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The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1010: The Starry Sky Elites Duo

Chapter 1010: The Starry Sky Elites Duo

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Bing Wuxin raised a hand and waved, and the thousand blades of sword rays in the sky all began to hover in a menacing, dangerous manner.

“Su Yuxian, I’m afraid you can’t leave us now. Fight alongside me now!” Bing Wuxin shot a look at Su Yu.

Regardless of whether Su Yu got involved, the Heavenly Knife Region wouldn’t let Su Yu get away with it.

“Hehe, everyone is responsible for getting rid of traitors, and I am no exception!” Su Yu shrugged and laughed, and then glanced at their opponents. “I love it when the side with more people get to bully the side with fewer!”

“Do you?” Bi Lingtian, who was still watching events unfold from the side of the arena, asked with a smile.

Su Yu looked over at him and smiled. “Are you considering getting involved?” If Bi Lingtain entered the arena, Su Yu would need to put his best foot forward.

“Of course not, I’m only interested in the four great starry sky elites. Unless it’s necessary, I won’t ever interfere in your battles.” Bi Lingtian kept his placid smile all the while. He seemed elegant and otherworldly.

“But even if I don’t get involved, someone else will.” Bi Lingtian’s gaze penetrated the crowds and landed on some faraway range of mountains. “Isn’t that Han Fei?”

Han Fei? The scene became uproarious. There was not a single soul who didn’t know who Han Fei was!

She was the chief eldest student of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction! She was the peerless starry sky elite of the millenium, the demonic saintess who overrode all heroes of the demon factions.

One month ago, in the Northernmost region, the heavens and the lands were plunged into darkness, as a pitch-black Sun shrouded the boundless earth, vying alongside the worldly Sun and the Moon for brilliance.

The black sun had risen for the sake of the demonic saintess! After the pioneering forefather of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction, she was the first peerless demonic woman to succeed in the practice of the “Heavenly Demon Black Sun”!

Her capacity far exceeded the Almighty level. Rumor even had it that the ten great demonic elders of the Supreme Heavenly Demonic Faction had all been defeated at her hands!

And the first-ranking demonic elder among the ten great demonic elders had long since attained the cultivation of Stage Three All Creations!

The mountain on top of which the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction had garrisoned fell silent for a moment.

The sound of clothes fluttering in the air resonated and a phenomenally gorgeous woman appeared before them, floating in midair. She wore a long muslin dress and had skin as fair as snow, bright eyes and immaculate teeth.

People’s breath was taken away as they beheld the woman.

Su Yu was quite impressed too. The woman’s beauty was not in the least inferior to Bing Wuxin’s! The difference was that Han Fei was sexier, with a faint touch of natural charm that was the complete opposite of Bing Wuxin’s iciness.

Han Fei’s appearance roused a great commotion among the crowds.

“One of the four great starry sky elites, Han Fei!!”

“She has actually shown up!”

Bi Lingtian looked over at Han Fei with a smile. “Since we parted at the Starry Sky Symposium, I haven’t seen Fairy Ling in three years. How have you been lately?”

Han Fei’s gaze swept unceremoniously over Bi Lingtian before her gorgeous eyes shifted to Su Yu and began scrutinizing him.

Even when being ignored, Bi Lingtian kept his cool and smiled magnanimously.

“What is your name?” Han Fei gazed at Su Yu in a condescending manner.

There was deathly silence. Challengers from all across the continent were staring at Su Yuxian with unblinking eyes. He should be greatly honored that one of the starry sky elite had openly enquired about his name!

Gu Taixu narrowed his eyes slightly, a cold gleam flickering in them.

“What do you want?” Bing Wuxin’s face turned solemn as she stepped forward and stood in front of Su Yu, blocking Su Yu from Han Fei.

Han Fei replied with indifference, “I’m asking him, not you.”

Bing Wuxin said coldly, “Before you lay a finger on him, you must ask for my permission!”

“You?” Han Fei asked detachedly.

