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The Empress’s Gigolo (Web Novel)


In a world where its inhabitants can destroy a city wall single-handedly, the empress has a kirin as her pet, and the imperial palace of Great Xia has a pool containing a dragon. There is also a Sword Mountain where spirit swords occasionally leave in search of a master .

Bootlicking the empress, Ren Baqian ascended to the apex of life.

163 • 2019-03-29 23:32:48


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 739: Butterfly2019-10-23
Chapter 738: Autopsy2019-10-23
Chapter 737: Strange2019-10-22
Chapter 736: Odd Village2019-10-21
Chapter 735: The Roaring Emperor2019-10-21
Chapter 734: Everything Depends on the Roar2019-10-20
Chapter 733: Pretending to be Ignorant2019-10-19
Chapter 732: Fake Honey is Harmful2019-10-18
Chapter 731: A Day of Leisure2019-10-17
Chapter 730: In Front of The Tomb2019-10-17
Chapter 729: Tossing and Turning Restlessly2019-10-16
Chapter 728: Construction Is Way Stronger Than Destruction2019-10-16
Chapter 727: The Author Can’t Think of a Name for This Chapter2019-10-15
Chapter 726: Elder Brother-in-law2019-10-14
Chapter 725: The Person Who Made the Empress Feel Uncomfortable2019-10-14
Chapter 724: The Incident that Happened in the Yun Nation2019-10-13
Chapter 723: The Surrender2019-10-12
Chapter 722: Anger!2019-10-11
Chapter 721: Crow General (Part 2)2019-10-10
Chapter 720: Crow General (Part 1)2019-10-10
Chapter 719: Forest Pillar Barriers2019-10-09
Chapter 718: Cross-eared Flower2019-10-09
Chapter 717: Ya City2019-10-08
Chapter 716: Planning2019-10-07
Chapter 715: Wuji City (Part 2)2019-10-07
Chapter 714: Wuji City (Part 1)2019-10-06
Chapter 713: A Trip to the North2019-10-05
Chapter 712: Good Cop, Bad Cop2019-10-04
Chapter 711: The Empress’s Wisdom (Part 2)2019-10-03
Chapter 710: The Empress’s Wisdom (Part 1)2019-10-03
Chapter 709: Returning Home2019-10-02
Chapter 708: Regretful Ending2019-10-02
Chapter 707: What a Huge Firecracker!2019-10-01
Chapter 706: Breaking Out (Part 2)2019-09-30
Chapter 705: Breaking Out (Part 1)2019-09-30
Chapter 704: The Base (Part 3)2019-09-29
Chapter 703: The Base (Part 2)2019-09-28
Chapter 702: The Base (Part 1)2019-09-27
Chapter 701: Skill Providence2019-09-26
Chapter 700: Unleashing His Wrath2019-09-26
Chapter 699: Yet Another Mishap2019-09-25
Chapter 698: Upheaval2019-09-25
Chapter 697: A Person Blessed by God2019-09-24
Chapter 696: In a Plight2019-09-23
Chapter 695: Falling Into a Trap2019-09-23
Chapter 694: Falling Into A Pit Together!2019-09-22
Chapter 693: Disorder Amid the Wind2019-09-21
Chapter 692: Strange Happenings2019-09-20
Chapter 691: Impending Trouble!2019-09-19
Chapter 690: Hire a Bodyguard? I Refuse!2019-09-19
Chapter 689: Luck is Very Important2019-09-18
Chapter 688: Let the Empress Marry Me!2019-09-18
Chapter 687: The Cause of the Problem2019-09-17
Chapter 686: Earth Yin Spring2019-09-16
Chapter 685: The Yang Boosting Technique2019-09-16
Chapter 684: Three Flowers and Five Elements (Taoist Cultivation)2019-09-15
Chapter 683: Marriage Discussion Within the Imperial Court2019-09-14
Chapter 682: Changes2019-09-13
Chapter 681: Recovery2019-09-12
Chapter 680: Cooked by a Lightning Bolt2019-09-12
Chapter 679: Breakthrough2019-09-11
Chapter 678: [Visualization of Metal]2019-09-11
Chapter 677: On the Verge of a Breakthrough2019-09-10
Chapter 676: Passing a Resolution to Build the Railroad System2019-09-09
Chapter 675: She is Too Short2019-09-09
Chapter 674: Off Target!2019-09-08
Chapter 673: Mass Killing Weapon2019-09-07
Chapter 672: Taking Bets2019-09-06
Chapter 671: Do You Still Want to Compete?2019-09-05
Chapter 670: Electric Cage2019-09-05
Chapter 669: Pedophile2019-09-04
Chapter 668: Too Weak2019-09-04
Chapter 667: Catch Me if You Can! If You Can Catch Me, I Will Let You Hehehe… (Part 4)2019-09-03
Chapter 666: Catch Me if You Can! If You Can Catch Me, I Will Let You Hehehe… (Part 3)2019-09-03
Chapter 665: Catch Me if You Can! If You Can Catch Me, I Will Let You Hehehe… (Part 2)2019-09-03
Chapter 664: Catch Me if You Can! If You Can Catch Me, I Will Let You Hehehe… (Part 1)2019-09-01
Chapter 663: Personally Taking Part2019-08-31
Chapter 662: A Super Duel Propped up by Gadgets (Part 3)2019-08-30
Chapter 661: A Super Duel Propped Up by Gadgets (Part 2)2019-08-29
Chapter 660: A Super Duel Propped Up by Gadgets (Part 1)2019-08-29
Chapter 659: Duplicity2019-08-28
Chapter 658: Challenging Me to a Fight? Accepted!2019-08-28
Chapter 657: The Students Have Eloped2019-08-27
Chapter 656: The Clock Tower (Part 2)2019-08-26
Chapter 655: The Clock Tower (Part 1)2019-08-26
Chapter 654: Let Go of My Ear First2019-08-25
Chapter 653: Trial Match2019-08-24
Chapter 652: Now Comes the Problem…2019-08-23
Chapter 651: Human Heads are Everywhere on the Ground2019-08-22
Chapter 650: Buried Alive2019-08-22
Chapter 649: Play Something That’s More Fun2019-08-21
Chapter 648: Reliving the Past2019-08-21
Chapter 647: The Lan City Newspaper (Part 2)2019-08-20
Chapter 646: The Lan City Newspaper (Part 1)2019-08-19
Chapter 645: Scared2019-08-19
Chapter 644: Two-Faced2019-08-18
Chapter 643: The Library2019-08-17
Chapter 642: Do You Guys Have a Hatred for My House’s Walls?2019-08-16
Chapter 641: As if Sitting on Pins and Needles2019-08-15
Chapter 640: Trembling with Fear2019-08-15