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The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1009: Another Traitor

Chapter 1009: Another Traitor

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“What on earth is the actual state of his cultivation?” Su Yu’s ability to defeat the enemy with one strike had finally captured the attention of the challengers from other regions.

When they tried to decipher Su Yu’s cultivation, it was concealed by the silver mask on his face.

“He’s an Almighty challenger! The Vital Energy he displayed while performing the techniques were of the Almighty level. He must be an Almighty Divine Master,” someone analyzed.

“Nonsense! Would any martial artists qualified to be recommended for the Glittering Jewel Wonderland have cultivation below the Almighty? The problem is, whether his real cultivation is eighth-grade or ninth-grade.”

Only the people who were familiar with Su Yu knew that his actual cultivation was merely a ninth-grade fairy. He was not even an Almighty yet.

“Isn’t he amazing?” Stunned, Fairy Ling stood unmoving on the spot with the crossbow in her hand. That monstrous strike of his could have devastated her too! She clearly remembered that when she first met Su Yu, he was only a young martial artist that hadn’t been a fairy for very long. She would have been able to finish off with a snap of her fingers. It hadn’t been too long ago, yet his strength had now soared to a level that she had to look up to. His drastic transformation gave Fairy Ling an unreal feeling.

Tianyu’s pupils constricted abruptly. She was tremendously shocked. His capacity had far exceeded her expectations. Supreme beings like the eighth-grade Almighty Tang Ling couldn’t even stand one strike at Su Yu’s hands! Tianyu felt a menacing sense of great danger.

The other students of the inner sanctum of Red Blood Palace turned pale with terror. Tang Ling failed to hold off a single strike. As they were staring at Su Yu, many of the inner sanctum students of the Red Blood Palace began reconsidering their relationship with him.

“You’re so strong?” Bing Wuxin was astounded. She knew that Su Yu had concealed part of his ability, but based on her impression, his level was at most the sixth-grade Almighty.

Su Yu chuckled and clapped his hands. “You settle your part as soon as you can.”

“Humph, I don’t need your instructions!” Bing Wuxin seemed to be provoked as she snorted unwillingly.

She pressed down with five fingers. The Golden Dragon Scissors was already at its weakest, and it couldn’t persevere any longer. With a screech, it was pierced through by endless sword rays, and its spiritual light went dull as it was shattered into countless smithereens.

Tianyu was spiritually connected to that semi-manufactured fairy artifact of hers. When it was destroyed, her soul sustained a severe trauma as well. Whimpering out of misery, she was blown backward, spitting out mouthfuls of blood.

In an instant, Tianyu was fatally wounded, and Tang Ling was killed.

“Su Yuxian!” Tianyu stared at Tang Ling’s ashes, and bellowed fiercely, “Instead of helping your faction mates resolve the crisis, you killed Tang Ling. What kind of intentions do you harbor? And you, Bing Wuxin, you destroyed my fairy artifact and wounded me. What are your motives?”

Su Yu laughed tauntingly with contempt at the mention of the crisis encountered by the faction mates. “So you knew your faction mates are faced with a crisis? In the face of crises, we are supposed to be united against the outsiders. “Yet, who was the one trying to suppress her peers with strength and violence, rousing internal disorder? Senior Sister Tianyu, I won’t believe you’ve never thought about that before! We should be the one questioning you about your intentions!”

The challengers of the Heavenly Knife Region had their ravenous eyes on the quarry, yet Tianyu regarded her personal grudge with greater importance than the wellbeing of her faction mates. Now, she was even falsely accusing Su Yu and Bing Wuxin!

As for the part about Su Yu not planning to help the students of the inner sanctum, he had been kind enough to not harm them amidst the chaos. Considering how they had treated Su Yu previously, especially Tang Ling’s repeated malicious attempts of harming him, this was good of him.

Tianyu exclaimed through gritted teeth, “You should be beheaded for slaughtering your faction mate! And you should also be charged for spreading lies and deceptions! My fellow faction mates, what are you still waiting for? Let’s kill the traitor, I will certainly ask for credits on behalf of all of you from the Palace Master, for your righteous contribution!”

The faces of the students of the Red Blood Palace inner sanctum changed subtly.

Going against Su Yuxian and Bing Wuxin?

There were over 40 of them, but in terms of combat power, they were far from capable of fighting against Su Yuxian and Bing Wuxin.

