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The Devil’s Cage (Web Novel)


A virtual underground game that has no protection. Lurking with players who seek power, fortune and survival. Qin ran chose to enter this VRMMORPG game without hesitation because he knows this is his only way out from death. Can he escape death in real life or dying via the game?

913 • 2019-04-03 00:51:38


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1854: Wedding2020-07-07
Chapter 1853: The Last Moment2020-07-07
Chapter 1852: Truth2020-06-29
Chapter 1851: Break!2020-06-29
Chapter 1850: Start!2020-06-28
Chapter 1849: Surge2020-06-28
Chapter 1848: Sought After2020-06-27
Chapter 1847: Difference2020-06-27
Chapter 1846: Pawn—Flip The Table!2020-06-26
Chapter 1845: Partner2020-06-26
Chapter 1844: Transformation2020-06-25
Chapter 1843: Declining2020-06-25
Chapter 1842: Under Control2020-06-24
Chapter 1841: Ferment2020-06-24
Chapter 1840: Change!2020-06-23
Chapter 1839: Spread2020-06-23
Chapter 1838: Choice2020-06-22
Chapter 1837: The Start2020-06-22
Chapter 1836: Coming Relentlessly2020-06-21
Chapter 1835: Assemble2020-06-21
Chapter 1834: The Beginning Of The Next Phase2020-06-20
Chapter 1833: Development2020-06-20
Chapter 1832: Wolf Sect Technique2020-06-19
Chapter 1831: Deceive2020-06-19
Chapter 1830: Prize2020-06-18
Chapter 1829: Fish2020-06-18
Chapter 1828: Life Is Such A Hurry2020-06-17
Chapter 1827: Stab2020-06-17
Chapter 1826: Compensation2020-06-17
Chapter 1825: Lending Strength2020-06-16
Chapter 1824: Name2020-06-15
Chapter 1823: Shed The Wool2020-06-15
Chapter 1822: Fabricate2020-06-14
Chapter 1821: Take Turns To Get On Stage2020-06-14
Chapter 1820: Next Round2020-06-13
Chapter 1819: Gino2020-06-13
Chapter 1818: Shattered2020-06-12
Chapter 1817: A Grateful Heart2020-06-12
Chapter 1816: Over Demanding2020-06-11
Chapter 1815: Restart2020-06-11
Chapter 1814: Inside The Setup2020-06-10
Chapter 1813: Enter The Setup2020-06-10
Chapter 1812: Step By Step2020-06-09
Chapter 1811: Set A Target2020-06-09
Chapter 1810: Next Game2020-06-08
Chapter 1809: Bell Ring2020-06-08
Chapter 1808: Stealing The Day2020-06-07
Chapter 1807: The Rise of The Moon2020-06-07
Chapter 1806: Sunset III2020-06-06
Chapter 1805: Sunset II2020-06-06
Chapter 1804: Sunset I2020-06-05
Chapter 1803: Wait For The Sky To Turn Dark2020-06-05
Chapter 1802: Sivalka’s Warmth2020-06-04
Chapter 1801: Continual Deluge2020-06-04
Chapter 1800: Arrow2020-06-03
Chapter 1799: A God…Has Three Flavours?2020-06-03
Chapter 1798: Confrontation2020-06-02
Chapter 1797: Bishop Simon Is On Stage!2020-06-02
Chapter 1796: Hostile Intent2020-06-01
Chapter 1795: Counterattack2020-06-01
Chapter 1794: Exchange2020-05-31
Chapter 1793: Lacking One2020-05-31
Chapter 1792: Infiltrate2020-05-30
Chapter 1791: A Tale of the Night2020-05-30
Chapter 1790: Conferred2020-05-29
Chapter 1789: Slash2020-05-29
Chapter 1788: Snake2020-05-28
Chapter 1787: Night2020-05-28
Chapter 1786: Start Of The Show2020-05-27
Chapter 1785: You People Don’t Even Know Who You Really Are2020-05-27
Chapter 1784: Minor Matters2020-05-27
Chapter 1783: Noisy Night2020-05-26
Chapter 1782: It Is Just That The Distribution Of Work Is Different2020-05-25
Chapter 1781: Before The Dinner2020-05-25
Chapter 1780: Change2020-05-24
Chapter 1779: Timing2020-05-24
Chapter 1778: Words2020-05-23
Chapter 1777: Replace2020-05-23
Chapter 1776: Making Friends Through Eating2020-05-22
Chapter 1775: Instigate2020-05-22
Chapter 1774: A ‘Pot’ From The Sky!2020-05-21
Chapter 1773: ‘Carrot’2020-05-21
Chapter 1772: A Helping Hand2020-05-20
Chapter 1771: Reciprocity2020-05-20
Chapter 1770: The Night Before2020-05-19
Chapter 1769: Enter the City2020-05-19
Chapter 1768: Questioning2020-05-18
Chapter 1767: Edatine Castle2020-05-18
Chapter 1766: Path of the Rat2020-05-17
Chapter 1765: Unusual2020-05-17
Chapter 1764: Visitor2020-05-16
Chapter 1763: Influenced2020-05-16
Chapter 1762: Food2020-05-15
Chapter 1761: A Good Mood2020-05-15
Chapter 1760: Kagu2020-05-14
Chapter 1759: Fees2020-05-14
Chapter 1758: Heading Out2020-05-13
Chapter 1757: Reaction2020-05-13
Chapter 1756: Approaching Completion2020-05-12
Chapter 1755: Coward As A Mice, Horlaika2020-05-12
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