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The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1011: Starry Sky Imperial Guard

Chapter 1011: Starry Sky Imperial Guard

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Su Yu wasn’t the only person who was stunned. All of them were.

“Have I heard that correctly? The second eldest daughter of the Great Oriental Family was taken advantage of?”

“I hope I heard that wrong!”


An icy stare pierced Su Yu’s body like the sharp tip of an icicle.

“You’d better give me a good explanation!” Bing Wuxin was wearing a bright smile, beautiful and chilling at the same time.

Many male challengers from foreign lands shot him looks of jealousy too.

The green veins on Su Yu’s forehead started pulsating. He would be dead if he didn’t explain!

“Erhem, there’s been a misunderstanding. Listen to me! Miss Dongfang was actually talking about…” Su Yu explained awkwardly.

“What is there to explain?” Dongfang Tianfeng’s innocent eyes looked as though they could speak. “I, Dongfang Tianfeng, am a person who takes responsibility for my actions. I really have slept with Su Yuxian. From now on, whoever goes against Su Yuxian will be my enemy!”


All of a sudden, the people went wild with awe!

Most of the people were rather skeptical about it. The second eldest daughter of the Great Oriental Family had lost her chastity to a wild brat of an unknown background? It was incredulous.

Putting aside the prestige of the Great Oriental Family, Dongfang Tianfeng herself was a starry sky elite with powerful capabilities. There were only two people who were capable of depriving her of her chastity by force. How could she have been taken advantage of so easily and unexpectedly?

They only lost hope it was lie when Dongfang Tianfeng affirmed the matter in such a grandiose manner. It seemed as though she had indeed already succumbed to Su Yu and was willing to stand with him against a common enemy.

“Impossible! Where on earth has this barbarian come from? Is he even fitting to win Miss Tianfeng’s favor?”

“Su Yuxian! Who the hell is he really?”

Since when had Su Yu risen from being a wild brat that was unheard of, to become a mysterious figure admired by many? The amount of attention he received was only slightly below that of the four great starry sky elites.

Su Yu heaved a silent sigh, staring at Dongfang Tianfeng. He was unsure if this little girl was doing it deliberately, or if she really was as naive as she made out.

At this point in time, Su Yu couldn’t even find the words to defend himself. He decided it was best not to argue at all.


Bing Wuxin waved a hand, and the thousand blades of swords returned to their sheaths.

“With her by your side, you don’t need my protection anymore!” Bing Wuxin was placid on the surface, the look on her face as nonchalant as usual. But from the way her jade-like palm was holding tight onto the hilt of her sword, her anger must be pent up inside.

She hadn’t even gotten rid of her potential rival Gongsun Wuxie, and now a starry sky elite had come into the picture! A blood-boiling sense of anger surged into her heart.

She had made the decision to marry Su Yu for reasons of convenience. At that time, Su Yu was not even slightly famous, and Gongsun Wuxie had found her decision a repugnant one.

However, not long after, Gongsun Wuxie had become a rival for his affections. Her behaviour was an uncharacteristic as if she had gone into a trance. Now, a nonsensical starry sky elite had appeared out of nowhere and was also competing with her for Su Yu’s affection.

Being caught up in an unexpected and troublesome plot of many women fighting for a husband, Bing Wuxin even thought about finishing Su Yu off with one strike of her sword.

“It’s not what you think.” He could ignore everyone else, but he was obliged to explain things to Bing Wuxin.


Suddenly, a thick, frigid layer of ice built up around Bing Wuxin, isolating her from the outside world. Apparently, she had no desire to listen to Su Yu’s “argument”.

“It’s really weird. Your fiancee seems to be angry.” Dongfang Tianfeng walked up to them with a face full of innocence, blinking her big eyes.

This little girl really is doing it on purpose!

Looking at her innocent, harmless face, Su Yu finally understood this woman’s slyness.

“Pretentious, cunning girl!” Su Yu cursed under his breath.

