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The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1008: Imperishable Sword Body

Chapter 1008: Imperishable Sword Body

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Tianyu held the scissors with both hands, and remarked with great disdain, “Three strikes? You’re overestimating yourself! My Golden Dragon Scissors are capable of cutting through all sorts of things, from intangible spirits to fragments of fairy artifacts. Let me see how you’re going to defeat me with three strikes!”


The Golden Dragon Scissors snapped shut forcefully, forming two crossed-over rays of golden light. The golden rays sliced through the air like it was fabric, forming two strips of pitch-black space seams wherever they touched.

Bing Wuxin’s long sword was cut in half!

“semi-manufactured fairy artifact?” Qian Feng grew solemn. When he was fighting her earlier, Tianyu did not use this semi-manufactured fairy artifact!!

Cries of astonishment erupted all around them. Those watching were envious and covetous of this remarkable item.

In a great faction of the region like the Red Blood Palace, only the top three students would be offered the opportunity to own a semi-manufactured fairy artifact for self-defense. They could not fail to be jealous of Tianyu.

However, Bing Wuxin was calm and composed. Weaving signs with her hands, she questioned, “Would my sword be cut off that easily?”


With a soft noise, the sword that had been severed into two fragments diminished in brightness, revealing its true form. It wasn’t any tangible treasure. Those fragments were, in fact, two transparent empty objects without a solid form!

After breaking apart, the two rays of sword brilliance merged into one, and re-coalesced into a blade which continued to strike at Tianyu.

Tianyu was caught unawares, dread and shock all over her face. “This… this is the intermediate level of the Path of Swords, the Imperishable Sword Body!”

“What? The second level of the Path of Swords?” The sound of sharp intakes of breath spread through the onlooking crowds.

On any martial path, impassable obstacles would emerge towards the end of training. Once the obstacles were overcome, one would step into a whole new divine, miraculous domain, which was known as the Inherent Martial Path. The Inherent Martial Path was classified into three levels: the elementary level, the intermediate level, and the advanced level.

As for the three great levels of the Path of Swords, the elementary level was the Sword-Heart Synchronization, and the intermediate level was the Imperishable Sword Body!

Most of the elites got no further than the Extrinsic Martial Path, unable to peer into the Inherent Martial Path. Only a minority of them, who had a rather ethereal proneness to enlightenment and were capable of comprehending the laws of the world, could negotiate the obstacles and step into the first level of the Inherent Martial Path.

As for the second level, only a very small number of Heaven Rulers could ever comprehend it.

Those who had practiced the Martial Path to the second Inherent level were few and far between in the Central Prefecture, and Bing Wuxin was one of them!

Bi Lingtian couldn’t help but cast her a look of approval. Those eyes of emerald petals flickered with a beguiling, devilish gleam.

Right at that moment, Tianyu’s Golden Dragon Scissors revolved in front of her and transfigured into a golden protective shield.

The intangible sword brilliance struck the golden shield head-on. With the stringent, ear-piercing sound of metal scraping against metal, the intangible sword rays collided with the revolving Golden Dragon Scissors, producing a long fiery dragon. It was an extremely spectacular sight!

Tianyu gave a sigh of relief and regained her composure. Ferocious light sparkled in her eyes. “That’s all the Imperishable Sword Body can do! Look at my Golden Dragon Scissors!”


All of a sudden, the revolving Golden Dragon Scissors picked up speed. With a shrill scraping noise, the intangible sword rays ricocheted off the vigorously revolving golden scissors and flew back towards Bing Wuxin.

Meanwhile, the Golden Dragon Scissors broke in half, becoming two independent parts.

Each part flew towards Bing Wuxin at an insane speed, like a golden sea dragon!

“The alternate form of the semi-manufactured fairy artifact!” Someone exclaimed in awe. Semi-manufactured fairy artifacts normally had more than one ability. The more their abilities were concealed, the more terrifying they were.

“That is the Spirit of the Golden Dragon, it contains a single strike of half an All Creations strong man. The ninth-grade Almighty couldn’t defend against it, I’m afraid that beautiful woman is about to suffer a tragic fate.” Some stranger challengers from unknown regions recognized the capability of the Golden Dragon Scissors.

The hearts of many of the people watching were anxious for Bing Wuxin.

“How could the Imperishable Sword Body be devastated so easily?” Bing Wuxin was still cool and calm and cool, as she weaved signs with one hand.

All of a sudden, the ricocheted intangible sword rays seemed to be frozen in their time frame. From a blurred state of rapidly backfiring, they halted three feet before Bing Wuxin, still and motionless.

Bing Wuxin’s jade-like fingers whisked on the body of the sword.