“Ask Palace Master Mo for credits? Humph, she’ll take your head instead!” Bing Wuxin scoffed. “Inciting internal disorder in the face of crisis; haven’t you all understood her intentions?” Bing Wuxin was half-smiling as she stared at Tianyu. “While fighting the challengers of the Heavenly Knife Region, I didn’t see you using your reserved ace, the Golden Dragon Scissors to salvage the situation, even when you were on the losing side. But you used it on your own faction mates! Tell me, Senior Sister Tianyu, are you a student of the Red Blood Palace, or the Heavenly Knife Region?”

Upon hearing that, the students of the inner sanctum of Red Blood Palace were frightened. It was true. During the great battle with the Heavenly Knife Region, Tianyu still reserved her powers, causing the number of injuries and deaths to rise steeply.

However, while dealing with Bing Wuxin, she was hysterical, and every blow from her was lethal!

Owing to Tianyu’s prestige in the inner sanctum, the students of the inner sanctum hadn’t really thought about it in depth. But when Bing Wuxin pointed out the misgivings, they felt the cold sweat of shock breaking out!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The students of the inner sanctum distanced themselves from Tianyu, suddenly wary of her.

“Don’t buy their nonsense!” Tianyu proclaimed hurriedly. Staring at Bing Wuxin, she couldn’t hold her hatred back.

But with Zhao Li of the Purple Cloud Palace serving as an atrocious example, no one dared believe Tianyu. If the Heavenly Knife Region could persuade the second-ranking Zhao Li of the Purple Cloud Palace to change sides, what was impossible about doing the same to Tianyu?

“I’ve long suspected that Senior Sister Tianyu is problematic. It’s just as I’ve expected!” an eighth-grade Almighty student of the inner sanctum yelled. And then he dashed to stand behind Su Yu and Bing Wuxin, his stance clear and obvious.

The rest of the students thought for a moment and quickly and easily made their choice.

Firstly, the state which Bing Wuxin had achieved on the Path of Swords, and the skills that she had exhibited just now were totally astonishing and mind-blowing. She had the potential to become their patron whom they could rely upon.

Secondly, Tianyu was truly suspicious, so staying in league with her was extremely precarious.

Before long, all of the students of the inner sanctum had come to stand behind Su Yu and Bing Wuxin, while Tianyu stood isolated at the side.

“All of you!” Tianyu was enraged. Her icy glance swept across all of the inner sanctum students who had betrayed her, her eyes sharp and cold. But an eerie smile danced on her lips. “You all are lucky!”


With a flash of her figure, Tianyu transformed into a silhouette and flew to stand behind Bi Lingtian.

Bi Lingtian was wearing a gentle smile, as he turned his head and said in a gentle voice, “Sorry for the trouble. It’s been so many years.”

Tianyu had a respectful look on her face. “Tianyu is most willing to serve the faction, with all my heart and soul!”

A commotion broke out.

“What? She really is a traitor to the Red Blood Palace!”

First it was Zhao Li from the Purple Cloud Palace, and now Tianyu from the Red Blood Palace! Just how many spies has the Heavenly Knife Region actually placed in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands throughout the years?

Many people were inwardly stunned.

The students behind Su Yu still had lingering fears, but they also felt fortunate that they had made the right choice. More importantly, they were fortunate that Su Yu had returned just in time and exposed Tianyu’s malevolence by chance. Otherwise, with Tianyu being an undercover agent, they would be reduced to ashes at the hands of the Heavenly Knife Region!

“I didn’t really think you were a traitor!” Bing Wuxin sighed deeply. She had only been testing her initially but had ended up unveiling a shocking truth.

Tianyu snorted. “What’s there to sigh about? A person with talents chooses a patron of integrity. The Red Blood Palace defies the great influences of the world and is destined to be destroyed by the great influences. I’m just realized the truth quicker than the rest of you!”

“Bing Wuxin, you’re a person with extraordinary talents. I advise you to abandon the Red Blood Palace as early as you can. There are greater prospects out there for you!”

Bing Wuxin replied detachedly, “Why would I need a traitor like you to worry about my future? You’d be better off spending your time trying to think of a way to leave the Glittering Jewel Wonderland alive!”


Peals of scornful laughter came out of Qian Feng’s mouth. “It’s the other way round! You’re the ones who should be worrying about not leaving the Glittering Jewel Wonderland alive, not us!” Qian Feng’s eyes were like the eyes of a venomous snake, giving off rays of scarlet light.

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