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The Empress’s Gigolo (Web Novel)


In a world where its inhabitants can destroy a city wall single-handedly, the empress has a kirin as her pet, and the imperial palace of Great Xia has a pool containing a dragon. There is also a Sword Mountain where spirit swords occasionally leave in search of a master .

Bootlicking the empress, Ren Baqian ascended to the apex of life.

830 • 2019-03-29 23:32:48


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 950: Visit (Part 1)2020-03-30
Chapter 949: Failure2020-03-29
Chapter 948: Tractor2020-03-28
Chapter 947: Grievance2020-03-28
Chapter 946: The First Self-propelled Machine2020-03-28
Chapter 945: Karma2020-03-27
Chapter 944: Hang Him Up2020-03-26
Chapter 943: Pervert (Part 1 and Part 2) (Two in one)2020-03-25
Chapter 942: Call It a Day2020-03-25
Chapter 941: Follow-up2020-03-25
Chapter 940: Art2020-03-23
Chapter 939: Send Them to Hell2020-03-23
Chapter 938: The Righteous Way2020-03-22
Chapter 937: Past Events2020-03-21
Chapter 936: Zong Shang2020-03-21
Chapter 935: What’s Theirs is Ours2020-03-21
Chapter 934: Five Coffins2020-03-21
Chapter 933: A Murderer Must Pay With His Life, and a Debtor Must Pay His Debts2020-03-21
Chapter 932: The Empress2020-03-17
Chapter 931: Contact2020-03-16
Chapter 930: Quantum Transmission Technology2020-03-16
Chapter 929: I’m Starting to Believe My Own Words!2020-03-15
Chapter 928: Continue Duping2020-03-14
Chapter 927: Lost2020-03-13
Chapter 926: Temple of Heaven2020-03-12
Chapter 925: Duped2020-03-12
Chapter 924: Dumbfounded2020-03-11
Chapter 923: Hit on Her!2020-03-11
Chapter 922: Vicious2020-03-10
Chapter 921: Surprise2020-03-09
Chapter 920: Bitterness2020-03-09
Chapter 919: No Pushover Indeed!2020-03-09
Chapter 918: Night Investigation2020-03-07
Chapter 917: Continue With the Praise! I’m Not Overly Excited Yet!2020-03-07
Chapter 916 Doubt2020-03-05
Chapter 915: Rice Bowl that Carries a Body Scent2020-03-05
Chapter 914: Lending a Hand2020-03-03
Chapter 913: The Empress is Furious!2020-03-02
Chapter 912: Development2020-03-02
Chapter 911: Heavy Casualties2020-03-01
Chapter 910: The Fierce Foreign Races2020-02-29
Chapter 909: Treasure2020-02-28
Chapter 908: Mountain Spirits2020-02-27
Chapter 907: Welcome, This is the New World (Part 2)2020-02-27
Chapter 906: Welcome, This is the New World (Part 1)2020-02-26
Chapter 905: Misunderstanding2020-02-25
Chapter 904: Framed2020-02-24
Chapter 903: Unreconciled2020-02-24
Chapter 902: How Did You Become Like This?2020-02-23
Chapter 901: Video Clips of the Students’ Black History2020-02-22
Chapter 900: Hitting Her Up Knowing She Was a Man2020-02-21
Chapter 899: The Ball in My Belly Talked to Me!2020-02-20
Chapter 898: Fan the Flames2020-02-19
Chapter 897: Rumormongering2020-02-19
Chapter 896: Organizational Structure with Loopholes Everywhere2020-02-19
Chapter 895: The Public Welfare Organization that Helps Children Return Home2020-02-18
Chapter 894: Weak Kidneys2020-02-17
Chapter 893: Returning to the City2020-02-16
Chapter 892: Fatalism2020-02-15
Chapter 891: Put an Eye in the Sky2020-02-14
Chapter 890: Truly “Talented!”2020-02-13
Chapter 889: Conventional Weapon2020-02-13
Chapter 888: The Big Treasure (Final)2020-02-12
Chapter 887: The Big Treasure (Part 4)2020-02-12
Chapter 886: The Big Treasure (Part 3)2020-02-11
Chapter 885: The Big Treasure (Part 2)2020-02-10
Chapter 884: The Big Treasure (Part 1)2020-02-10
Chapter 883: Another Piece of the Puzzle2020-02-09
Chapter 882: The First Piece of the Puzzle2020-02-08
Chapter 881: Daoism and Buddhism2020-02-08
Chapter 880: Li Yuanzhu Has Arrived2020-02-06
Chapter 879: It’s a Ball in the Tummy2020-02-06
Chapter 878: Consulting a Doctor2020-02-05
Chapter 877: A “Concerned Look” for the Empress2020-02-04
Chapter 876: Raising a Ruckus2020-02-04
Chapter 875: People Who Use Poison Have Nasty Intentions2020-02-04
Chapter 874: Preparing to Leave the Mountain2020-02-02
Chapter 873: Women are Terrifying2020-02-01
Chapter 872: The Secret Residence of a God2020-01-31
Chapter 871: If the Power Isn’t Strong Enough, Increase the Power!2020-01-30
Chapter 870: The Down-to-Earth World’s Number One Expert2020-01-30
Chapter 869: Crazy2020-01-29
Chapter 868: Attempting Suicide2020-01-29
Chapter 867: Your Majesty, Why Can’t We Learn Something Beneficial?2020-01-28
Chapter 8662020-01-27
Chapter 865: Sales of Rations2020-01-27
Chapter 864: Regarding the Ability of the Sword Master (Part 2)2020-01-26
Chapter 863: Regarding the Ability of the Sword Master (Part 1)2020-01-25
Chapter 862: Someone Ren Baqian Can’t Afford to Provoke2020-01-24
Chapter 861: Being Angry, But Still Having to Smile!2020-01-23
Chapter 860: Sexy Lingerie2020-01-23
Chapter 859: Jerry-built Building Project!2020-01-22
Chapter 858: Site Selection2020-01-22
Chapter 857: So Poor that Only Meat is Affordable2020-01-21
Chapter 856: Does Your Majesty Remember That Doppelganger of Yours?2020-01-20
Chapter 855: Moving to Wuji City (Part 2)2020-01-20
Chapter 854: Moving to Wuji City (Part 1)2020-01-19
Chapter 853: Kill Me or Have Me!2020-01-18
Chapter 852: [Life]2020-01-17
Chapter 851: Duel, Your Majesty!2020-01-16
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