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The Empress’s Gigolo (Web Novel) - Chapter 767: A Great Era is About to Begin

Chapter 767: A Great Era is About to Begin

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“This is just a misunderstanding. Don’t hurt them.” Ren Baqian simply sat there.

One winged cavalry warrior jumped up and got dismissed very quickly.

The rest of them couldn’t clearly see what was happening. After hearing a few banging sounds, Lin Qiaole pinned all of the winged cavalry warriors down with their faces on the ground.

After she pinned them down, she immediately released her grip while looking very relaxed.

“This is Librarian Lin! You guys have met her before!” Ren Baqian introduced.

These few winged cavalry warriors rubbed their noses as they stood up and looked at Lin Qiaole in astonishment before asking, “You have grown so big in just a few years?”

Since all Lin Qiaole knew was eating and sleeping, she had no recollection of these winged cavalry warriors.

On the other hand, most of them knew her.

“Get the kitchen to prepare some food for her. Tell them to make more food because I’m a little hungry as well,” Ren Baqian ordered.

At present, these winged cavalry warriors had gotten pretty good at playing mobile games.

Although they didn’t know how to type, they knew how to play games with their phones.

“Sit here and behave yourself.” Ren Baqian pointed at the sofa, and Lin Qiaole simply sat there quietly. No one would be able to tell from her looks that she could be as fierce as when she had pinned them down earlier.

In less than three minutes, he could see that she was fighting to stay awake.

She curled up on the sofa and immediately fell asleep.

Ren Wannian glanced across and couldn’t take his eyes off of her when he saw a tail beneath Lin Qiaole’s clothes. Could this girl be playing some secret game with his brother upstairs? Why did it seem to him like this tail was some sort of a plug?

“Continue!” Ren Baqian gestured toward Ren Wannian and woke him up from his wild imagination, prompting him to continue with his explanation.

Previously, Ren Baqian managed to obtain five square kilometers of land in Wuji City. Apart from three percent of the land, which would be used to construct this building, the remaining land would be used to build a car-free commercial zone, a large arena that could accommodate 30,000 people, a small hospital, eight commercial buildings, and a small neighborhood.

The small neighborhood would have a total area of one square kilometer. It would comprise of 30 apartment buildings that were each six stories tall. Every level would have access to two elevators and would consist of four units, providing a total of 720 units.

The apartment buildings would only take up 17 percent of the neighborhood’s land area.

In front of every apartment building would be a small martial arts practice square. The small neighborhood would also include four large practice squares and a plaza.

Ren Baqian intended to use this space like an army camp.

The footprint of these construction projects would take up a total of 2.2 square kilometers.

The remaining land would be used to build a two square kilometer park.

“Well done.” After understanding the entire picture, Ren Baqian praised Ren Wannian.

“Brother, you don’t know how afraid Ding Jie and I are these days. We are afraid that problems will arise,” Ren Wannian said as he looked up at the ceiling. He had just graduated from university when he undertook this project and Ding Jie had still been a student. It was simply terrifying for them to handle such a big responsibility.

“It’s all thanks to Shen Feng. If not for her, we would definitely have been caught unprepared.” Ren Wannian shook his head and shuddered, thinking back to the fear and helplessness they felt when they undertook this project.

“There were also many other people who helped a great deal, such as the designers, foremen, material procurers, etc…”

“Don’t make it sound so terrifying. In reality, most of the work was done by professionals. The two of you were merely in charge of liaising and calling the shots when I wasn’t around.” Ren Baqian burst out laughing.

It was very simply put, but it was extremely stifling for the two youngsters to oversee the development of such a large area as well as billions of dollars in transactions.

Even though they had the support of professionals and the nation, if someone else were to do the job, they probably would have collapsed a long time ago.

Ren Wannian then placed five pieces of paper on the table. Ren Baqian took a glance and saw that they were the curriculum vitae of five people. If his memory served him right, these people had been recruited over the last few years and were currently in charge of one of his companies that was responsible for the development of Wuji City.

“What? Is there a problem?”

“These four people are corrupt. The smallest embezzlement among them was 2 million RMB, whereas this guy, who has the most guts, embezzled 17 million RMB. As for the other person, I’m guessing that he’s a spy.”

Ren Wannian didn’t look too pleased about this. After all, it was he and Ding Jie who managed the company these days and recruited those people. Out of seven managers, five of them were problematic. They weren’t simply daring, but they acted this way only because the two of them weren’t capable enough to keep them under control.

“Oh, very daring indeed.” Ren Baqian laughed. He didn’t seem bothered about such matters.

He continued, “We are law-abiding citizens. Just report these matters to the police. If we let the police handle the four of them, then surely nobody else will dare to play around with such matters again. As for the spy, leave it to the Messier 87 department. They are the professionals. Have there been any important issues lately?”

“There’s another thing. The country established a department called the Department of Physical Education Management. There is already definite news about it, and they will release the [Fifteen Sets of Initial Stage Cultivation] throughout society and all primary schools starting early next year,” Ren Wannian answered.

Ren Baqian’s relaxed expression started to freeze up a little before he pensively said, “It’s finally starting.”

The name of the department sounded very mundane.

However, its importance was sky-high.

A great era was about to begin.

There was no telling what impact it would bring.

At the earliest, it would take a year. At the latest, it might take three to five years for changes to occur in this world.

It seemed like the nation had already made preparations for it.

Later on, Ren Baqian found out more about the martial arts center situation. Currently, there were already three centers and over 4,000 students. Out of these, over 200 of the brightest had attained the Man Wheel level. The strongest student had already attained the middle tier of the Man Wheel level. His talent was pretty outstanding, seemingly on par with those experts that the country had been cultivating.

These people were the seeds of the future.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Early next morning, the entire villa heard a lady screaming on the second floor.

With a toothbrush in his mouth, Ren Baqian arrived at the room that was full of snacks. Like a mouse in a granary, Lin Qiaole hadn’t stepped out of this room ever since she went in the day before.

However, she wasn’t as excited now as she had been last night. She looked pretty dull, and her hands were placed on her chest.

“They are gone… They are gone… They are gone!” Lin Qiaole panicked when she saw Ren Baqian approaching.

He fixed his gaze upon her and saw that her seductive looks had reverted back into her originally delicate and pretty face.

Her C cup bosom had also shrunk back into an A cup.

She grew shorter as well.

She had entirely reverted to her original self.

Ren Baqian rubbed his chin and was surprised that she had actually reverted to her original self. He was unsure if it was because of the jade-waisted slaves that she had eaten or if it was related to the herdsman.

Regardless of what it was, she seemed to have completely broken away from the herdsman’s influence, which was good news.

“What should I do? See, they are gone!” Lin Qiaole panicked.

“They seem to have shrunk. There is still a chance for them to grow in the future,” Ren Baqian consoled.

Lin Qiaole sniffed when she heard this. Her pretty and delicate face looked as if she was about to cry.

Little did he expect that this girl actually cared about the size of her bosom.

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