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The Empress’s Gigolo (Web Novel) - Chapter 766: The Witch

Chapter 766: The Witch

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Ren Baqian carried Lin Qiaole and carefully looked for a place where no one was present before returning to Earth.

Just before he disappeared, he saw a red streak in his line of sight.

Ren Baqian left with a smile.

He had managed to evade that rascal again.

He still didn’t know why his trips between the two worlds were so attractive to the bichi that it was still hanging around him after all this time.

Plus, it would appear every time.

This made Ren Baqian suspect that it might be able to predict the future.

Alternatively, it might be some kind of intuition that wild animals possessed.

His trips would last between two and seven days.

Traveling between worlds would take less than a second.

It was amazing that the bichi would appear every time.

Fortunately, it was greatly affected after entering the Sixty Thousand Mountains. Ren Baqian had a 50 percent chance of evading it and a 50 percent chance of it catching up with him.

Ren Baqian returned to Earth with a smile and threw Lin Qiaole on the floor. He carefully observed her pupils and saw the green glow diminishing and collapsing.

It was as if there was a black hole sucking in the green light.

Lin Qiaole became momentarily confused as her eyes drifted without any focus.

Subsequently, she managed to focus her gaze on Ren Baqian.

She wanted to sit, but discovered that she was tied up tightly.

As the rope passed between her legs, the rubbing made her whole body feel itchy as red welts appeared on her skin. Her tail moved up and down like a broom sweeping the floor.

“Who tied me? Why was I tied up?” Lin Qiaole widened her eyes in confusion.

“Are you awake?” Ren Baqian asked casually as he sat on the bed and looked at her.

“It seems… like I was dreaming!” Lin Qiaole said with uncertainty.

“What did you dream about?” Ren Baqian asked eagerly.

Lin Qiaole tried hard to recall and answered, “I dreamed about having a lot of food to eat…”

“As expected…” Ren Baqian rubbed his chin silently. Originally, there was some stubble there, but after cultivating, his body was hairless from top to bottom. He had become a slippery warrior.

“Who tied me and why?” Lin Qiaole widened her eyes and asked again.

“It’s good that you are awake…” Ren Baqian found a knife and cut the rope. After that, Lin Qiaole broke free from the rest of the ropes and sat up.

Her gray tail was still rubbing against the floor.

Due to her movements, the cloth that Ren Baqian put on her fell off.

“Eh? How come they are bigger?” Lin Qiaole stroked her chest and looked confused. “Why do I have a tail? I seem to have seen this tail in my dream…”

Ren Baqian saw her blank face and knew she didn’t know much. She was also dirty, so Ren Baqian simply said, “Go and take a shower!”

Lin Qiaole took off her clothes as she walked to the bathroom. She was butt-naked before going inside.

Originally, she looked like a 17 or 18 year old girl who hadn’t grown up. Now, however, her curves were in the right places and were appropriately convex or concave. Her whole body was exquisite and delicate, arousing anyone with a single look.

Ren Baqian was totally unmoved, lay down on the bed, and listened to the sound of water from the bathroom. Soon, Lin Qiaole came out of the bathroom.

She had a special way of getting rid of the water on her; she spun her body like a gyro.

It was hard to see clearly.

The water flew all over the room.

His face was sprayed with water, and his only impression was that a pink streak went across.

He couldn’t help it; the eyes of humans would always see things that protruded.

This was especially so when the thing also wobbled.

“Wear these!” Ren Baqian threw Lin Qiaole a t-shirt and a set of his sportswear. Then, he took out his phone and went downstairs.

He heard some noises from below, and those fellows were drinking again.

When he came down, he saw Ren Wannian drinking with six winged cavalry warriors.

A few years had gone by in the blink of an eye, and it was the autumn of 2025 on Earth. Ren Wannian had already known these winged cavalry warriors for a few years.

During these two years, Ren Wannian and Ding Jie had been frequently bringing them to Wuji City, which was under construction.

Over the past few years, Ren Wannian and Ding Jie had become much tougher while the winged cavalry warriors here had also changed drastically.

“Elder brother!”

“Lady boss!”

Everyone stood up after seeing Ren Baqian come down.

Ren Baqian, who hadn’t seen Ren Wannian in half a year, noticed that his brother had grown a moustache and was looking a bit older than him.

“Brother, why are you bald? What is on your body?” Ren Wannian inquired. He had stayed in Wuji City for half a year and just returned recently, only to discover that his brother had gone bald and that his body was as shiny as metal!

Ren Baqian was hurt as these words touched a sore spot.

“Take a seat. How are things over there?” Ren Baqian asked.

Although he would get to hear of the status over there whenever he came back, it wasn’t as good as hearing it personally from Ren Wannian, who had just returned.

“Look at the real thing!” Ren Wannian took out one small and one big box. The big box was filled with water, and the two boxes were joined together. Then, he pressed the top a few times and a white mist came out of the big box.

With the mist acting as a screen, images appeared in midair.

“Switch off the lights!” Ren Wannian ordered as he smiled at Ren Baqian. “This fog projector is the latest. Its image is more stable than the previous one, but it still looks better in the dark.”

Ren Baqian had seen this type of equipment before, but hadn’t paid much attention to it.

Right now, he was only concentrating on the images floating in the mist while listening to Ren Wannian’s explanation.

At this time, the construction of the central part of the 50 square kilometers of Wuji City had almost been completed. The only things lacking were some greenery and living facilities.

These facilities were expected to be finished within half a year.

The rest of the infrastructure would be built afterward.

Furthermore, the first batch of residents had already moved in.

This batch of residents consisted of military personnel who were selected to learn martial arts and top martial arts experts who were invited along with their families.

This batch of people went through six years of selection and training, and there were 50,000 of them in total.

Among them were about 5,000 Man Wheel experts.

In terms of numbers, this was a very high proportion.

Furthermore, these 50,000 people were carefully selected, were of above-average talent, and a large proportion of them were either elite soldiers or from the special forces.

After looking at the situation in various parts of the city, Ren Wannian showed a picture of one of the buildings and said, “This is our building that covers 160,000 square meters. The bottom five floors are shopping mall stores, the sixth to eighth floors are martial arts halls, the ninth and tenth floors are entertainment centers, the eleventh to fourteenth floors are restaurants, bars, and lodging areas, and the fifteenth to seventeenth floors are reserved areas. Elder brother, your villa is the eighteenth floor and is a garden in the sky.”

“However, this building hasn’t been named yet!”

“Just call it Qiren Building!” Ren Baqian said casually.

“We will do as you say!” Ren Wannian wrote down the name and smiled.

A lady who came out of nowhere appeared in the hall and said in a whining tone, “Hey, I’m hungry!”

Ren Wannian turned his head sharply and was surprised to see a pretty lady with seductive and sexy looks, but a face that appeared innocent.

Furthermore, this lady was talking to Ren Baqian.

What a witch! This thought immediately popped into the mind of Ren Wannian. She wasn’t an outstanding beauty, but with her seductive and sexy ways as well as her innocent face, it was hard to find another woman who gave off two such conflicting feelings.

This woman was really bewitching! She wasn’t that different from his sister-in-law.

Most important of all, by wearing Ren Baqian’s t-shirt and sportswear, she exposed her two long legs.

It was hard for people not to fantasize about them.

The six winged cavalry warriors looked at her and then at Ren Baqian before their faces changed.

“Who are you?” they asked.

Lin Qiaole wasn’t familiar with them and replied sweetly, “None of your business!”

Ren Wannian suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, no!”

Enraged, they roared, “You dare to snatch lady boss from the boss? Kill her!”

A moment later, a storm erupted in the room.

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