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The Devil’s Cage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1390: It’s Not Over Yet

Chapter 1390: It’s Not Over Yet

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Kieran opened the door, got out of the minivan, and walked towards the back.

However, two steps later, Kieran turned back and took the bag with the two tin cans of pastries on his seat with him.

“It’s just two cans of pastries!” Eckart looked at his collaborator with a bitter smile.

“They’re still mine,” Kieran said seriously.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, they’re yours,” Eckart raised his hands in the air, his bitter smile got denser.

Although they took the pastries from the House of Han, the two tin cans were all that was left. Eckart didn’t know why Kieran would be so concerned over some pastries.

Kieran wouldn’t tell the director either, because Eckart didn’t care. Kieran turned back and took the pastries because he didn’t want something terrible to happen to his pastries.

Kieran reached the back of the minivan with the pastries.

The other minivan with Lyn Amie and the rest of the bodyguards soon stopped behind the first, and after Kieran signaled the bodyguards in the second minivan that everything was fine, he waited quietly.

A few seconds later, a car appeared within sight.

Although the driver of the car put on makeup, Kieran still recognized the driver with a single glance: Mei Huasheng.

Mei Huasheng also noticed Kieran waiting for her in front, she slowed down and parked her car behind the second minivan.

Kieran went over before she could even get down, opened the back seat door, and sat in.

While looking at Mei Huasheng in the driver’s seat, Kieran didn’t speak, but he has a guess: she was here by orders.

The guess wasn’t that hard though, according to the series of events, Mei Huasheng should be working on the case of Edwood Mansion, not following him with makeup on.

And based on how strict and old-fashioned she was, she wouldn’t have put down the job on her hand.


There was something more vital for her to attend to, for example, Kieran, the bastard who could ‘foretell future.’

“You’re related to the group of thieves?”

Mei Huasheng asked from the driver seat without turning around.

“Are you suspecting me being related to them? Or, did someone tell you everything that happened before was designed and arranged by me because I am the mastermind behind the group of thieves?” said Kieran slowly.

Mei Huasheng turned around with a jolt, glaring at Kieran.

“It is you?” she said with an instinctively raised voice.

“What do you think?” said Kieran while looking at Mei Huasheng with mockery, but of course, he wasn’t mocking her.

“You are not,” said Mei Huasheng in an affirmative tone while shaking her head, her eyes got even sharper.

“Your goal shouldn’t be some antiques; despite the antiques being priceless, your goal must be greater and more secretive.”

“And to achieve your goal, you wouldn’t have participated in this kind of theft.”

“That is why when I checked your background, the records showed nothing but some plain daily events.”

“A great disguise should not be astonishing! Your name, your identity, everything about you is falsified, flawlessly! Which means you have some dark goals you wish to keep a secret!”

Pak Pak Pak.

Kieran slow-clapped after he heard what Mei Huasheng said.

“Not a bad theory, it almost surprised me, if I did not live a normal life before, I might really have believed you., Kieran pretended to be surprised.

He didn’t care whether or not Mei Huasheng was guessing or merely testing him. He knew his identity was flawless after he entered this world.

Despite not having any ‘memory,’ who would have clearly remembered their past?

No one.

So, Kieran was categorized as one of them, a normal man.

“Officer Mei, I do have to remind you without solid evidence, your way of following people is against the law.”

“Suspecting isn’t grounded facts, and if there is a next time… I will take legal action against you.”

Before giving Mei Huasheng the chance to speak, Kieran pushed the door open and left.

Watching Kieran walk back to the minivan and seeing both the vans leave, Mei Huasheng stopped following them, since she was exposed, following had become useless.

Still, it did not break the female officer.

She took out a recorder in the storage compartment at the passenger seat and hit the play button.

After a while, Mei Huasheng frowned.

“Cunning bastard!”

Mei Huasheng slammed the recorder down on the passenger seat and stepped on the accelerator pedal, bringing the car to life with the engine’s roar and quickly vanished into the night.


“You’re saying that Mei Huasheng suspects you as the mastermind behind Edwood Mansion?”

“Is she crazy?”

After listening to what Kieran said, Eckart couldn’t hold back his soft cursing of the female officer.

“It’s not Mei Huasheng, it’s someone else. She only thought this was a chance for her to get me, so consider it as a…making use of the subject.” Kieran smiled without too much concern.

He knew what Mei Huasheng was trying to achieve, so he wasn’t afraid.

“There is someone else? Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this.”

Eckart wasn’t an idiot, Kieran didn’t say anything, but it was enough for him to speculate who might it be. After all, there were only a handful of related parties in the Edwood Mansion case.

Then, a sudden realization hit Eckart, he suddenly straightened his body.

“You didn’t say anything weird, right?” Eckart asked Kieran.

“What, you think I am an idiot?” Kieran replied with a question.

“Good, if you said something that you shouldn’t, trouble would follow.” Eckart was relieved.

Both of them then spent the time casually chatting for the rest of the journey.

But when Eckart saw Kieran lean back and closed his eyes, he was smart enough to stop; he also mimicked Kieran in leaning back, taking a rest.

A while later, snoring was heard.

Kieran opened his eye slightly, taking a peek at Eckart, he didn’t interrupt the director.

Eckart’s tiredness was comparable to himself, and in certain aspects, Eckart was even more exhausted then he was.

His bloodshot eyes and dark eye circles had said it all.

After adjusting his posture, Kieran started to think about his upcoming plan.

The live broadcast at the museum significantly increased the ‘reverse energy,’ and Kieran now had 6 chances to unlock his skills, which meant that single broadcast provided him with 3 opportunities.

Other than this time being a lot more dangerous than the previous shooting, the ‘Shaman’ show’s popularity had begun to spread further and was no longer limited to Rain City alone.

There was no doubt that it was good news, but there was bad news as well. Despite getting 6 chances of unlocks, Kieran still couldn’t unlock his Constitution, or rather all the connected skills in one shot; thus, it had slightly affected his upcoming plans.

“I need more than I thought! Guess I’ll have to move my schedule ahead a bit.”

Kieran ended up adjusting his plan again, but changes are always faster than plans.

Just when Kieran was about to enter the final step of adjusting his plans, trying to be as flawless as possible, Eckart’s phone rang.

The sleepy Eckart woke up and answered the phone with slight anger but a moment later…

Eckart’s eyes widened as he cried out in shock, “What!? The Curseman Vase is stolen!?”

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