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The Empress’ Livestream (Web Novel) - Chapter 246: Streaming in a Different Map (I)

Chapter 246: Streaming in a Different Map (I)

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She talked to him with a grin. “I had all the advantages on my side this time. It was mostly luck that it was successful.”

Qiguan Rang nodded to agree with her. “You were lucky this time.”

She would have had to go through some ups and downs to make her plan work if Liu She was out of the Liu’s place and working at Hu County. Not to mention she would have had to use some rough methods like assassination. There were more than enough other dirty methods to ruin a person without harming him in a normal business competition.

The money grubber whose number one priority was revenge would have thousands of ways to taint her reputation.

Even though Jiang Pengji’s initial purpose was virtuous, she wouldn’t be too overwhelmed to handle it if her opponents aimed at bullying her. The limited purchase amount wouldn’t be able to be implemented.

Overall, it was just that the citizens were too easy to fool. They merely had no judgement of their own and they were gullible.

“According to this trend, the grain price won’t get higher than the price we set.” Jiang Pengji took a sip of her tea and muttered, “I only hope everything will go well and peaceful until the harvest season. We should prevent the citizens from starving from a large scale food crisis.”

“But we will have to stay alert. The civil turmoil from Meng County, Cang Prefecture only had an impact on Hejian County and the area. It will be vexing when the refugees flee here and we have to come up a plan to help them relocate and settle.” If they had no authority to restrain the flow of the refugees, it would cause a big security issue for the local government.

Jiang Pengji raised her brows and grinned at him. “That’s the Hejian County Chief and the gentry clan’s job. It won’t be ours to worry about.”

Qiguan Rang paused for a second.

Yeah, right. They were both just ordinary people without any official positions or influence. Why would they be bothered by some affair like that?

Jiang Pengji continued, “You should focus on your job of being a groom instead of being bothered by these troublesome affairs. Wei Niangzi is still rather young, you should look after her more.”

“That’s for sure.”

Qiguan Rang had a gentle look on his face, which was in stark contrast to the serious face he had earlier.

While Jiang Pengji was teasing and making fun of Qiguan Rang, he replied to her based on her questions. The streaming room was infused by a miserable and gloomy atmosphere.

Why? Because their streamer was really a loose cannon.

She had time traveled from the space age to the ancient era to be a streamer. It wouldn’t be a problem for her to be considered a female time traveler.

Following the script of normal time traveling fiction, any possible males around her with a decent enough look would have a special feeling towards her.

There was only one man meant for her, but she could have rows and rows of pursuers lined up.

There were only a few males who had appeared in the months of streaming, and there were even fewer good looking ones.

And Qiguan Rang was going to get married!

Wunao Zaguazi’a: “I’m happy. I thought Qiguan Rang and our host would be a couple. There is some chemistry between them… Ahhhh, I cannot believe that Qiguan Rang is going to get married. It feels bad when you choose the wrong person to couple up with your host.”

Hei, Nide Yida: “According to my memory, this is Qiguan Rang’s second marriage, isn’t it? Where do you see there is a chemistry between them two?”

Shitang Dafan Ayi: “#Chin-resting emoji. Even though he is my type, the feeling of them being a couple is just wrong. There are personality similarities between the two of them, which can make them great friends. It wouldn’t be harmful for them to just be friends that can tease each other… Besides, our host is too young for him.”

Right, they didn’t have an idea about their host’s age before she came to the ancient era. They were sure that she was only twelve now and that she would be thirteen next year.

Chun Lie: “The sentence for this crime starts at three years of jail time. The worst is the death penalty.”

Juge Lizi: “If they could be together, Qiguan Rang would be damn lucky even if he has to serve three years of jail time. Even the death penalty would be worth it.”

Xinruo Bingqing: “#Chin-resting emoji. The romantic relationship between a young girl and middle-aged man didn’t sound bad to me though. But I would still choose a childhood sweetheart. Fengjin is still the best option.”

Jinian Dajiba: “I prefer Xu Ke in this case. I won’t find it weird that a loyal servant and his proud master could become a couple.”

Zai Juge Lizi: “According to your theory, Han Yu is the perfect candidate. He and our host are the happy foes type.”

Jiang Pengji’s biological father, Liu She, wasn’t even worried about his baby girl’s marriage yet. All the viewers in the streaming room had already filtered through the various types of the men she had met and they were hoping to select her better half for her from that group of people.

Laosiji Lianmeng: “Why are you guys bothered by this? It’s still unknown if our host is going to marry a guy or a girl.”

Every viewer was startled after he said that. They came to realization that it was unnecessary for them to worry about her based on her personality.

Laosiji Lianmeng: “In my opinion, none of these guys you talked about are a good match for our host. The first obstacle is age. They are all at least several years older than our host. Considering the custom that everyone gets married and has children early in the ancient times, when our host is finally eligible to be a bride, those guys will either already be married or they will be ready to get married for a second time after their first wife had passed away. Do you want our host to be a mistress or the second wife to a widower?”

His speech made people feel uncomfortable. The viewers felt sick just picturing the scene.

Everyone had eyes on the streaming room and naturally they were aware of how excellent their host was. That also explained why there were a great number of people that subscribed to her and kept following her. It was mostly due to her charm.

If such an excellent person ended up as someone’s mistress or second wife for a widower, it felt like a waste of a treasure.

Laosiji Lianmeng: “She is still too young to talk about having a romantic relationship with anyone. She has a long path to go in her whole life. There will always be more elites who will appear in her life in the future. Why are we narrowing it down to the limited characters she has at the present time? Qiguan Rang will only be her friend. There is no chance they will be together.”

Jiang Pengji normally didn’t take the bullet screen very seriously, but she had to admit that what Laosiji Lianmeng said resonated in her heart.

She spared some attention for the bullet screens while she was chatting with Qiguan Rang.

“So you are heading to the Capital with Liu County Chief shortly, right?” Qiguan Rang brought up all of a sudden. He continued talking with regret, “I was expecting to invite you to my wedding, but it seems like it’s not possible.”

“Yeah, it’s time for me to leave. The Meng’s will take action on investigating the whole thing once they realize they have been tricked. I claimed to be innocent and I didn’t leave any traceable lead for them, but it doesn’t mean that they are not going to suspect me as a person of interest.” Jiang Pengji shook her head and kept going, “Not just because of this, though. My father and Wei Yun both recommended me to a school in Langye County. I will be leaving here eventually… but worry is not needed. I’m guaranteeing you that your gift will be there even though I won’t be at the wedding.”

It was getting intense and it was the time for her to lay low.

Han Yu also mentioned that she wouldn’t be able to have any progress if she hit the road to Langye County right away. Master Yuanjing was scheduled to take his students to the Capital for the evaluation, and Liu She happened to be the General Evaluation Officer. It was a perfect chance for Jiang Pengji to get into the Capital to visit Master Yuanjing.

Qiguan Rang said to her with feeling, “I don’t know when I will see you next after this departure.”

Jiang Pengji beamed a grin at him. “When I need you.”

They had a silent exchange of smiles. When the time came, it would be the real chance for Qiguan Rang to join the gang.

She would need to collect more talented people before that. It couldn’t be just Xu Ke himself to assist her; it would wear him out.

Regardless of how angry the rest of the grain stores managers were, the grain price finally stabilized gradually after a series of promotions and people advocating for it. It was still pricier than usual, but it was affordable enough that the citizens could keep themselves alive.

Under the surface of calmness and peace, Shangyang Palace received an expedited urgent letter and the whole Imperial Court was furious.

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