Dongfang Tianfeng tilted her head, her big bright eyes gleaming. Apparently perplexed, she asked, “What did you say? That you’re going to be responsible for me?”

A tinge of redness crept up to her cheeks. She was behaving so girlishly, and her lovely manner was designed to be enchanting.


Su Yu almost spluttered out a mouthful of blood. This woman!!

The crowd was furious and agitated. It was as if Su Yu tackling Dongfang Tianfeng had roused the wrath of the public.

“Hey, are you guys done with the PDA? Aren’t you afraid of breaking up soon!”

“Right. How dare you show off your affection? I contribute a torch of fire here!”

“Just hand the torch to me!”

“My hands are rather tied, I’m just gonna donate a few thousand grams of gasoline!”

Su Yu was speechless.

“Haha, in that case, I suppose the battle between us will be quite fantastic?” Bi Lingtian was still wearing his signature amiable smile.

The fight between the Red Blood Palace and the Heavenly Knife Region had advanced to a level which involved two starry sky elites. Both of the women were starry sky elites and had been ranked as such for four years. Han Fei was third-ranking among the four great starry sky elites, whereas Dongfang Tianfeng was fourth-ranking. Four years had passed since they were ranked, and now their current powers were total uncertainties.

Many were anticipating a battle between them.

“You’re no match for me. I f you don’t want to get hurt, leave as soon as you can.” Han Fei cast a dispassionate stare at Dongfang Tianfeng.

Innocence and ignorance were written all over Dongfang Tianfeng’s face. “Haha, Feng-er has been wanting to measure my strength against Sister Fei-er. I wasn’t quite satisfied the last time we fought.”

Hints of the desire for a great fight were burning in Dongfang Tianfeng’s pupils.

Han Fei shot a glance at Su Yu and said indifferently, “Dongfang Tianfeng, are you also trying to snatch his demonic energy like I am?”

She had never believed that Dongfang Tianfeng would lose her chastity.

Therefore, the reason Dongfang Tianfeng had stopped her must have been because she had figured out the origins of Su Yu’s demonic energy!

Perhaps the rest of the people were clueless, but how would Dongfang Tianfeng not know that Su Yu’s demonic energy was the purest, most authentic Energy of the Real Demon in the world!

His demonic energy originated from the Extraterrestrial Demon. Such demonic energy was twice as pure as the purest form of demonic energy that humans could acquire. The Energy of the Real Demon was two times more powerful than human demonic energy of the same amount!

For experts like Han Fei, demonic energy that was twice as powerful could enhance her overall capacity by at least 20 percent! At the level she had attained, she would even take the risk for a mere five percent, let alone 20 percent.

“Feng-er has said it already. I have lost myself to him, so for sure I have to protect him to the best of my ability,” Dongfang Tianfeng said, acting like it was completely natural.

Han Fei had her detached gaze on Dongfang Tianfeng. “Fine, I look forward to finding out how much you have improved over the past four years as well.”

Smiling, Dongfang Tianfeng tapped the colorful pockets on her waist and turned to look at Su Yu. “You said that you’re going to be responsible for me. Don’t ever forget that.”

Su Yu and her were the only ones who knew what she meant by “being responsible”.

“You really care for the flower yard master that much?” Su Yu asked.

“Yes, I need her Honey of Hundred Flowers.” Dongfang Tianfeng stated her intention.

But Su Yu did not buy a single word of hers.

Although the Honey of Hundred Flowers was a precious thing, it wasn’t inaccessible in the outside world. With the significant status of that woman, what was so difficult about finding a drop or two of something similar to the Honey of Hundred Flowers?

She must be hiding some secret which she hadn’t mentioned. And that secret involved the flower yard master.

“I’m about to let you down,” Su Yu said calmly.

Dongfang Tianfeng was still wearing a smile. “It’s not a good idea. If Feng-er isn’t happy, I’m going to join forces with Sister Fei-er to contend with you.”

Su Yu shrugged. “I don’t mind.”

The so-called starry sky elites couldn’t possibly be more powerful than Xue Di and the Five Golden Light Guards. What was the difference between killing one of them and killing two?

