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The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1012: Widespread Rumors Became Truths

Chapter 1012: Widespread Rumors Became Truths

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Haha, the main character is here!” Su Yu chuckled softly. Even from a distance, he could feel himself targeted by the creature within the tornado.

Meanwhile, the sense of danger that he had concealed until now felt especially vivid at the moment. The danger which had been targeting him since his arrival in the flower yard had finally arrived.

“It has come at the most appropriate time!” Su Yu remarked with a smile.

The barrier of cold ice around Bing Wuxin which she used to shut out the world dissipated, and she came to Su Yu’s side. Frowning, she said, “The troubles you invite could revolve a full cycle around the Jiuzhou continent.”

First, he had provoked the Heavenly Knife Region, and then he had offended Han Fei. Now, a remnant soul with remarkable power had come for him.

Su Yu felt unjustly treated. “How are you so sure it’s me? Perhaps the soul has mistaken me for someone else?”


The ground was humming and murmuring, and the desolate, green world was submerged in a frightening, creepy atmosphere.

Amidst the growling of the gray winds, a blood-curdling voice sounded, “Is the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction here?”

Upon hearing that, Su Yu laughed. “See, I told you. Handsome, bright young men like me who focus on doing good to the world and appealing all, how could I possibly have so many enemies?”

Bing Wuxin laughed out of anger. Speaking of stirring up trouble, wasn’t Su Yu a masterful expert of the Red Blood Palace?

The Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction? Han Fei’s dainty brows were creased. “Looking for me?”

“You are a student of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction. Hand over Su Yuxian of your faction, and you’ll escape death,” the remnant soul continued from the center of the tornado.

Half-smiling, Bing said, “Seems like a handsome young man like you doesn’t really appeal to all!”

“Only an average man doesn’t rouse the jealousy of others,” Su Yu snorted, in a tone that taunted Bing Wuxin’s poor mentality.

Bing Wuxin shot him a glance, and said rather somberly, “Who did you provoke this time? Looks like it has massive influence.”

“You’re asking me? Who should I ask then?” Su Yu expressed his innocence and bewilderment.

“Humph, you don’t even know from whom you invited the trouble?” Bing Wuxin rolled her eyes.

Su Yu shrugged. “That’s why you have to ask it! How the hell am I supposed to know?”


Su Yuxian? Countless eyes focused on Su Yu like bolts of lightning.

Su Yu could not help but mutter, “Will these people die from not looking at me? A bunch of curious babies shaped in human form!”

“Shouldn’t you say, humans are afraid of fame just like how pigs are afraid of growing healthy?” Bing Wuxin gloated.

Su Yu glowered at her. How dare she laugh at this point in time! Doesn’t she still want to be friends?

“It’s you?” The green tornado vanished gradually. Suddenly with a thud, the ground shuddered violently.

A green bronze bull with the height of a human took a stride out, its humongous hooves stepping on the ground and sending an endless tremor spreading through the earth.

“It is me. What now? Have you come up all the way from the Underworld looking for your relative from another lifetime?” Su Yu snorted.

The green bronze bull carried an air of supreme majesty. “I am the Heaven’s Craft Divine Bull, not an evil spirit from the Underworld.

“Do I look like a stupid bull to you?” Su Yu asked.

“I am the Heaven’s Craft Divine Bull, not…” the green bronze bull repeated.

“My apologies, but you’ve got the wrong person. If you have any superb divine techniques that you wish to pass down to your descendants even in death, I can commit an act of kindness, by helping you pass them down from one generation to the next.”

“I am the Heaven’s Craft Divine Bull…” The green bronze bull was rather displeased.

“Or perhaps you have some treasures that you’ve forgotten to leave for your descendants. You can tell me. I uphold the custom of integrity and honesty. I promise not to steal the treasures.”

The green bronze bull was shimmering with intense green light from head to toe. Brutally, it bellowed, “God da*n it! Can’t you let me finish what I have to say!”

The people exchanged confused glances when they heard the green bronze bull spitting vulgarities out of rage.

Dang it, Su Yuxian’s eloquence must be from another world. He can even make the remnant soul of a Mortal Fairy curse out of anger!

“Fine! Say anything you want but be quick!” Being fair and reasonable, Su Yu waved his hand.


The green bronze bull was puffing thick air from its nostrils as it stared at Su Yu in annoyance and fury.

“You are such a rude brat! With my status, even your teacher has to address me as senior and master!” the green bronze bull exclaimed in anger.

