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The Devil’s Cage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1397: Unlock. Doubts

Chapter 1397: Unlock. Doubts

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Even while shying away from her gypsy outfit, Nuna’s manner of dress was still as provocative. She was carefully listening to Rito Lystie’s description of Kieran.

When she heard about ‘something we don’t know’ part, her eyes shone.

“Is it music or dance?” Nuna asked.

“No. As a matter of fact, I am still not sure what it is, but it’s certainly not some act or pretentious bluff,” Riton Lystie shook his head and replied seriously.

“Is that so?”

When Nuna heard it wasn’t related to music or dance, her face showed obvious disappointment, but at the next moment, the frustration vanished. She looked up at Riton Lystie and asked, “So what are you going to do next?”

“What am I going to do? Follow the plan, of course. I really can’t wait for it!”

“After all, I did almost lose the real Curseman Vase to ‘fish’ this guy out.”

Riton Lystie was softly speaking like he was talking to his lover, but the viciousness in his eyes was unconcealable.

Nuna shook her head at her partner.

She did not like the look on her partner’s face, but she knew if her partner were that kind of kind and ignorant boy, he wouldn’t be her partner in the first place.

The arrows from the dark and secretive attack from within the family would have killed him one thousand times over.

“Do you need help?” Nuna asked.

Although she didn’t like him, as partners, she was still willing to lend a hand, like right now.

But of course, necessary payment was required.

“No need. This is my hunt. Besides, Nuna, you should really pay attention to the Noroid Church. I don’t think they hit the soldier rehabilitation center just for kicks.”

“And 2567! If it’s possible, I hope that he can join us. He really is a decent guy.”

When Kieran was mentioned, it reminded Riton Lystie of that dangerous moment where Kieran saved him from the bullets. Although the fall was painful, compared to the flying bullets, falling down made him feel more relieved.

It has been a while since Riton Lystie felt relieved, and he didn’t mind feeling so once more.

Then, what else was more relieving than recruiting Kieran as his partner?

“I know. I was rejected once, but I will succeed next time.” Nuna then pushed the car door open and left.

Riton Lystie couldn’t help but shake his head as he saw Nuna off.

He knew there were still a lot of things to be done to recruit Kieran to their ranks, but Nuna having confidence was a good thing.

“Let’s go,” Riton Lystie spoke to the driver.

The car roared to life and drove off. Two more vehicles with bodyguards drove in from another street, joining Riton Lystie before the three vehicles drove away from Rain City.

Riton Lystie left Rain City quietly, but he did inform others, though.

Other than Nuna, Eckart received the message as well, because…

Kieran still didn’t want to get a mobile phone.

The message was brief, simple greetings, ‘see you again next time’ and things like that, Riton Lystie also reminded Eckart to get more bodyguards.

Eckart, who had just survived a shooting, took the reminder to heart.

Therefore, there were 6 more bodyguards hired in the villa Kieran was staying. They were still Gorbor’s men, and even if they weren’t the aces in the field, they were still some of the best.

Eckart also moved in with Kieran at the villa. It was Gorbor’s suggestion, though.

‘Boss, I don’t think you should the protection split up.’

‘There are a lot of rooms in the villa, you can move in anytime.’

‘It wouldn’t just be more convenient, we will be able to protect you more efficiently.’

Eckart was good at listening to suggestions, and Kieran didn’t dislike a person that would follow his rules.

As for Lyn Amie, the makeup artist? He didn’t have a say in this, but he was the one happiest after Eckart moved in.

Because when Kieran concentrated on something, Lyn Amie would at least have someone to talk to, just like now, after Kieran went down to the underground training room.

“2567 goes down there every day?”

Eckart only knew a little about Kieran’s daily routines and habits, not in great detail.

“Mhmm. He is like a robot,” Lyn Amie nodded.

“He is really a workaholic,” Eckart commented.

He then took the two thick stacks of documents and placed them on the tea table.

As the popularity of the ‘Shaman’ show surged, many creative ideas were gathered, but more importantly, many places that were labeled as ‘haunted’ and ‘ominous’ had appeared.

Eckart, of course, wouldn’t give the documents to Kieran directly, and even after his assistant went through the ideas a few times and selected the good ones, he would only be at ease if he went through them again.

“I have to work now, don’t disturb me,” Eckart told Lyn Amie without even looking at him.

Lyn Amie, who was about to say something shut up right away, stood up and walked to the corner of the living hall—on top of the table, there was a book.

Lyn Amie thought he could cure his boredom with Eckart, but it seemed like he was a little too optimistic.

“Lucky, I still have you,” Lyn Amie muttered.

Time flew faster under concentration.

The ‘Shaman’ show was airing two to three times a week now, and the contents varied from many different themes. From the more straightforward stage performance to the harder outdoor shooting, everything was being aired in the best way possible with Eckart’s meticulous planning.

So, it was natural that the name ‘Shaman 2567′ grew at an exponential rate; at the same time, Kieran was getting more and more’ reverse Energy.’

When ‘reverse energy’ was accumulated to 20 times, unlock, Kieran tried to unlock his Constitution again, and finally, he got something different.

[Activated reverse Energy to unlock Constitution, authentication starting…]

[Energy reach the mark, authentication passed!]

[Constitution reached B rank!]



“Not Strong I?!”

Kieran jolted and frowned unconsciously.

The scene before him was different than what he expected.

In his original thought, once he unlocked himself from the sealed state, he would have returned to his prime form, but the facts proved that it was much harder than he had expected.


Why would it be B rank and not S?

‘Whenever a Basic skill reaches Transcendence, if your stats aren’t more than B rank, you can increase them by leveling the skill!’

Almost out of instinct, Kieran thought of the words Lawless once told him.


“B rank stats and attributes?”

“What is the connection?”

Standing in the shadows, Kieran, who never believed in coincidences, went into deep thought.

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