the support of powerful figures from the Dark Reign, so no one dared to go and find out what was inside the ruins.

The third part, which was in the east, was Magic Forest, one of the most famous forbidden areas in the whole universe. It was said that few of the people who entered it could come out and even powerful figures at the Supreme Master level were unable to guarantee their own safety there…

The fourth part, which was in the west, had originally been a normal wasteland. However, after the advent of Devil Feiwu about 10,000 years ago, the wasteland had been renamed “Devil Zone”. It was reasonable, for even the Dark Reign would avoid provoking Devil Feiwu these days.

Yang Ying had witnessed two powerful figures at the Heavenly Master level enter the Devil Zone before countless horrible Sword Qi had burst out. Within half an hour, one of the powerful figures had been killed and the other had gotten badly injured. However, Yang Ying had only seen a fuzzy figure appear in the thick fog…

The whole Bloody Zone was divided into these four parts, but the northern mining area was the most important. Knowing one could only mine supernatural materials and agrarian treasures there, almost all the well-known forces in the Nether Big World had sent powerful figures to guard the northern area.

The Inner-Ring Region was also called the “Crazy City”, and all the great forces in the Nether Big World were living there.

The Crazy City consisted of five countries, including Luohou Country, Darkness Country and Blood Country, and offered a shelter for human beings, monsters and demons. Meanwhile, residents of Ghost Country and Youyuan Country were mainly members of the Ghost Clan and the Spirit Clan.

In terms of overall strength, Luo Hou Country was the most powerful one among them. The strength of the Ghostly Fire Palace and the Sun-Moon Palace, which were located in the Luo Hou Country, was just above average.

As the only force there, the Dark Reign covered a broad area equal to half of Sishui Country in the Core Region.

Most importantly, most regions of the Nether Big World were under the rule of middle-level world and cultivators below the Tao Ancestor level were free to live there. However, the Core Region was more like a high-level world.

No one knew a lot about the Dark Reign, except that it had dozens of powerful figures called “Dark Executioners” at the Tao Master, Heavenly Master and Supreme Master level. In addition, there were three Tao Ancestors there named Ji Luo, Cold-Blooded, and Wu Ming.

However, this was only the tip of the Dark Reign. For example, it was said that a powerful figure at the God Ancestor level had gone to seek justice in the Dark Reign and soon come out.

Although he had been sent by someone at the Tao Ancestor level, the frightened cultivator had almost had no aura and he had been under the restriction of someone’s formation. Finally, he had left almost on his hands and knees and never come back.

As for the chaotic war between the Chaotic World and the Nether Big World, the Dark Reign, as the arch-criminal, had actually done nothing but convey an intention to invade.

The Nether Big World followed the law of the jungle, so the most powerful forces made the rules.

What Yang Ying had said dampened the enthusiasm of Lyu Liang and his friends, for they could not dodge the Dark Reign on the journey. Finally, they reached an agreement that they would never enter the Core Region.

As for exploring the odd forbidden area where the Dreamless Heavenly Lord was, Lyu Liang intended to do this at the end of his plan. According to the information obtained, his Master was now in a confused state of mind and could not even recognize him.

It was not the Master’s possible attack that worried Lyu Liang, for he was able to resist the horrible Sword Qi now. However, he didn’t know how to recover the Master’s sanity and rescue him from the Nether Big World. Lyu Liang decided to play it by ear.

At the end of the discussion, Yang Ying took out several talismans and distributed them to everyone present. “It’s a Guiding Talisman. Sister Wen Ying and I are marked by our Sect and will be definitely sent to the Luo Hou Country by the transmission formation. When that happens, we will hide right away. However, the transmission formation could send you anywhere at random, and you are likely to lose touch with each other. Remember to follow the guiding aura of the talisman in case of an emergency and you will soon get back together.”

After refining the talisman, Lyu Liang and his friends returned to their cave residence. As planned, they would leave for the Sword Character Immortal Palace in two hours.

Wen Ying had made an effort to say something in the process, but Yang Ying had secretly transmitted a voice message to stop her.

After coming back with Yang Ying to her cave residence, Wen Ying could not resist asking her, “Sister, why did you do that? They will be in jeopardy once they arrive in the Nether Big World.”

Unlike Wen Ying, Yang Ying remained calm as she shook her head and replied with a smile, “Sister, if we fail to go through the Bloody Zone, it means we are unqualified to enter the Crazy City. I’d rather let them have a try and keep this lesson in mind than persuade them not to take the risk.”

While staring at Yang Ying with wide-open eyes, Wen Ying could do nothing by sigh and nod in agreement at her sister.

“There’s Burning Ridge, Icy Peak, and a mysterious territory of the orcs in the south of the Bloody Zone. If they overcome all the difficulties and make their way to the Crazy City, they will surely make a difference,” Yang Ying murmured, “Anyway, I will belong to him all my life. If he dies, I will die…”

While Lyu Liang was preparing for the journey, a masked girl with blue hair was plotting with five men in black in the Ghost Realm of the Chaotic World.

“Lyu Liang and his fellows will soon go to the Nether Big World. We have finished making preparations. Since you want to cooperate with us, how is your plan going?” one of the black-robed men, who was obviously the leader, asked.

The masked woman smiled. “You can rest assured. I have already planted the seed of divine blood. He trusts the Feng family too much to discover the truth, and there won’t be enough time for him to stop it.”

The leader in black nodded and answered her smile with one of his own. “The Blue-Soul Blood is really worthy of its reputation. We’ve seen your sincerity, so the Infernal Purgatory won’t let you down. By using this opportunity, we will show our strength to the boy of the Kong Family and prove that we are better than those obscurantistic guys in the Skull Spirit Temple.”

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