Su Yu nodded. “So who the hell are you actually looking for? Is it me, or my teacher?”

“You! You! Fine, I won’t waste my effort on an immature child like you. You wounded and maimed the current batch of students of our Heaven’s Craftsmen Faction. As the guardian of the Heaven’s Craftsmen Faction, I will make you pay for your actions!” The green bronze bull snorted, seriously angered by Su Yu.

Su Yu was surprised. “So it’s that bunch of fools from the Heaven’s Craftsmen Faction! They wanted to frame me but have made a fool of themselves instead. Aren’t they ashamed enough? Now they’re asking their guardian to avenge them? I hit the young ones, and now the old one has come after me!”

The green bronze bull was stunned for a moment. “Make yourself clear. What did you mean by them wanting to frame you but making a fool of themselves? Don’t you dare tarnish the name of the Heaven’s Craftsmen Region!”

“Ha! Do I even have to?” Su Yu recounted his experience with the Heaven’s Craftsmen Faction openly and honestly.

He described how he rescued their eldest senior brother from the hands of Dongfang Tianfeng, but Yu Liang wanted to repay his kindness with evil. The eldest senior brother then decided to beat him at his own game, so he plotted against Su Yu in order to lure out the flower yard master.

Dongfang Tianfeng chimed in. “Yes it’s true, the senior and junior brothers of the Heaven’s Craftsmen are no good men. They saw me traveling alone, so they tried to tempt me with a lollipop and get me to play the flute for them. I know nothing about arts and music, so I wanted to leave, but they stopped me. I injured them and beat them to death by me. They certainly are a bunch of jerks. How dare they force me to play the flute? It’s so weird!”

The people were shocked as they listened to Dongfang Tianfeng.

The people of the Heaven’s Craftsmen Faction did not recognize Dongfang Tianfeng and had made her play the flute. Such…noble artistic behavior.

“Tsk! No wonder, the Heaven’s Craftsmen Faction consists of more males than females. The ratio of men to women is as high as 100:1. That bunch of students have been indulged with puppets all year round, and all of them have become worthless nerds.”

“Finally they got a chance to travel down the mountain and happened to come across a beauty. Their blood boiled over and they turned into beasts.”

“Yes, I’ve always heard about how voracious the students of the Heaven’s Craftsmen Faction are, and I always thought it was true! They aren’t just voracious: apparently they are anti-aircraft guns shaped in the form of humans! They shoot down every flying object they come across!”

If there were only Su Yu’s one-sided allegations, the green bronze bull certainly wouldn’t believe in the rumors and jokes. How would he let Su Yu alone ruin the perpetual prestige of the Heaven’s Craftsmen Faction?

However, there was Dongfang Tianfeng’s testimony and the heated discussions of the crowd.

Widespread rumors often became truths. The green bronze bull, which had always thought itself prestigious, was rather flabbergasted.

It had only now heard how the challengers of its faction were talking indignantly about Su Yu’s shamelessness, and how he had plotted against them and injured them. Who would have thought that they were being ruthless in the first place, lodging the complaint as the guilty party?

If it deliberately made things difficult for Su Yu, the brilliant reputation of the Heaven’s Craftsmen Faction would be jeopardized, and the friendly relations between the Heaven’s Craftsmen Faction and the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction would be sabotaged as well.

This really is a tough one!

“Hey, bull-headed guy, who the hell are you really? What’s your relation with that bunch of evildoers, little experts complainers, useless scumbags that tried to defame others? Are you colluding with them?” Su Yu looked at it with great disdain.

The green bronze bull was stunned. “Umm me, I am the Heaven’s Craft…Erhem, I mean, I am just a passer-by.”

“If that’s the case, you have nothing to do with the Heaven’s Craftsmen Faction?” Su Yu questioned with furrowed brows.

The green bronze bull replied righteously, “That’s for sure. Look at my honorable reputation. How would I ever team up with nasty people like them? I don’t know them at all!”

Su Yu snorted, “Then what’s the freaking point of you coming here. Are you just bluffing?”

“Haha, I’m only here to lighten the mood. I saw you lot of talented youths fighting with each other,” the green bronze bull said, laughing in a silly way.

Looking at the miserable shade of green all around him that looked exactly like a scene from a horror movie, Su Yu scolded in annoyance. “Lighten the freak, remove the lighting effects now! Even the ghosts have been scared off by you!”

The green bronze bull was speechless. Wasn’t it a ghost itself?

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