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The Empress’s Gigolo (Web Novel)


In a world where its inhabitants can destroy a city wall single-handedly, the empress has a kirin as her pet, and the imperial palace of Great Xia has a pool containing a dragon. There is also a Sword Mountain where spirit swords occasionally leave in search of a master .

Bootlicking the empress, Ren Baqian ascended to the apex of life.

251 • 2019-03-29 23:32:48


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 803: Full of Poison Milk2019-12-08
Chapter 802: The Arena2019-12-06
Chapter 801: A Hectic Period.2019-12-05
Chapter 800: No Title2019-12-05
Chapter 799: An Enthusiastic Reunion Between a Teacher and His Student2019-12-04
Chapter 798: Bizarre2019-12-04
Chapter 797: After All, I’m Not a Devil2019-12-03
Chapter 796: Changes in the Sea of Knowledge2019-12-02
Chapter 795 - Spirits in the Wind2019-12-02
Chapter 794: Antique2019-12-01
Chapter 793: The Secret Report2019-11-30
Chapter 792: An Interesting Online Game2019-11-29
Chapter 791: Have You Done Your Homework?2019-11-28
Chapter 790: A Strange Sight2019-11-28
Chapter 789: Zhou Qingyun2019-11-27
Chapter 788: The Scenery at the Huangpu River is Pretty Good2019-11-27
Chapter 787: The Influence of Martial Arts on Earth2019-11-26
Chapter 786: Returning Home2019-11-25
Chapter 785: Using a Nuclear Bomb to Make Fireworks2019-11-25
Chapter 784: A Buried History2019-11-24
Chapter 783: A Small Universe2019-11-23
Chapter 782: Falling Into a Trap2019-11-22
Chapter 781: Foreign Races2019-11-21
Chapter 780: Why a Rabbit is Called a Rabbit2019-11-21
Chapter 779: Harmony2019-11-20
Chapter 778 - Nuclear Bomb2019-11-20
Chapter 777: The Movie Mogul that was Thwarted2019-11-19
Chapter 776: Trapped2019-11-18
Chapter 775: Invasion of the Herdsmen2019-11-18
Chapter 774: Kill Them2019-11-17
Chapter 773: Failure2019-11-16
Chapter 772: Shi San2019-11-15
Chapter 771: Lin Qiaole Made a Friend!2019-11-14
Chapter 770: Kadsura Coccinea Forest2019-11-14
Chapter 769: Missing Their Target2019-11-13
Chapter 768: The Author Can’t Make Up a Title Again2019-11-13
Chapter 767: A Great Era is About to Begin2019-11-12
Chapter 766: The Witch2019-11-11
Chapter 765: Top Scholar2019-11-11
Chapter 764: Nibbling Away2019-11-10
Chapter 763: Damn It2019-11-09
Chapter 762: You Don’t Understand the World of Greedy People2019-11-08
Chapter 761: From A to C2019-11-07
Chapter 760: The Secret of the Woods2019-11-07
Chapter 759: Playing with the Fireball Technique!2019-11-06
Chapter 758: Fireball Technique!2019-11-06
Chapter 757: Knowing that it is a Trap and Still Stepping in is the Act of a Real Warrior2019-11-05
Chapter 756: A Turkey Shoot2019-11-04
Chapter 755: A Loose Tongue Causes Trouble2019-11-04
Chapter 754: Heroes of the Woods2019-11-03
Chapter 753: The Reinforcements2019-11-02
Chapter 752: A Radiant Man2019-11-01
Chapter 751: The Wait2019-10-31
Chapter 750: You Are Very Mischievous2019-10-31
Chapter 749: Please Hurry Up, I Am Waiting Impatiently!2019-10-30
Chapter 748: Swatted to Pieces2019-10-30
Chapter 747: Jade-waisted Slaves and the Herdsmen of Na Souls2019-10-29
Chapter 746: Good News!2019-10-28
Chapter 745: One and a Half Months2019-10-28
Chapter 744: Pressed for Time2019-10-27
Chapter 743: Scientifically Unachievable!2019-10-26
Chapter 742: Hugging Tightly2019-10-25
Chapter 741: It’s Very Cold, I Need a Hug2019-10-24
Chapter 740: The World of a Glutton is Different2019-10-24
Chapter 739: Butterfly2019-10-23
Chapter 738: Autopsy2019-10-23
Chapter 737: Strange2019-10-22
Chapter 736: Odd Village2019-10-21
Chapter 735: The Roaring Emperor2019-10-21
Chapter 734: Everything Depends on the Roar2019-10-20
Chapter 733: Pretending to be Ignorant2019-10-19
Chapter 732: Fake Honey is Harmful2019-10-18
Chapter 731: A Day of Leisure2019-10-17
Chapter 730: In Front of The Tomb2019-10-17
Chapter 729: Tossing and Turning Restlessly2019-10-16
Chapter 728: Construction Is Way Stronger Than Destruction2019-10-16
Chapter 727: The Author Can’t Think of a Name for This Chapter2019-10-15
Chapter 726: Elder Brother-in-law2019-10-14
Chapter 725: The Person Who Made the Empress Feel Uncomfortable2019-10-14
Chapter 724: The Incident that Happened in the Yun Nation2019-10-13
Chapter 723: The Surrender2019-10-12
Chapter 722: Anger!2019-10-11
Chapter 721: Crow General (Part 2)2019-10-10
Chapter 720: Crow General (Part 1)2019-10-10
Chapter 719: Forest Pillar Barriers2019-10-09
Chapter 718: Cross-eared Flower2019-10-09
Chapter 717: Ya City2019-10-08
Chapter 716: Planning2019-10-07
Chapter 715: Wuji City (Part 2)2019-10-07
Chapter 714: Wuji City (Part 1)2019-10-06
Chapter 713: A Trip to the North2019-10-05
Chapter 712: Good Cop, Bad Cop2019-10-04
Chapter 711: The Empress’s Wisdom (Part 2)2019-10-03
Chapter 710: The Empress’s Wisdom (Part 1)2019-10-03
Chapter 709: Returning Home2019-10-02
Chapter 708: Regretful Ending2019-10-02
Chapter 707: What a Huge Firecracker!2019-10-01
Chapter 706: Breaking Out (Part 2)2019-09-30
Chapter 705: Breaking Out (Part 1)2019-09-30
Chapter 704: The Base (Part 3)2019-09-29