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The Devilish Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 247 Surprise Attack

Chapter 247 Surprise Attack

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10 days after the explorers’ arrival in the Ghost Realm, Lyu Liang suddenly appeared in a back room of the Feng family and surprised Feng Li, who was there alone. Judging the situation quickly with a shrewd spark in his eyes, Feng Li gave Lyu Liang a meaningful smile.

Resting his head on his hand and frowning, Lyu Liang was making a futile effort to recall something. Finally, he sighed and bowed to Feng Li. “Old gentleman, I have gotten the opportunity. But I can’t remember what has happened at that time.”

Lyu Liang got a clear feeling that there was a familiar and comforting warm current in his body, but he forgot where it came from.

In Lyu Liang’s last memory, he was standing in front of the ancient temple’s yard. But he didn’t remember what he had seen or heard later. Though knowing this part of his memory might be locked by some restriction formation, Lyu Liang didn’t want to give up recalling because he felt that he had forgotten something of great importance…

“Good. Everything is ready and you can go to the Nether Big World with friends. By the way, would you like to meet the Xuanli family?” Feng Li smiled as if he could read Lyu Liang’s mind.

“Yes, please introduce me to them.” Lyu Liang felt pleased since he had already planned to do so. Now that he was in the Ghost Realm, it would be impolite for him to not visit his relatives in the Xuanli family. And Xuanli Feiwu, who was now in the Virtual Land, would blame him if he dared to not do so.

Before visiting the Xuanli Clan, Lyu Liang went to inform his friends. In order to not bother them with his own Dead Test, Lyu Liang didn’t tell them too much about his experience and the opportunity. Anyway, he had gotten the probable solution to the Dead Test.

Lyu Liang left the Feng family with Feng Li and soon arrived at the grasslands nearby. There was a large tribe there and Lyu Liang saw kids playing and adults living in harmony.

At the entrance of the tribe, a strong young man came out and greeted them with a goofy smile. “What brings senior Feng over? We haven’t seen you in a long time, and it happens that my grandfather is here… You… Are you Lyu Liang? Everyone! Lyu Liang is here! Lyu Liang has come to our Xuanli Clan!”

The smiling strong man seemed to be surprised by Lyu Liang and began to grin from ear to ear. With his loud cheer, countless residents of all ages, including the playing kids, flooded out from the houses of the tribe and rushed toward the entrance.

Not knowing what had happened, Lyu Liang was stunned. He had never come to the Ghost Realm and met the Xuanli family here before, so how come he became well-known overnight?

At this moment, an even and vital voice helped Lyu Liang out with the confusion. “He is Lyu Liang, who has destroyed the Anye Clan and avenged the Xuanli Clan. He is our pride.”

With the roar, all the Xuanlis in front of Lyu Liang knelt down with excited looks on their faces. Standing by while twisting his beard with his fingers, Feng Li was now perfectly playing his role as an onlooker. As for Lyu Liang, he had already knelt down along with the Xuanlis…

“Everyone, please get up! As a member of the Xuanli family, I just did what I was supposed to do. And it was because of my good luck and someone’s help that I was able to destroy the Anye Clan. Stop treating me like this, I don’t deserve it.” It shocked Lyu Liang that even his elders were kneeling to him among the crowd, which was too much for him even if he had solved the problem for the Xuanli Clan.

“Haha. Get up and open the ancestral temple. It is a memorable day and we are going to worship our ancestors, asking them to acknowledge Lyu Liang’s pedigree.” An aged yet hale and hearty man came forth from the crowd with the same excited look on his face. After pulling Lyu Liang up and looking him up and down for a while, the aged man patted Lyu Liang’s shoulder and said aloud, “I’m Xuanli Tianlie, the patriarch of the Xuanli family. Today, we’ve realized our hope, and it’s wonderful to see you.”

Being treated like a hero, Lyu Liang was welcomed into the tribe by the crowd. After that, Xuanli Tianlie bowed to Feng Li, who had just made himself noticed by others, and said, “Big brother, our Xuanli Clan owe this favor to you.”

Feng Li waved his hand and replied, “No one helped him except for himself. He is excellent enough, and what I did was just the icing on the cake. By the way, now that they are going to the Nether Big World, I wonder if you could send someone reliable to accompany them.”

An hour later, the Xuanli Clan was decorated with lanterns and festoons, and Lyu Liang was officially acknowledged as a member of Xuanli Clan in the ancestral temple.

After that, Xuanli Feiwu’s soul appeared in Xuanli Tianlie’s cave residence to reunite with her brother, from whom she had been separated for more than 10,000 years. The scene was very moving, though the brother and sister still couldn’t touch each other.

Feng Tao appeared another hour later, followed by Lyu Liang’s fellows, who were also going to the Nether Big World. According to Feng Li, the entrance of Sunset Kingdom was located 333 meters away to the south of the Xuanli Clan.

At the moment of parting, Lyu Liang bowed to the Xuanli Clan and then asked Xuanli Tianlie, “Ancestor, will we never respond to the Tianluo Clan’s invitation?”

“No, we won’t.” Xuanli Tianlie waved his hand. “We have gotten rid of the title ‘The First Clan in the Devil Realm’ and are self-sufficient here in the Ghost Realm, where we are able to live and cultivate freely. It took me so many years to understand that nothing is more important than the safety and peace of my clan members.”