For some unknown reason, Dongfang Tianfeng felt a chilly sensation creeping in as she stared into Su Yu’s eyes. She had only felt that way before when faced with the greatest All Creations Old Monster.

A panic-stricken feeling of having her fate decided by someone else rippled through her heart.

“Hehe, I’m only kidding! Why are you so serious?” Dongfang Tianfeng chuckled in response. Slowly, she retreated to the border of the arena and looked over at Han Fei with a smile. “Feng-er has changed her mind. What Sister Fei-er plans to do is none of my business: you may do as you wish.”

What? The people were surprised. What’s going on? Dongfang Tianfeng is cowering right before the battle!

Han Fei scowled, a doubtful look flickering in her eyes. Is she planning to sit back and relish the benefits? Could this brat actually get her into any trouble?

But this preposterous thought vanished in a second. How could a mere ninth-grade fairy threaten her, a starry sky elite?

“Hand over the origin of your demonic energy. I won’t take advantage of you for free,” Han Fei said as she floated in midair, staring down at Su Yu. “If I’m pleased, I might give you some advice on your training!”

Such arrogant words sounded reasonable when uttered from Han Fei’s mouth.

Looks of envy were pinned on Su Yu. Even the inner sanctum students of the Red Blood Palace were envious of him. What kind of honor was it to be offered advice by a starry sky elite?

“I have a mentor. Miss Han doesn’t need to worry about advising me!” Su Yu responded without a second thought.

Han Fei thought for a moment and then seemed to have made up her mind. “Alright, I have nine great demon guards. Now I’m short of one, you can take the position!”

Upon hearing that, cries of surprise and amazement filled the scene.

“What? The demon guards! They are Han Fei’s trusted imperial guards, who are entitled to the treatment of the ten great demon elders of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction and endless resources, and could receive Han Fei’s personal guidance anytime!”

All four great starry sky elites had their own imperial guards.

According to the rumors, every imperial guard was a top-notch prodigy whose capacity was only just below that of the starry sky elites.

Among the imperial guards were regional experts, for instance, the greatest expert of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands, Gu Taixu, and the greatest expert of the Heavenly Knife Region, Bi Lingtian.

Becoming an imperial guard to the four great starry sky elites was almost like accomplishing the summit of one’s life.

Nonetheless, the conditions for becoming an imperial guard were extremely rigorous and strict. With the exacting judgment of the four great starry sky elites, ordinary people would never be allowed a place in their eyes. For a mediocre Almighty like Su Yu to become an imperial guard to the starry sky elite was like an instant success!

A million looks of jealousy pierced Su Yu.

“He’s so lucky!” Tianyu was jealous too but fearful at the same time.

Qian Feng’s resentment disappeared soundlessly, replaced with hints of respect. Even Bi Lingtian and Gu Taixu frowned at the same time, as the matter was getting more complicated.

The imperial guards of a millennial enchantress had exceptional statuses. Throughout the continent, not even the All Creations Old Monsters would necessarily be daring enough to provoke them.

“What’s so fascinating about imperial guards?” A disharmonious voice broke through the shock at the scene.

All the challengers were stunned as they looked for the source of the voice!

It wasn’t a random person who had said those words, but Su Yuxian who had attained instant success in their eyes!!

Han Fei was very surprised. She could understand if it people like Gu Taixu and Bi Lingtian had turned the offer down, as both of them had the potential to rival the current four great starry sky elites.

Where did Su Yu’s confidence come from?

“Are you sure you are clear about the meaning of demon guards?” Han Fei questioned.

Su Yu laughed. “Yes I am. It means to surrender to the influence of someone else, and to give up on pursuing the dream of becoming a powerful figure!”

Becoming a demon guard implied surrendering to Han Fei in terms of identity and soul.

If the head was bowed, there was still a day when one could raise it again.

But the heart was bowed, one’s time of surpassing would never come again.

Hints of amazement hovered in Han Fei’s eyes. She could not help but scrutinize Su Yu all over again, and her impression of him was rejuvenated.

