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The Divine Martial Stars (Web Novel)


The world is about to be destroyed to make way for an interstellar transmission array formation. A young man journeys through the stars to save his home. A bloody fantasy adventure.

787 • 2019-09-08 09:33:58


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 555 Li Mu’s Arrival2020-11-18
Chapter 554 Finally Entering the Void-breaking Realm2020-11-12
Chapter 553 The Fifth Match2020-11-09
Chapter 552 Broadsword’s Downfall2020-11-09
Chapter 551 The Knife Hut Servant Called Wu Ming2020-11-09
Chapter 550 The First Match2020-11-09
Chapter 549 Gallant Sword Deployment2020-11-09
Chapter 548 Sect Master?2020-11-09
Chapter 547 Becoming a Scapegoat2020-11-09
Chapter 546 Arrogant Man and His More Arrogant Broadsword2020-11-09
Chapter 545 Actually It’s Not That Hard2020-10-28
Chapter 544 Lending Me Your Broadsword2020-10-22
Chapter 543 Engagement2020-10-22
Chapter 542 A Hack in the Face2020-10-14
Chapter 541 Massacre in Bloom2020-10-14
Chapter 540: Who On Earth Are You?2020-10-12
Chapter 539 Face to Face2020-10-12
Chapter 538 Future Leader of the Fate-defying Sect (2)2020-10-08
Chapter 537 Future Leader of the Fate-defying Sect (1)2020-10-08
Chapter 536 The Situation Is Taking an Upturn2020-10-06
Chapter 535 Precious Qi of Cyan Lotus2020-10-06
Chapter 534 100 Meters2020-10-06
Chapter 533 An Unexpected Change2020-10-06
Chapter 532 A Fair and Square Battle?2020-10-06
Chapter 531 A Silver Figure2020-10-06
Chapter 530 Desktop Peak2020-09-27
Chapter 529 Young Master of Guqin and Sword2020-09-27
Chapter 528 The God of Green Lotus Swordsman2020-09-27
Chapter 527 The Moon Dao Sect2020-09-24
Chapter 526 The Chaotic Natural Qi2020-09-24
Chapter 525 Bitter Star2020-09-24
Chapter 524 The End—Departure2020-09-21
Chapter 523 An Unrivaled Man2020-09-21
Chapter 522 Treasure Houses2020-09-18
Chapter 521 Killing the Vicious Dragon2020-09-18
Chapter 520 Crushing Dry Weeds and Smashing Rotten Wood2020-09-12
Chapter 519 Angel Sting2020-09-12
Chapter 518 Revolutionary Means2020-09-08
Chapter 517 Leak of Inside Information2020-09-08
Chapter 516 Joining Forces2020-09-06
Chapter 515 The Four Pictures2020-09-06
Chapter 514 The Closing of the Heaven2020-09-02
Chapter 513 Unexpected Discovery2020-10-23
Chapter 512 The Primordial World2020-08-31
Chapter 511 Taking His Full Swing2020-08-28
Chapter 510 You Are Unworthy of This2020-07-19
Chapter 509 Opening Before the Schedule2020-07-19
Chapter 508 Divine God Sect2020-07-18
Chapter 507 The Great Man2020-07-18
Chapter 506 Killing a Thousand in One Day2020-07-17
Chapter 505 True God?2020-07-17
Chapter 504 See Me Slay Demons2020-07-17
Chapter 503 Sentry Post2020-07-17
Chapter 502 The Situation and the Change2020-07-17
Chapter 501 Evil Being Rewarded with Evil2020-07-17
Chapter 500 How High Was His Cultivation?2020-07-15
Chapter 499 Master Also Dropping to His Knees2020-07-15
Chapter 498 What’s Going On?2020-07-14
Chapter 497 The Engagement2020-07-14
Chapter 496 The Cooperation2020-07-13
Chapter 495 Holy Speech Sect2020-07-13
Chapter 494 Killing With No Privilege2020-07-12
Chapter 493 Three Questions2020-07-12
Chapter 492 The World Has Changed2020-07-11
Chapter 491 Bays of Being Parents2020-07-11
Chapter 490 Waves of Change Surging2020-07-11
Chapter 489 Digging up the Coal2020-07-09
Chapter 488 The Measure of Immortals2020-07-09
Chapter 487 Qinling Heaven2020-07-09
Chapter 486 You Wait and See If You Have the Nerve2020-07-09
Chapter 485 Taking up the Broadsword to Protect Those in Need2020-07-09
Chapter 484 The Shock of All Parties on Earth2020-07-09
Chapter 483 A Quiet Departure after the Work Is Done2020-07-09
Chapter 482 The One She Had Been Waiting for2020-07-07
Chapter 481 The Way Back to Home2020-07-07
Chapter 480 Thirty-Nine Light Years2020-07-07
Chapter 479 Asking One What is Love Supposed to Be?2020-07-07
Chapter 478 Heavenly Medical Faerie2020-07-01
Chapter 477 Visitors from the Mountain2020-06-29
Chapter 476 Three More2020-06-28
Chapter 475 Two Heads2020-06-27
Chapter 474 The Servant in the Knife Hut2020-06-26
Chapter 473 Is He Scared?2020-06-26
Chapter 472 The Void-breaking Realm2020-06-25
Chapter 471 Punishment2020-06-24
Chapter 470 The End of the Tomb of the God of Sin2020-06-23
Chapter 469 The Arrival of the Dragon Beast2020-06-21
Chapter 468 God of War2020-06-21
Chapter 467 The True Meaning of Knife-Using Methods2020-06-20
Chapter 466 Squaring Accounts One by One2020-06-18
Chapter 465 Annihilation2020-06-18
Chapter 464 A Forceful Turn of Events2020-06-16
Chapter 463 Immortals’ Battle2020-06-16
Chapter 462 Am I Competent?2020-06-15
Chapter 461 A Spent Arrow2020-06-14
Chapter 460 Who Answers, Who Dies2020-06-14
Chapter 459 Who Is the Next?2020-06-14
Chapter 458 Sinners2020-06-14
Chapter 457 Falling Out2020-06-14
Chapter 456 Formation Inheritance2020-06-14
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