“Your Ancestor will come to Sunset Kingdom with us,” Feng Li interposed, “and considering the fact that someone from the Nether Big World could also go through the space tunnel, I have resealed it so no one on that side can easily come to this side now. In addition, both the Feng family and the Xuanli family have sent their core forces to guard the tunnel, and they will help you to the other side.”

After a short while, a black gate opened on a wasteland 333 meters away from the Xuanli Clan, through which Lyu Liang and his friends entered the legendary Sunset Kingdom.

The entrance was in the shape of a giant whirlpool with several figures surrounding it. According to their surging aura, they were obviously the guardians of the tunnel.

“Get ready to activate the formation.” Under Feng Li’s order, several male guardians gathered below the entrance of the tunnel, while the others were protecting them.

“Before being damaged by Xu Chongzhi, this tunnel had been sealed by Bai Wanying for 10,000 years. I have resealed it, and it is now no different from a normal tunnel, which could be easily destroyed by any violent attack. The 10 guardians are going to array another formation there for all of you to stand on, and it will help you go through my Bounded Domain of restriction formation and enter the tunnel,” Feng Li explained and then added, “Good luck to you all in the Nether Big World.”

About one hour later, a silver light lit up the tunnel from below it. The 10 formation-makers dispersed, leaving an entrance that could accommodate two people.

Nie Qingyun was the first to approach the entrance and began looking around curiously with the rest of Lyu Liang’s friends following him.

Lyu Liang was the seventh. When stepping onto the formation, he rapidly swept over the 10 guardians with his gaze as a habit of staying alert.

Suddenly, the joy on Lyu Liang’s face was replaced by astonishment. Without hesitation, he secretly transmitted a voice to all his friends. “Stop! Get out of the formation! Something is wrong with the 10 guys.”

Everyone was taken by surprise.

How come there was something wrong with those guardians, for they were all core members of the Feng family and the Xuanli family?

Even Zhu Yu and Zhu Yan were taken aback by Lyu Liang’s warning, not to mention the others.

All at once, something astonishing happened.

Nine of the guardians, who used to be friendly and kind to them, burst out wailing with their hands glowing green.

At the same time, five men in black emerged from the entrance, casting a large net onto Lyu Liang and his friends standing below.

Though they hadn’t heard Old Xuan’s alarm up to now, Lyu Liang realized that someone, maybe another killer from the Immortal World, had already arrayed a deceptive restriction formation here to cause trouble for them.

To Lyu Liang’s astonishment, he found the trace of Blue-soul Blood within the guardians’ body through the glance he took while stepping onto the formation.

It reminded him of the horrible attack in the tunnel of Tianfo Mountain. Though the killers under control were not so powerful, Lyu Liang was badly affected by the well-designed surprise attack because he was always caught off guard.

Zhu Yu and Zheng Xuan reacted fast. While resisting the killers’ attack, they stepped back and were about to jump out of the circle of formation.

Then Lyu Liang heard their scream. “We can’t escape! Defeated! They are planning self-detonation!”

Through the falling net, Lyu Liang saw the five guardians above grinning hideously. Their aura was disordered and their eyes were empty, indicating that they were all Men of Sacrifice.

After being covered up by the large net, a weird feeling began strangling everyone’s Divine Soul. Except for Lyu Liang’s Divine Body, all of their Spiritual Qi was restrained by the net.

“Infernal Purgatory! We are in great trouble! The stone egg, hurry up!” White shouted in a serious voice. Obviously, he had recognized the five Men of Sacrifice.

Lyu Liang had reached an agreement with the array immortal after the battle against the Guardian of Gold, in which he made a request: Lyu Liang was authorized to summon the stone egg for self-protection in face of a sudden crisis.

Everyone’s cultivation was restrained and they could do nothing but count on the stone egg as a life-saving straw. Anyway, they knew well how powerful the egg could be.

At the same time, the transmission formation burst out dazzling light as if it would start running at any time.

All of a sudden, both Feng Li and Xuanli Tianlie, who were also stunned, took action. And their targets were all the surrounding core guardians with their self-awareness lost.

With the noise of continuous explosions, the five black-robed men that came down all began to self-detonate. What was worse, the transmission formation began running at the same time.

Under the great suction, Lyu Liang and his friends soon left the protection scope of the stone egg and flew toward the whirlpool-like entrance of the channel.

In this situation, the self-detonation of the black-robed men following Lyu Liang would destroy the ramshackle space channel along with everyone present.

At the critical moment, two figures in red emerged near the entrance and were about to become the first victims of the self-detonation.

“No!” Lyu Liang almost bit his lip to bleed. On the transmission formation, his movement was totally restrained by the odd net including flying and teleportation, so all he could do was to push the net up slightly with his Divine Body.

When Lyu Liang stepped onto the formation, Yang Ying, Wen Ying, Fatty, little Blood Dragon, and Xu Mubai were following him.

And the two figures in red trying to rescue him were Wen Ying and little Blood Dragon.

The body of little Blood Dragon was swelling quickly until the dragon turned into his original shape. Without hesitation, he moved forward to block the first explosion.

While little Blood Dragon was immediately torn up by the explosion, Wen Ying following him also vanished in the destructive aura…

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