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The Devil’s Cage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1391: Owner

Chapter 1391: Owner

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Kieran opened his eyes and turned to Eckart, who was still in shock.

Kieran gave Eckart a meaningful glance, and the latter understood right away, explaining the situation.

“The police and security on duty didn’t see the thief?”

“The Curseman Vase vanished into thin air?”

“The surveillance cameras were taken away for evidence, so it wasn’t recorded?”

After multiple questions on the phone, Kieran, who was listening, couldn’t help but frown.

Coincidence! Too coincidental!

Kieran had just solved the theft revolving around the Curseman Vase a few hours ago, caught the group of thieves responsible, and even exposed the curator, Porl Nelson, as one of the masterminds.

But now, a few hours later, the Curseman Vase had vanished?

Although it wasn’t his responsibility, Kieran felt provoked.

Hanging up the phone, Eckart looked at Kieran.

Kieran felt provoked, so did Eckart.

Eckart also thought of a lot more things, like those rivals of his that once bowed and complied with him.

He believed that if his rivals had the chance, they would not hesitate to turn around and bite him, because it was what he would do to his opponents.

In fact, both sides were mortal enemies from the beginning, it was just that both sides were holding back before they could indeed wipe out the other.

“This case feels wrong. Why don’t you go back to the villa first and wait for my investigation? We will then consider whether or not we should intervene.”

Eckart was pretty ‘concerned’ about Kieran’s reputation.

If it were possible, he would not allow anyone to taint the name ‘Shaman 2567’ one bit.

“I think it’s not targeted at you. I know your rivals are hostile, but unless they lose their minds, they won’t involve themselves in this case.” Kieran shook his head.

“Well, who knows, maybe they really did lose their minds!”

Eckart leaned his body forward, placed his elbows above his knee, and palms under his chin. He was thinking about which one of his rivals would be so crazy.

Kieran didn’t argue with him; neither did he interrupt him because what Eckart said was within the realm of possibilities.

But unfortunately, after 5 minutes of pondering upon the topic, Eckart got nothing.

“Now, what should we do?”

“Wanna go have a look at the museum?”

Eckart was asking for Kieran’s opinion after his fruitless thinking ended.

“Believe me, no one can get near the museum now.”

“The missing vase must have triggered everyone in the police force, whosoever gets close to the place may have to face the wrath of their guns.”


Kieran paused and looked at Eckart with a smile.

Eckart then tacitly said, “Gorbor, let’s go home. We need a good rest.”

“Yes, boss,” Gorbor replied while driving the van steadily.

A good night’s sleep later, Kieran appeared before the dining table punctually.

Warm milk, bacon, fried eggs, and a big size steak was prepared by the chef according to Kieran’s order.

The morning news on the TV was reporting the vase missing from the museum last night, the news anchor also specially mentioned Kieran’s performance.

The scene then changed to Officer Lin An. The middle-aged officer had bloodshot eyes and a rough voice when he was interviewed, despite tidying up for the camera, it was enough to say he hasn’t slept for the whole night.

The interviewers didn’t spare him either.

Each of them tried their best to nitpick the officer, especially the female reporter that was asking right now, she’d ask about “How did the police protect the vase, why it was stolen after changing the shifts,” or questions along similar veins of thought.

After that, the questions were shifted to more general security problems and the safety of the civilians.

Even though the TV screen, Kieran could see how angry Lin An was.

If the conditions allowed it, Kieran believed Lin An would have taught the female reporter who kept prying on his wound an unforgettable lesson.

Shaking his head, Kieran turned the TV off. He didn’t want anything to interrupt his wonderful breakfast time.

The black pepper herbal sauce was poured over the steak skillfully by the chef. Kieran took the fork and knife and quickly separated the steak into 10 portions.

The meat chosen was of excellent quality. It was tender when bitten, and the marbling was rich and flavourful.

The sauce complimented the steak by suppressing the gamey smell, but on the downside, the beef’s original flavor was slightly altered as well.

Suddenly, Kieran thought of Starbeck, followed by Boss Dao.

Maybe I can make a booking?

When the thought bloomed, Kieran uncontrollably hastened his eating.

Although the taste didn’t reach his expectations, not wasting food was one of Kieran’s rules.

After sweeping the food clean, Kieran went to the fixed telephone in the room.

He still didn’t get a mobile phone despite Eckart’s suggestion.

He wasn’t stubborn, though, but he knew how much ‘trickery’ could be done on a mobile phone.

Before getting back to his prime form, getting a ‘smartphone’ in his current situation was ‘unsmart’ for him.

However, before he even picked up the phone, the video door-phone hanging on the wall rang.

“Boss, there is a reporter outside who wishes to interview you.” One of Gorbor’s men called in.

“No,” Kieran rejected without a second thought.

Interviewing him at a time like this would not be good.

Although within the foreseeable future, he would be getting a decent amount of ‘reverse energy,’ from a big-picture perspective, it would be killing the hen in favor of the eggs.

Kieran would not commit such an act. Besides, he didn’t want to become a weapon for others to deal with their enemies.

Kieran had a hunch about what the final goal of the reporter would be.

After getting Kieran’s reply, the bodyguards started to chase the reporter away. Kieran didn’t see the scene, but he heard a female voice calling out sharply.

“The people have the right to know!”

“You should cooperate with me!”

“The truth is the best reward!”

Her voice could be heard going on and on, but it didn’t change the outcome.

“The truth is the best reward?”

“The harshness of the truth will turn this reward into a catastrophe!”

“More so, did you really come for the truth?”

Kieran muttered to himself as mockery flashed over his face.

He didn’t mind pursuing the truth, but he knew what the requirement to do so was.

This reporter obviously did not come prepared.

Similar to how everyone claimed to be on the side of justice, their ‘justice’ hadn’t gone through real tests and tempering, and in the end, it will only be something they hang over their mouths.

Kieran then went over to the phone, trying to make a reservation at Boss Dao’s place.

But just like how he was interrupted the first time, the video door-phone rang again the moment Kieran’s finger touched the phone.

It was the bodyguard again.

“Don’t tell me it is about the reporter again.” Kieran turned around and looked at the little screen.

“No, boss. A Mr. Riton Lystie is here for you. He claims to be the owner of the Curseman Vase, and I confirmed his identity with the leader, it turns out to be true.”

“Do you want to meet him?” the bodyguard asked.

“The Curseman Vase’s owner?”

A raised brow later, thoughts appeared in his eyes before nodding. “Bring him in.”

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