She had seen numerous individuals who proclaimed themselves dignified and claimed to have integrity, but that was only because they hadn’t encountered temptations that were alluring enough. Once they met temptations that seemed alluring enough to them, their integrity and dignity fell apart.

There was hardly anyone who upheld their principles in all circumstances and did not fear powerful influences. Han Fei was pleased to discover such refreshing traits on Su Yu.

A man with dignity would even be respected by his enemies.

“Such a rare staunch martial attitude. Very good! I am pleased.” A sincere, approving smile appeared unusually on Han Fei’s indifferent face.

Even Gu Taixu, who had spent many days with her, had never seen that smile of hers.

“It’s a pity that your capacity isn’t up to my ideal standards, otherwise, I wouldn’t be so lonely on the road of martial arts,” Han Fei sighed rather plaintively.

When she looked at Su Yu again, her gaze was a lot gentler. “It’ll be a great pity if you die here. I’m not going to kill you today, but that Energy of the Real Demon is truly important to me and to the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction. One day, when you have thought things through, you can trade it for something you desire at the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction.”


In the meantime, Han Fei removed a black-colored badge from her waist. It had a whiff of Han Fei’s scent on it and was engraved with her name.

“This is my identity badge. Look after it. In the future, when you come to my Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction, you can use this item to look for me.”

Su Yu grasped the badge, feeling sentimental.

Dongfang Tianfeng, who appeared to be innocent and kind-hearted like the girl in the neighborhood, was in fact, a woman full of selfish, wicked schemes.

However, Han Fei, who appeared to be cold and heartless like a female devil, was in fact, one with compassion and kindness.

“I will consider it.” Su Yu nodded and kept the badge.

All sorts of feelings welled up in the people’s hearts as they witnessed how Su Yuxian went from almost being befallen by a catastrophe, to gaining Han Fei’s recognition instead of offending her.

Besides, with Han Fei’s presence, who else would dare to blatantly make things difficult for Su Yu and the Red Blood Palace? Even the Heavenly Knife Region had to swallow their anger and let go of the matter.

“In that case, I’ll see you again.” Han Fei smiled and turned to leave.

However, right at that moment, a large patch of green light appeared in the depths of the sky.

The green light spiraled towards them, moving quickly from somewhere faraway and shrouding the sky. It uprooted mountain after mountain along the way, causing the challengers that had garrisoned themselves on the mountain tops to scamper in horror.

The light closed in gradually, coloring the boundless lands a bleak, gloomy shade of green.

All of the people in the surroundings were covered in a green shade, looking like green-faced apparitions. It really was a hair-raising, eerie sight.

“What the hell? Is this a horror film?” Su Yu muttered under his breath.

As he stared at the green light tornado, Su Yu sensed the presence of a suffocating scent. It wasn’t a human scent, but belonged to some kind of non-human living creature!

One after another, Han Fei, Dongfang Tianfeng, Gu Taixu, Bi Lingtian, and the others all noticed the ominous, unknown presence amidst the green tornado.

“Something scary is on its way.” The small smile on Bi Lingtian’s face finally vanished, as his emerald pupils dilated gradually.

The meridians on the surface of Gu Taixu’s body began circulating at an unusually fast rate. “It’s an Ancient Real Spirit!” As a Body of Nine Spirits, he was the most sensitive in detecting real spirits.

The phoenix beneath Dongfang Tianfeng’s feet shuddered vigorously, its eyes horror-stricken as if running into a top-grade creature of the class of monsters. Regardless of how Dongfang Tianfeng tried to comfort it, it was futile.

Han Fei cast a glance at it and said dispassionately. “It’s a remnant soul, which used to be a Mortal Fairy during its life.”

The remnant soul of an Ancient Real Spirit of the Mortal Fairy level!!

The cold, eerie scent that made their hairs stand on end shrouded the lands slowly. The world seemed to have gone cold in an instant, as though a terrifying spirit of the dead had befallen.

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