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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father (Web Novel)


In her past life, Jun MuYan had a hard life and died miserably. Her unborn child was ripped from her to be refined as an elixir, and even her own flesh was used as someone else’s stepping stone.

In this arduous life, she has an outwardly cold, adorable Bao (treasure/baby) beside her.

“Xiao Bao, that woman who wants to form a contract with the sacred beast is Mommy’s enemy.”

Thus, the top sacred beast becomes Xiao Bao’s pet.

“Xiao Bao, this God Musician’s inheritance is too powerful!”

Tiny hands move, and the place of inheritance opens. Jun MuYan becomes the only successor of the God Musician.

“Xiao Bao, this man is always pestering Mommy and doesn’t let go!”

Xiao Bao immediately strikes to drive said man away… hey, you can’t be driven away!?

You’re my father? What father? Can you even eat that?

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 482: Best Friend2020-01-16
Chapter 481: Henpecked Man2020-01-16
Chapter 480: Extremely frightening2020-01-16
Chapter 479: You look really good like this2020-01-16
Chapter 478: Foolish is he who refuses2020-01-16
Chapter 477: It’s up to you, Bunny2019-12-09
Chapter 476: Just a small child2019-12-08
Chapter 475: Won’t let go even in death2019-12-07
Chapter 474: Dimwit2019-12-07
Chapter 473: I didn’t do it on purpose2019-11-22
Chapter 472: Peel off your skin2019-11-20
Chapter 471: I’ll have you die without a burial site2019-11-19
Chapter 470: Disgust2019-11-19
Chapter 469: Specially Prepared for You2019-11-19
Chapter 468: Deal2019-11-08
Chapter 467: Ghost King Xuan Ji2019-11-08
Chapter 466: Ying Mei is missing2019-11-07
Chapter 465: Really want to eat meat2019-11-07
Chapter 464: If you want a baby sister, be good and do as you’re told2019-11-06
Chapter 463:Feel free to divide it among yourselves2019-11-06
Chapter 462: Eating like jelly beans2019-11-05
Chapter 461: These belong to Niangqin and Xiao Bao2019-11-05
Chapter 460: Unlocking new skills2019-10-27
Chapter 459: Rabbit just wants to die2019-10-27
Chapter 458: What if Xiao Bao wakes up2019-10-23
Chapter 457: Because of Jealousy2019-10-23
Chapter 456: Future Gu Ye (Son-in-law)2019-10-22
Chapter 455: Really want2019-10-22
Chapter 454: The grace of bestowing the medicine2019-10-16
Chapter 453: She can’t reject their feelings2019-10-16
Chapter 452: The most embarrassing thing2019-10-14
Chapter 451: She wants to respect the aged! Tend to the young!2019-10-10
Chapter 450: Ancestor, I will kneel down to you2019-10-10
Chapter 449: Two faction as divided as the rivers of Jing and Wei2019-10-03
Chapter 448: Ghost City’s Interests is the most important2019-10-02
Chapter 447: What pair of father and son2019-10-02
Chapter 446: Follow whatever Yanyan says2019-09-30
Chapter 445: Can’t do Alchemy2019-09-29
Chapter 444: I trust that you have been well since we last met2019-09-28
Chapter 443: Xu Fu’s Choice2019-09-27
Chapter 442: Going back on a deal2019-09-26
Chapter 441: Want to eat, really want to eat2019-09-25
Chapter 440: Shenshu-daren2019-09-25
Chapter 439: I’m not dead! I’m not dead!2019-09-25
Chapter 438: It can’t be him2019-09-24
Chapter 437: A debt of blood must be paid in blood2019-09-24
Chapter 436: Just who did he provoke?2019-09-21
Chapter 435: Softhearted2019-09-20
Chapter 434: Vague Premonition2019-09-19
Chapter 433: To Involve Others2019-09-19
Chapter 432: Arrangements2019-09-18
Chapter 431: Imbecile2019-09-18
Chapter 430: Is there any room for a choice?2019-09-17
Chapter 429: Xiao Bao knows his mistake2019-09-17
Chapter 428: The Master and the Servant are Reversed2019-09-15
Chapter 427: Puppet2019-09-15
Chapter 426: Niangqin, it hurts2019-09-15
Chapter 425: Xiao Bao as hostage2019-09-15
Chapter 424: Miss’ hate2019-09-15
Chapter 423: Idiot2019-09-10
Chapter 422: They are not allowed to die2019-09-10
Chapter 421: So Similar2019-09-03
Chapter 420: Due Retribution2019-09-03
Chapter 419: Misunderstanding2019-09-03
Chapter 418: Indeed, cut their bodies into ten thousand pieces2019-09-03
Chapter 417: Xiao Bao and… dad have arrived2019-09-03
Chapter 416: Precelestial–2019-09-03
Chapter 415: The Dustless Swordsman2019-09-03
Chapter 414: Betrayal?2019-09-03
Chapter 413: Sinister thing2019-09-03
Chapter 412: To not move a single jot2019-09-03
Chapter 411: One-man act2019-09-03
Chapter 410: Shouldn’t be mentally disabled2019-09-03
Chapter 409: Warning2019-09-03
Chapter 408: I’ll put it on for her2019-09-03
Chapter 407: Secondary preparations2019-09-03
Chapter 406: Not allowed to touch my Master2019-09-05
Chapter 405: Wangfei, rejoice2019-09-03
Chapter 404: A big wedding tomorrow2019-09-03
Chapter 403: Don’t touch my Master2019-09-03
Chapter 402: The Surviving Evil of the Shen Musicians2019-09-03
Chapter 401: That woman and the Immortal Child, they are still alive2019-09-03
Chapter 400: That immortal soul from back then2019-09-03
Chapter 399: Like a Goddess that Descended to Earth2019-09-03
Chapter 398: Niangqin is in danger2019-09-03
Chapter 397: Heavenly Vision2019-09-03
Chapter 396: An honor that’s as big as the sky2019-09-03
Chapter 395: Dad will protect you2019-09-03
Chapter 394: A familiar embrace2019-09-03
Chapter 393: Xiao Bao’s Rage2019-09-03
Chapter 392: Ambush2019-09-03
Chapter 391: Let’s go and pick your mother up to come home2019-09-03
Chapter 390: What Xiao Bao Longs For2019-09-03
Chapter 389: Countless Cracks2019-09-03
Chapter 388: Pain2019-09-03
Chapter 387: Starting to Fix the Tian Mo Qin2019-09-03
Chapter 386: Who are you calling a bastard?2019-09-03
Chapter 385: Who else, if not that idiot2019-09-03
Chapter 384: Eliminate her son2019-09-03
Chapter 383: Threats2019-09-03