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The Devious First-Daughter (Web Novel)






Lian Shuang, 帘霜


Harem Josei Romance

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A lonely soul, which was placed under the care of the Lord Protector’s Manor, ended up having her lover stolen by the family’s eldest daughter and dying tragically the day before her wedding.

Somehow, she was reborn in the family as their 14-year-old first wife’s daughter, Ning Xueyan, with a startlingly familiar face.

Step by step, she will ruthlessly scheme to seek revenge as well as uncover the mystery of her tragic death.

Her former fiancee, the flirty crown prince and the bloodthirsty prince, will now bear witness to a vengeful Ning Xueyan becoming the peerless lady of her generation…

500 • 2019-11-23 22:22:24


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 500 Schemes of the Harem2020-09-18
Chapter 499 Confrontation; Commandery Princess Xianyun’s Weakness2020-09-17
Chapter 498 His Mission2020-09-16
Chapter 497 The Farce in the Third Prince’s Other Courtyard2020-09-15
Chapter 496 Moving from One Place to Another on the Wedding Night2020-09-14
Chapter 495 Fright on the Wedding Night2020-09-13
Chapter 494 They’re Married, They’re Married2020-09-12
Chapter 493 The Wedding Sedan Is Here; Let’s Welcome the Bride2020-09-11
Chapter 492 The Auspicious Moment Missed on the Wedding Day2020-09-10
Chapter 491 Planning, and Responses of Different Parties2020-09-09
Chapter 490 I’m Just a Passerby2020-09-09
Chapter 489 It Turns out That This Is…2020-09-09
Chapter 488 The Three Sisters Act Differently2020-09-09
Chapter 487 Softened Words Uttered in a Disadvantageous Situation2020-09-07
Chapter 486 The Romantic Talent from Jiangnan2020-09-07
Chapter 485 Their Tricks Frightened the Beautiful Lady2020-09-07
Chapter 484 A Four-bay Bookstore2020-09-07
Chapter 483 Going on a Tour and Their Sisters Get along Well2020-09-06
Chapter 482 Burying the Hatchet and Ning Qingshan’s Visit2020-09-06
Chapter 481 The Secret Affairs in the Study2020-09-06
Chapter 480 The Whole Household Took a Beating2020-09-05
Chapter 479 The Maid Is Talking Sheer Nonsense2020-09-05
Chapter 478 The Purple-gold and Sapphire Glazed Vases2020-09-04
Chapter 477 A Dispute and Competition among Sisters2020-09-04
Chapter 476 The Smashed Porcelain Items2020-09-04
Chapter 475 Gift from Prince Yi2020-09-04
Chapter 474 The Peonies in the Foggy Courtyard2020-09-03
Chapter 473 I Went to the Palace to Ask for the Dissolution of the Betrothal2020-09-03
Chapter 472 The Person in the Inner Chamber of Ning Zu’an’s Study2020-09-02
Chapter 471 Ning Xueyan Returns to Lord Protector’s Manor2020-09-02
Chapter 470 A Suspicion Generated in the Nunnery of a Barren Mountain2020-08-31
Chapter 469 I’m Going to Reject the Marriage2020-08-31
Chapter 468 Ignore the Difference between the Legitimate and Illegitimate Children2020-08-30
Chapter 467 Claiming a Family Connection in an Unbelievable Way2020-08-29
Chapter 466 Ning Yuling’s Unexpected Encounter with a Lecher2020-08-29
Chapter 465 Being Caught in Bed2020-08-28
Chapter 464 A Maid in Two Coats2020-08-28
Chapter 463 Maids Are the Same Human Beings as Us2020-08-27
Chapter 462 The News Ning Qingshan Got2020-08-27
Chapter 461 Trouble the Novice Monks2020-08-26
Chapter 460 The Medicinal Powder on the Bowl2020-08-26
Chapter 459 The Teacup Was Broken2020-08-25
