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Chapter 431: Imbecile

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“Those two, Bai Yichen and Lou Beiyu would already be dead if it weren’t for Miss Jun. Only Miss could make them recover as they were before.”

Han Ye blinks in astonishment, looking at Ying Mei, “Aren’t you rather too fond of Miss Jun, too adoring?”

His words are sour, with a hint of irritation and discontentment.

Ying Mei had always been a person of few words, but in order to praise Muyan, he went as far as to speak a long line.

When he’s talking about Muyan, even his eyes are shining, like he’s infatuated down to his bones.

Even for Jun Shang, Little Shadow doesn’t show this much devotion and admiration.

Could it be that… that Little Shadow is still constantly thinking of Miss Jun?

As he thinks of this, Han Ye’s heart becomes even more acrid, and he doesn’t know what’s going on with himself.

When he knew that Little Shadow likes Miss Jun, he was originally just worried and afraid that Jun Shang would punish Little Shadow.

But ever since… since he saw Little Shadow in women’s clothing…

What captivates and occupies his dreams, what he finds hard to extricate himself from, is unexpectedly the silhouette of Little Shadow in women’s clothes.

These days of him and Little Shadow interacting all the time, he tries his best to control himself, so he wouldn’t show anything unusual.

After all, he is completely aware that Ying Mei is a man, and he isn’t attracted to men.

He’s definitely not a cut-sleeve*.

euphemism for homosexuality

He’s just… incorrigibly enchanted by Little Shadow wearing women’s clothes.

If Little Shadow were to know of such despicable thoughts, he’s afraid that Little Shadow wouldn’t just flay him, the other might even reject their brotherhood.

Therefore, Han Ye has been doing so well in controlling himself all these time.

But unexpectedly, today, he hears Little Shadow barely concealing his infatuation to Muyan; and the jealous spark in his heart that he’s been hiding has finally been stoked into a blaze.

“You can’t still have a crush on Miss Jun, right? I’m telling you, stop dreaming already. Anyone with eyes could see that Jun Shang fancies Miss Jun. If Jun Shang finds out about your feelings, I’m afraid that you wouldn’t even know how you die. I’m telling you, put away those feelings at once, and afterwards, stay a little farther away from Miss Jun…”

Ying Mei looks at Han Ye like the latter is an idiot, “Imbecile!”

Saying that, she turns around and leaves.

“Hey, hey! Hold on! Little Shadow, don’t you walk away! You listen to me, a jealous man is a very frightening thing, stay a little farther away from Miss Jun, do you hear! From now on, I’m going to stick around you, and closely guard you, lest you couldn’t control your feelings and get discovered by Jun Shang!”

“Han Ye, let go of me!!”

“No! I said, I’m going to stick to you and watch you closely!”

“Han–!! Ye–!!”

“Ouch–! It hurts! Little Shadow, how could you kick me in that place?! Would you take responsibility if I get ruined?”


In the evening – Yan Haotian, Feng Haitang, Ru Yan, and the Ink Camp have rushed to the Jin Wangfu.

Muyan made them wipe out the entire Jin Wangfu all the way through.

Removing the dregs that should be eliminated, and looting all the money and valuables that should be raked in.

These past few days, one can say that Muyan has been plagued with misfortunes.

Most especially, Lou Beiyu and Bai Yichen sustaining serious injuries is making her all the more remorseful.

She inwardly vows that in the future, she must even be more careful, and she simply cannot implicate the friends on her side.

Of course, there are also some things that make her mood better.

For one, Jin Wangfu’s level of wealth exceeds her imagination.

Ru Yan looks at the storehouse that’s filled with gold and silver, money and valuables – she’s simply going wild with joy, “Building the Tianji Unit is extremely expensive. Right now, we haven’t opened the Junji Drugstore for business, so the income isn’t as good as before. I was originally still thinking of how we’re going to raise money, but now, there’s really no need to worry about it anymore, hahahaha!”

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