The intangible sword rays dispersed and transformed into sparks of dazzling, glorious light. The sparks of light gathered again, condensing into countless sword rays, which filled the entire arena. There seemed to be at least a thousand blades!

Each blade was harsh and ferocious, emitting immensely powerful sword energy.

At once, the sword energy crisscrossed in a hair-raising manner that shook everyone to the core. It was remarkable and phenomenal.

“This is the Imperishable Sword Body,” Bing Wuxin remarked nonchalantly.

As she spoke, all four corners of the world tightened. A thousand blades of sword rays quivered incessantly, producing the buzzing noise of swords shrieking.

At the moment, Bing Wuxin was controlling a thousand blades of swords all at once. She was like a female sword fairy!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The thousand sword rays were triggered. Like a thick dense layer of dark clouds, they crashed downwards.

“Interesting! The Imperishable Sword Body. Sword like this heart of mine, never perishing; traversing the clouds, killing the evil!” Bi Lingtian applauded, seeming impressed.

This technique was extraordinarily powerful and far surpassed Bing Wuxin’s previous combat power.

Su Yu marveled in awe as he watched. It hadn’t been that long, yet Bing Wuxin’s comprehension of the Path of Swords had exceeded the Sword-Heart Synchronization, and she had embarked on the second level, the Imperishable Sword Body!

“What? Ahh!” Tianyu only managed to cry out in shock before she was drowned by the earth-shattering intangible sword rays.

The two strips of the Golden Dragon Scissors were forced to fly back to her side, surrounding her in an attempt to fend off the dense, packed sword rays.

Screech! Screech!

Faint rupturing noises sounded from the inner part of the Golden Dragon Scissors. It was seemingly unable to withstand the packed assault from the sword rays and began to rupture.

Tianyu turned pallid with fright. She hadn’t expected Bing Wuxin’s power to be this terrifying. It was even comparable to Bing Wuqing!

“Tang Ling! What are you waiting for? Capture Su Yuxian!!” Tianyu cried out urgently.

She had forgotten her initial intention, which was to punish Su Yu. Now, she just wanted to save herself.

Tang Ling’s eyelids quivered as he watched, and he swallowed the lump in his throat forcefully, feeling an unprecedented reverence for Bing Wuxin.

Upon hearing Tianyu’s instruction, he did not dare to hesitate? Bolts of lightning seemed to shoot out from his eyes as he looked over at Su Yu and sprinted in his direction.

Bing Wuxin’s face fell slightly. She had to divert her attention to contend with Tang Ling.

“Wuxin, just leave him to me.” Su Yu took a step forward, calm and composed.

Bing Wuxin queried somberly, “How long can you stand it?”

Su Yu thought for a second and answered, “Perhaps one strike?”

“One strike?” Bing Wuxin nodded lightly. “One strike should be enough. Hang in there! I’m coming to your rescue in just a second!”

Among the onlookers, Fairy Ling heaved a sigh. She retrieved a delicate crossbow from her arms. “Still need my intervention after all!”

Tang Ling flew through the air at lightning speed and landed ten feet in front of Su Yu. His hand formed into a claw which grasped at Su Yu’s shoulder.

He flashed a ferocious, cold smile. “Seems like you know yourself quite well! I only one strike to finish you off!!”

Tang Ling was about to grasp Su Yu’s shoulder when the ghost of a smile danced on Su Yu’s lips. All of a sudden, demonic energy churned turbulently in his chest. Six demonic dragons surged out, one after the other. Pure demonic energy frightened all of the people in the surroundings.

“Such pure demonic energy! I’ve never seen such unique demonic energy from any demonic martial artist!”

“That isn’t any ordinary demonic energy, it’s the Energy of the Real Demon of the race of demons that arrived on the Jiuzhou continent a hundred years ago!”

“What? The demonic energy of the Extraterrestrial Demon?” Tang Ling was dumbfounded for a moment. When he managed to respond again, the six demonic dragons had penetrated his chest.

The Nine Dragons Demon Subduing Art exhibited the power of the sixth layer for the first time ever.

Tang Ling looked at his own body in disbelief. It was rupturing inch by inch from the inside out, and intense, pitch-black flames were surging out.

“You…” Tang Ling couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Su Yu replied dispassionately, “You misunderstood. When I said one strike, I was referring to you.” He waved his sleeved lightly. Tang Ling’s entire body had shattered into black ashes the size of feathers and was carried away by the wind.

Tang Ling had wanted him dead time and time again. This could be considered the final resolution.

The whole scene plunged into a dead silence. Everyone stared unblinkingly at Su Yu as if looking at a monster.

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