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The Devious First-Daughter (Web Novel)






Lian Shuang, 帘霜


Harem Josei Romance

Orginal Language:



A lonely soul, which was placed under the care of the Lord Protector’s Manor, ended up having her lover stolen by the family’s eldest daughter and dying tragically the day before her wedding.

Somehow, she was reborn in the family as their 14-year-old first wife’s daughter, Ning Xueyan, with a startlingly familiar face.

Step by step, she will ruthlessly scheme to seek revenge as well as uncover the mystery of her tragic death.

Her former fiancee, the flirty crown prince and the bloodthirsty prince, will now bear witness to a vengeful Ning Xueyan becoming the peerless lady of her generation…

159 • 2019-11-23 22:22:24


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 329 Who Schemed Against Whom?2020-04-09
Chapter 328 Scheming, a Show by the County Princess Yuanyun2020-04-08
Chapter 327 Exchanging Four Beauties for One, Commandery Princess Mingya’s Thought2020-04-07
Chapter 326 Beautiful Lady, the Candidates for the Co-consort2020-04-06
Chapter 325 Feast, Gold Threaded Soft Leather Armor2020-04-05
Chapter 324 Two Princesses from the Previous Dynasty?2020-04-04
Chapter 323 What Prince Yi Meant2020-04-03
Chapter 322 The Result of the Beauty Contest Comes Out2020-04-02
Chapter 321 Who Is the Real Princess of the Previous Dynasty?2020-04-01
Chapter 320 Buddha Reason in the Small Jing’an Temple2020-03-31
Chapter 319 How Dare you! Are You Sure You’re Talking about Me?2020-03-30
Chapter 318 Petals in the Bathwater2020-03-29
Chapter 317 A Strange Imperial Concubine2020-03-28
Chapter 316 Someone Tampered with the Zither2020-03-27
Chapter 315 A Sudden Change on the String2020-03-26
Chapter 314 Ensemble of Zither and Dance2020-03-25
Chapter 313 The Fifth Young Lady of the Lord Protector’s Manor’s Zither2020-03-24
Chapter 312 Drawing Jade Tablets, the Seventh and the Eighth2020-03-23
Chapter 311 Making Inquiries, A little Pleasing Eunuch2020-03-22
Chapter 310 The Blood Jade Bracelet2020-03-21
Chapter 309 The Hate-filled Caifen2020-03-20
Chapter 308 The Past Events Disclosed, Honored Consort Ya Conceded2020-03-19
Chapter 307 Honored Consort Ya’s Enthusiasm2020-03-18
Chapter 306 Officially Entering the Palace and Joining the Beauty Contest2020-03-17
Chapter 305 A Dispute Between Servants2020-03-16
Chapter 304 Jealousy Ning Qingshan2020-03-15
Chapter 303 The Third Prince Ao Mingyu’s Care2020-03-14
Chapter 302 Your Highness, Did the Third Prince Do it?2020-03-13
Chapter 301 Danger, Night Attack2020-03-12
Chapter 300 Accident, a Fire in the Buddha Hall2020-03-11
Chapter 299 The Beauty in Ao Xian’s Heart2020-03-10
Chapter 298 A Powerful Man2020-03-09
Chapter 297 Is She Really the Princess of the Previous Dynasty?2020-03-08
Chapter 296 Praying at Cold Mountain Temple During the Spring Festival2020-03-07
Chapter 295 Ning Qingshan’s Regret2020-03-06
Chapter 294 Warning, Mammy Luo Was Tortured2020-03-05
Chapter 293 Sinister, Madam Dowager’s intention to kill Aroused2020-03-04
Chapter 292 Specially Prepared Maids2020-03-03
Chapter 291 Horror in the Garden, Father and Daughter Fought2020-03-02
Chapter 290 The Warm-hearted and Kind Mammy Luo2020-03-01
Chapter 289 A Coincidence Might Cause a Disaster2020-02-29
Chapter 288 A Delicate Pearl Flower2020-02-28
Chapter 287 Weird, a Sudden Change in the Study2020-02-27
Chapter 286 What’s on Madam Dowager’s Mind2020-02-26