“That’s right, me! I am his fiancee!” Bing Wuxin proclaimed open-heartedly, totally heedless of the fact that there were so many people watching.

Lü Chuyi shuddered a little, for some unknown reason. Staring at the silver-masked Su Yu, Lü Chuyi felt as if her heart was being pricked by something. Are he and Bing Wuxin engaged already? A dullness covered her eyes.

“I’ll change the question then,” Han Fei said, “Where did your demonic energy come from?”

“She really has come for the demonic energy, just as expected,” Su Yu thought to himself

The pure demonic energy he displayed just now had roused the attention of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction.

As the greatest Demonic Path of Jiuzhou, the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction had always proclaimed their demonic authenticity. The demonic energy that they acquired was totally distinguishable from that of the other demonic factions, which was usually extremely pure.

However, Su Yu’s demonic energy was even purer compared to the demonic energy of the members of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction.

“Do I need to tell you?” Su Yu wrapped his arms around his chest, completely fearless. It was as if the words “starry sky elites” meant nothing to him.

The looks on the faces of the foreign challengers were interesting.

“He must be really foolish to speak to the starry sky elite like that!”

“The starry sky elites were titles given to the four strongest prodigies of the generation on the continent. Which one of them isn’t guaranteed to become an unrivaled Divine Master in the days to come?”

“The past Nine Great Prefecture’s Kings were all starry sky elites when they were young!”

“His extreme fortitude will bring him failure. With such a personality, he’s going to attract fatal tragedies to himself sooner or later!”

Han Fei furrowed her brows. She hadn’t expected to be rejected so steadfastly.

Bi Lingtian flashed a small smile as if he had foreseen all of it.

“Are you sure you want me to strike?” Han Fei cast a nonchalant glance at the inner sanctum students of the Red Blood Palace behind Su Yu.

Those who she looked at shuddered with icy chills as if they were falling into an icehouse. The way she looked at them was reminiscent of Mo Tianxuan!

A word echoed in their minds: “Enchantress”! This enchantress was as terrifying as she was rumored to be.

Gu Taixu flashed a helpless smile. Even he was afraid of Han Fei. In a real duel, he wouldn’t be able to resist ten strikes from Han Fei. Su Yu wouldn’t fare any better.

Su Yu narrowed his eyes. This woman was stronger than Bi Lingtian, yet Su Yu still had several methods to defeat her. However, the price he would have to pay to do so was too high.

“Sister Han Fei, how about giving Feng-er a chance to test you?” A tender, feminine voice reverberated through the clouds.

With a creaking sound, a seam appeared across the sky, and a fire phoenix with a dreadful scent flew out from it. A pristine, adorable young girl was seated on it, looking like an average girl from any neighborhood with her bare feet dangling in the air.

Han Fei raised her head to look and frowned. “Dongfang Tianfeng, are you taking their side?”

Dongfang Tianfeng’s appearance caused another great commotion in the crowd.

“The greatest family in the world, the Great Oriental Family!”

“What? Even she has come?!”

“Hiss! Two of the four great starry sky elites have turned up at once! What a phenomenal sight!”

Most martial artists wouldn’t even get a chance to see a starry sky elite with their own eyes at all in their lifetime. Now two of them had appeared at once, making many challengers both agitated and thrilled.

Dongfang Tianfeng took a leap and alighted from the fire phoenix. Like a feather, she landed gracefully beside Su Yu and giggled adorably. “Feng-er doesn’t care if Sister Han Fei is bullying someone else, but if you’re bullying him, you have to get past me first!”

Han Fei cast a surprised look at Su Yu, and asked, “What is your relationship with him? Is he worth your intervention?”

Su Yu’s lips twitched. This little girl really is lingering at every turn, still asking for the flower yardmaster!

She would even come to his rescue because of that.

However, what made Su Yu’s muscles freeze next were the words that came out of Dongfang Tianfeng’s mouth, which sent the crowd into a tumultuous frenzy.

“It doesn’t really matter. He has only taken advantage of my body,” Dongfang Tianfeng’s words never ceased to shock and fascinate people.

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