Chapter 458 The “Deep Affection” Between Ning Ziyan and Ning Yuling2020-08-25
Chapter 457 Your Grandfather’s Thing2020-08-24
Chapter 456 The Princess of the Previous Dynasty2020-08-24
Chapter 455 Someone Delivered the Message, Someone Went into action2020-08-23
Chapter 454 With Scruple, She Cannot Afford to Gamble2020-08-23
Chapter 453 Madam Dowager Came Aggressively to Denounce Ning Qingshan2020-08-16
Chapter 452 The Most Crucial Part of It2020-08-16
Chapter 451 I Didn’t Do Anythingv2020-08-14
Chapter 450 Have Been Engaged More Than Once2020-08-14
Chapter 449 Cruelly Point Arrows at His Head2020-08-10
Chapter 448 Confronting Calmly and Talking Cheerfully2020-08-09
Chapter 447 Being Forced, But There Was No Way to Retreat2020-08-09
Chapter 446 The Jewel She Got from Vice Minister Ling’s Manor2020-08-08
Chapter 445 The Jade Pendant Which Appeared Suddenly2020-08-08
Chapter 444 Cordial Commandery Princess Xianyun2020-08-07
Chapter 443 Madam Dowager’s Tentative Questions2020-08-06
Chapter 442 Encountering a Fight Again2020-08-06
Chapter 441 A Lot of Trouble2020-07-31
Chapter 440 Accidents, All Are Accidents2020-07-31
Chapter 439 Catch Fire, Another Accident2020-07-20
Chapter 438 Another Accident2020-07-20
Chapter 437 Being Rescued and Fed with Medicine2020-07-19
Chapter 436 Find Qingyu2020-07-19
Chapter 435 Running into an Old Acquaintance in the Mountains2020-07-18
Chapter 434 A Decisive Survival Escape2020-07-18
Chapter 433 A Sudden Change and a Sudden Shock2020-07-17
Chapter 432 Indecisiveness Leads to Disaster2020-07-17
Chapter 431 Be Patient2020-07-16
Chapter 430 Coercion, Tit-for-tat2020-07-16
Chapter 429 Scheme, Each of them Has Their Own Scheme2020-07-15
Chapter 428 Madam Dowager’s Anxiety2020-07-15
Chapter 427 Leaving no Means Untried, and Who Will Give An Account to Whom?2020-07-14
Chapter 426 That’s how the Misunderstanding Occurred2020-07-13
Chapter 425 Implacable Hatred, and Madam Ling Made a Plan Again2020-07-12
Chapter 424 She Was not even a Concubine2020-07-11
Chapter 423 Injustice Undone, Cutting off the Thread of Love2020-07-11
Chapter 422 An Old Event Triggered by a Murder2020-07-09
Chapter 421 A Strange Scent of Medicine2020-07-08
Chapter 420 Commandery Princess was the Best2020-07-07
Chapter 419 He had to Confess His Crime2020-07-07
Chapter 418 Being Ferocious, Slapping the Maid2020-07-05
Chapter 417 An Exquisite Box with an Interlayer2020-07-04
Chapter 416 The Replaced Jade Ruyi Sceptre2020-07-04
Chapter 415 The Delicate and Poor Fourth Young Lady2020-07-02
Chapter 414 How Dare You!2020-07-01
Chapter 413 Where’s the Military Medallion of the Former Dynasty?2020-06-30
Chapter 412 All Appeared in the Lord Protector’s Manor2020-06-29
Chapter 411 The Aggrieved Madam Ling2020-06-28
Chapter 410 The Strange Fragrance in Madam Ling’s House2020-06-27
Chapter 409 Lotus Pond, Ning Xueyan pushed Ning Yuling into the Water This Time2020-06-26
Chapter 408 The Third Prince, Beat One to It2020-06-26
Chapter 407 A Mark, See It Again2020-06-26
Chapter 406 The Third Prince’s Purpose in Coming2020-06-24
Chapter 405 Consort Dowager Chen’s Old Object2020-06-22
Chapter 404 The Betrothal Gifts from Prince Yi’s Manor2020-06-21
Chapter 403 Meeting Trick with Trick, Being Suspicious Step by Step2020-06-20
Chapter 402 Vice Minister Ling’s Fluster2020-06-19
Chapter 401 Another Fiancé2020-06-18
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