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The Empress’ Livestream (Web Novel) - Chapter 385: Earthquake in Dongqing (17)

Chapter 385: Earthquake in Dongqing (17)

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“Jun’er, are you up? Come over here…” The Emperor was in a fury. He had just beheaded a courtier with his sword. The headless body collapsed onto the ground, and the head rolled towards Huijun’s fair, beautiful feet, which were near transparent. She glanced at it out of the corner of her eyes, lifted her leg, and stepped over the head. The bottoms of her feet were stained with warm, sticky blood. As she walked with light footsteps, small and bloody footprints were left on the ground.

“Did someone make Your Majesty unhappy again?” The woman did not follow the Emperor’s orders. Instead, she smiled flirtatiously. Her red, plump lips made people’s throats and eyes feel hot. Her delicate body laid on the recliner not far away from the Emperor’s desk. Her large-sleeved shirt dropped to her elbow loosely, revealing fair shoulders that looked like white jade.

She swung her toes. Her beautiful feet could not be contained. The blood on the bottom of her feet made her skin look fairer. She was a natural stunner!

Countless beautiful scenes flashed across the Emperor’s mind. The thrill of ecstasy had aroused him, making him feel revived. He wanted to cuddle the stunner in front of him in his arms and love her madly. He could not remember when he last felt so young and impulsive.

It was not until he met the dazzling stunner, Huijun, that the feelings were revived.

Huijun, Huiyun…

He could feel the heartbreaking pain and disgrace, even though he only muttered the names in his mouth. There was a strong love that could not be erased. The love-hate relationship drove him insane.

He had never asked about her identity. The Emperor directly copulated with her by force in the Cool Garden in the summer royal village. They looked similar and had similar names, but they felt very different.

If Huiyun was said to be a beautiful and pure white lotus that lived in the silt and was not imbrued, then Huijun was an extremely enchanting cluster amaryllis born of the fire. Her charm would penetrate into one’s bones like a flirtatious fairy. One would become addicted to her immediately when they had just barely touched her body. It was impossible for one to quit their addiction.

Both of them had bodies that could make one go into ecstasy, but Huiyun had a shy personality. He did not feel very exhilarated when he had sex with her. He even had to take care of her body sometimes, so he had no choice but to restrain himself. However, the woman called Huijun was different. She was burning with enthusiasm. She was bold and charming. When the Emperor had sex with her, he felt his blood boil, and felt great from head to toe. He had found the impulse and zeal that young boys had.

He had affection and love for Huiyun. She was the bright moon that his heart could not reach. She brought him joy, as well as pain and disgrace.

On the other hand, he felt that he was reborn when he had sex with Huijun. Countless carefree feelings made him want to taste more of her, and he could not leave her.

He could not leave the former spiritually, and he could not leave the latter because of her body.

For the Emperor, who used his lower body to think, physical enjoyment was more important than spiritual enjoyment. Of course, he only found out that Huijun was actually his fourth son’s concubine after copulating with her.

The Emperor suddenly felt disgusted––as if he had eaten a fly––when he thought about Huijun and Huiyun’s similar appearances and names. Furthermore, Wang Huiyun was the fourth prince, Wuma Jun’s, biological mother. His ill feelings towards Wuma Jun grew even stronger.

Thinking of that, the Emperor did not feel the slightest bit of guilt by snatching his son’s concubine. He ordered someone to look into Huijun’s identity in secret. His doubts vanished, and he loved the woman to death. However, she was not a harmless white lotus, but a thorny rose with an arrogant and capricious character.

Seeing that Huijun ignored him, the Emperor smiled and walked towards her. He raised his hand, grabbed her beautiful feet, and smelled her. He looked extremely infatuated. He felt pleasant from head to toe when he smelled her. “Why is your body stained with the blood of another man? Let me clean them for you.”

Huijun felt nauseous as she watched the old man grab her feet and lick them lightly. She lifted her feet and put them on his face. Not only did the Emperor not get angry, but he licked her feet and smiled. He touched her calves with his hands bawdily.

Both father and son were insane perverts!

She retracted her feet and sneered. “Does Your Majesty not mind the filth?”

“Every part of your body is clean. How could it be dirty?”

The Emperor got up slowly, and there was a strong aggression in his eyes. He scanned her body, and two flames seemed to burn under his eyes.

“I’m the concubine of Your Majesty’s son. I gave my body to him first. Do you still think it’s clean?”

The Emperor sneered coldly. “You’re mine now. You can’t think about other men.”

So what if she was his son’s concubine? He had slept with the wife and concubines of his brother, the late Emperor.

Tsk. The vicious personalities of all women never changed.

In order to save her life––not to mention that the late empress secretly climbed into the late Emperor’s bed––she put Wang Guifei in his bed.

Now, Liu She’s daughter, Liu Huan, had put Huijun in his bed for her status as the fourth princess.

“Furthermore, if it wasn’t for the fourth princess’s scheme to push you towards me, I wouldn’t be able to have you. Isn’t that right?” The Emperor cuddled the stunner in his arms and said faintly, “Why wouldn’t I indulge in a dazzling stunner when she’s right in front of me? I love your tiny mouth so much.” As he was speaking, he lowered his head and kissed her.

Huijun secretly twitched her mouth. She thought that the royal family was very upright, but she knew how disgusting they were after having real contact with them.

Apart from having wealth and a status, the Emperor in front of her was incomparable to the customers she had received in the past. At least those customers obviously came over to visit a prostitute. Not only did the Emperor want to have a whore, but he also wanted her to fall in love with him. How audacious!

They both panted. The emperor carried her and sat in front of his desk. He even wanted her to be with him when he was reading the booklet.

Huijun was half-squinting her eyes lazily, and she secretly glanced at the booklet out of the corner of her eyes. She discovered a familiar name on a booklet.

The Emperor happened to see the booklet as well. He skimmed through it. His eyes were dim, and he occasionally revealed a fierce gaze.

“What’s this?” Huijun did not read the booklet. Instead, she took out the other booklets. She threw them aside after reading them. The booklets were thrown all over the floor. Her waywardness displayed her unparalleled favor. “It’s just a bunch of literary jargon. It’s giving me a headache.”

The Emperor let her act up until she took away the booklet in his hands. “This is a nice handwriting.” Huijun scanned it, as if she was attracted by the handwriting and was interested in it. “Read it for me.” It was not a request, but an order.

“Okay. I’ll read it for you.” The Emperor spoiled her and smiled. He opened the booklet with one hand and touched her bawdily with his other hand.

After he finished reading it, Huijun said, “What a pedantic scholar. However, he’s better than those who anger Your Majesty.”

The Emperor replied, “This was written by your old boss.”

Huijun widened her eyes dumbfoundedly. She suddenly thought of something. She snorted and looked away.

“What’s wrong, my naughty lady?”

“I’m avoiding you to arouse suspicion.”

The Emperor laughed out loud and responded, “Liu Xi is indeed talented. He’s also patriotic and loyal to the throne. How can I neglect such a talent? I’ll give him whatever official position you say.”

Huijun secretly rolled her eyes and smiled flirtatiously. “Why doesn’t Your Majesty simply give him the position of a county magistrate?”

The Emperor suddenly sneered. He cuddled Huijun tightly and sighed deeply. “You have all my heart.”

With a big stroke of his pen, he appointed Liu Xi as the magistrate of Xiangyang County. Liu Xi would immediately take office after the earthquake was over and the people’s livelihoods resumed.

The Emperor smiled meaningfully. “It’s a carrot attached to a stick. He’ll only be rewarded if he does things well.”

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