Chapter 285 Let Mother Wang Get Away With a Clever Device2020-02-25
Chapter 284 Put on Airs to Collude with Each Other2020-02-24
Chapter 283 Secrets Hiding in the Book of Family Names2020-02-23
Chapter 282 That’s How Rumors Spread2020-02-22
Chapter 281 The Cloud Reflection Courtyard Is Haunted2020-02-21
Chapter 280 Maybe the Back Door Is Not Sealed2020-02-20
Chapter 279 Some Coincidences Made Her Countermeasure Slightly Superior2020-02-19
Chapter 278 Enjoying the Tea, Changing the Carriage Observantly2020-02-18
Chapter 277 The Carriages Moving Forward, It’s Dangerous2020-02-17
Chapter 276 Disturbances Arise Again for Eavesdropping2020-02-16
Chapter 275 Ning Lingyun Pretending to Be Ill and Not Going Upstairs2020-02-15
Chapter 274 Ning Qingshan Cast the Blame on Ning Xueyan2020-02-14
Chapter 273 The Affectionate Third Prince Ao Mingyu2020-02-13
Chapter 272 Third Sister Wanted to Ask About Second Sister2020-02-12
Chapter 271 Families Should Huddle Together to Have a Jolly Time2020-02-11
Chapter 270 All the Three Girls Are Missing2020-02-10
Chapter 269 Go Down. Let’s Go to the Linjiang Restaurant Quickly2020-02-09
Chapter 268 Your Royal Highness, Which Tender and Sweet Girl Do You Want to See2020-02-08
Chapter 267 Someone Is Following Us2020-02-07
Chapter 266 The Orphan of the Former Dynasty2020-02-06
Chapter 265 A Competition of Earrings and Hairpins2020-02-05
Chapter 264 Accidental Rescue at the Tea House2020-02-04
Chapter 263 Not the most Reasonable but More Reasonable2020-02-03
Chapter 262 To Scare the Cat out of the Bag2020-02-02
Chapter 261 Meeting Chen Qing Again2020-02-01
Chapter 260 Sir, Are You From the Qingyun Academy?2020-01-31
Chapter 259 He Turned out to be the Man I Am Looking for2020-01-30
Chapter 258 The Quarrel and the Unexpected Accident2020-01-29
Chapter 257 The Birthday Party of the Lord Guardian’s Daughter2020-01-28
Chapter 256 Meet Commandery Princess Xianyun for the First Time2020-01-27
Chapter 255 The Qingyun Academy2020-01-26
Chapter 254 A Mysterious Middle-aged Woman2020-01-25
Chapter 253 How Could Family Affairs Be More Important than National Affairs?2020-01-24
Chapter 252 The Thing Got Even Worse2020-01-23
Chapter 251 Unexpectedly, an Assassin Came2020-01-22
Chapter 250 Madam Ling Is Triumphant at the News of Ning Xueyan’s Trap2020-01-21
Chapter 249 The Accident at Orchid Garden2020-01-20
Chapter 248 Madam Ling’s Scheme Is Different from Ning Qingshan’s2020-01-19
Chapter 247 Ning Ziyan Pinched Ning Xueyan Hard (False Sisterhood)2020-01-19
Chapter 246 Diamond Cut Diamond2020-01-17
Chapter 245 Xia Yuhang’s Doubt2020-01-16
Chapter 244 Madam Ling Adopted Ning Qingshan as Her Daughter2020-01-15
Chapter 243 Madam Ling Was Released From the Buddha Hall2020-01-14
Chapter 242 How Dare You Take Away All My Stuff2020-01-13
Chapter 241 The Broken Pearled Hair-pin2020-01-12
Chapter 240 What if They Can’t Find the Dowry List?2020-01-11
Chapter 239 Each of the Shopkeepers Has Prepared Two Different Account Books2020-01-10
Chapter 238 A Trouble Caused by the Account Books2020-01-09
Chapter 237 Third Sister, It Was not Your Fault2020-01-08
Chapter 236 It’s Time for Me to Get Married2020-01-07
Chapter 235 This Is a Reward for you From Prince Yi2020-01-06
Chapter 234 I’m Going to Buy Some Cloth for My Servants2020-01-05
Chapter 233 Mr. Yu, the Shopkeeper of the Cloth Shop2020-01-04
Chapter 232 Ning Lingyun Was Frightened2020-01-03
Chapter 231 Sea-view Pavilion2019-12-27
Chapter 224 They All Have an Ulterior Object in View2019-12-26